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General Discussion / Re: We definitely need an exchange now
« on: November 08, 2013, 03:27:44 am »
Ya, I obviously cant mine the coin (I wont stop though), would like a place to pick it up in small increment's.

I turned off the antivirus and it still did not work. I downloaded the file for windows and then extracted it. The file shows up as protoshares      with no -qt.exe   when I click on it , it asks to choose how I want to open it.

After extracting files, I find protoshares-qt, being new to this (so you know) I would suggest removing all the files from your computer, Download again (taken from cheat sheet) and see if that helps.

Myself, I would like to see a step by step guide to understanding the debug log, do i have to prompt the system to tell me when i solve a block? Get the coins from it? is it automatic?

AMD A8-4500M APU, 6.00 GB RAM

No blocks yet, "hashespermin" : 4.11899314, am I discouraged? No, I found "(Announce) Project Quixote" when the thread started and I started believing this laptop would be a great mining machine, a laptop, not a multi thousand dollar machine, but a laptop. (I will be looking at other options to bring in some coin though)

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