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Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Compliance Work
« on: October 19, 2017, 08:46:06 am »
I think you're all being naive in your thinking about the amount of harm governments and regulatory bodies can do to Bitshares, even Satoshi was worried about that and we're not Bitcoin.. In my opinion we need this worker desperately.

^^^ This!  +5% +5% +5%

Technical Support / Re: Importing Wallet into 0.9.3C, Parsing Error.
« on: August 14, 2017, 10:53:32 pm »
I supose you are using the CLI wallet, instead of typing  something like this..

import_accounts c:\keys.json  password

try it like this....

import_accounts "c:\keys.json" "password"

That's what worked for me in the past when I had a similar issue.

Technical Support / Re: Importing Wallet into 0.9.3C, Parsing Error.
« on: August 13, 2017, 08:50:08 pm »
Try to enclose your password and path in " "

Technical Support / Re: How to Qualify For IDENTABITS
« on: July 29, 2017, 09:12:41 pm »
I don't know if buying bts now solely for Identabit would be a wise decision, the announcement was 1-2 years ago, if the "launch day" happens lets say at end of 2017 then there is a huge chance that you wont qualify for the "sharedrop" at all even if you manage to buy all the bts in the market.

Also we don't know for sure if Identabit is "alive" or "dead" or if there are any change of plans.

If you still want to buy bts take a look at the list of the exchanges and the trading pairs
If you hold other crypto you might also consider

Also here is the bitshares telegram channel more people are online there

Technical Support / Re: How to Qualify For IDENTABITS
« on: July 29, 2017, 08:33:39 pm »
From what I can remember, a random snapshot would be taken between the anouncement day and the launch day, anyone holding bts or brownie.PTS in that specific time, would get part in the "sharedrop".   

Yikes - I need some help again.

I launched the bishares client - but couldn't find anything in my wallet even tho I had transferreed some bts into it.
Strangely enough I can't find the wallet I had set up - frank-pub.
I tried to restore but it won't restore that wallet still can't find any BTS - hwo do I change wallet modes again ?

What exactly happens when you try to restore your wallet? any error messages? I never had any issues restoring my wallet and I have zero experience on what is wrong but any error message and some more info might help others to help you.

...So as to incentivize voting?

This will only incentivize uneducated / "random" voting, people will start voting for the first random guy thy find in order to get the "free money"

Muse/SoundDAC / Muse Update on Steemit
« on: July 04, 2017, 08:22:10 pm »[member=2216]cob[/member]/muse-project-status-update-action-soon-required

Copy pasting the above link in the browser works for me, cant remember how to privide a shortened direct link.

Thanks very much for your help I managed to transfer successfully.

However when I tried to create the brainkeys, for the backup - the password I thouht I had set doesn't work.
Is there any way I can reset my password?

I find it somewhat weird,  can you unlock your wallet (upper right corner lock icon) with your password? if yes, this same password should work to get your brainkey too.

In your wallet settings you can find an option to change your password but you will need your current password to do that.

Also I think that you can restore your password by using your Brainkey(wich you don't have at this time) to restore your wallet.

Did you switch between wallet modes? lots of people that switched wallet modes had password "issues"

Technical Support / Re: Nooby struggling, need guidance.
« on: June 28, 2017, 02:23:25 am »
Also this video might be usefull

I missed the part where you got an error importing to 0.9.3c
I can't help you with that but posting the error here might help others to help you.


I've just purchased a few BTS and then downloaded the bitshare wallet onto my MAC.
The installation talks about brain keys but I didn't see anything about that in the software.
I created an account - but now I'm not sure how to transfer my BTS from Poloniex to my wallet as I don't know what the receiving address is.

Thanks for your help.

Your account name is your receiving address, test with a small amount first.

Backup your wallet by clicking the cogwheel icon in the upper right corner and then click =>setting  =>Backup, from the dropdown menu choose to "Create a wallet backup" and also "Create a Brainkey backup", btw don't forget your Password!

This is interesting, let's see what Samupaha had to say in March 2015:

so only way to go forward is through trial and error. It is always easy to say afterwards that "we should have done things differently" but at the time of making those decisions, it's impossible to know what is the optimal way.

I'm actually quite impressed how well the developers have handled difficult decisions. Of course it will always give some distress to investors when plans are changed on the fly, but in the long run it is propably the only way to make sure that the end product will be great.

Let's see what Samupaha says June 2017:

Do those people deserve to lose their money who will buy into a scam because of you? Are you willing to admit that you were wrong and pay them back from your own pocket?

I really can't understand your thinking. You seem to be a nice guy but your business actions are confusing. I remember that you have claimed to be a devout christian. Is this just a conspiracy to make people poor so they can get to heaven

I suggest Samupaha has turned into a troll and a bully and should have his account suspended.  He's obviously trying to blame people for his own personal investment decisions and calling Stan's religious beliefs into question is crossing the line.  This should not be tolerated.

Footnote: Any investor that uses his private cryptokeys to transfer funds, the onus is on him, before he does that... Buyer beware, and do you own due diligence.  No one is responsible for the decisions you make but yourself when you invest in something. That's common sense.
+5% +5% +5% +5% +5%

15 and are taking forever to load pages, almost impossible to navigate at the moment.

This happens to me too

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