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General Discussion / Re: Bitshares price discussion
« on: April 01, 2016, 08:46:17 am »
Nope...just the usual day in BTS world..." net sales days, are... any and all days"
dan sent 2,000,000 BTS to blocktrades
1 days ago
dan sent 1,000,000 BTS to blocktrades
3 days ago

at least it is getting more elegant

PS have you ever thought why not stealth transactions?
      maybe a crypto-laomao supporter?  :P

Anybody signed an agreement? Do we gave to MS any BTS  rights to let us get on Azure?  :o

As the community member that submitted the initial pull request to Microsoft for the BitShares Template, I can resolve this question with a definitive "No, BitShares is not granted to Microsoft."  Further, it is not the intention of Microsoft to 'own' any of these blockchain submissions, rather sell compute time on their Azure platform.  Please note, as an individual I signed a contribution clause with Microsoft prior to submitting the template that basically said I would not knowingly upload anything malicious.  Cass would have signed the same statement when he corrected the spelling in the Readme file a few hours after my original submission.

Please review the Contribution Guide Microsoft provide for BaaS submissions for further details of the requirements:

BitShares running on Azure remains bound to the same MIT license contained within the source repository.


thanks for clarification  :)

General Discussion / Re: [ANN] New Money project & SOLCERT token
« on: April 01, 2016, 08:33:42 am »
The question should be, makes it $ense to call it SOLLARS? You need a easy to remember name and SOLLARS fits in this creteria.

It's easy to remember but already taken... with more... $ense?

If price goes down because lack of development, they are going to get hurt also.

except they are margin short on BTS?

Personally I think the best way to offer a POS minting reward that removes BTS from current supply is by offering yield on SmartCoins.,21597.msg286581.html#msg286581

It will also create demand for SmartCoins and because BitUSD is less volatile than crypto, the yield required to attract BitUSD demand is much lower.


Anybody signed an agreement? Do we gave to MS any BTS  rights to let us get on Azure?  :o

The developers of NEM are very skeptical about their integration...

We spent a considerable amount of time getting this done. Unfortunately,
at the last stage of our submission we were shown the agreement.
In the agreement, to put our solution up there, requires us to give away all our rights.
This is not quite palatable.

read more....

General Discussion / Re: Simulated proof of work
« on: March 31, 2016, 09:41:17 pm »
we have really so many cool ideas... if we implemented only 1% of them, we would be elsewhere right now....    :)

General Discussion / Re: [ANN] New Money project & SOLCERT token
« on: March 31, 2016, 06:51:01 am »
Questions to Solar $ense:
A)When will CCEDK release the funds to you
B)Will you keep the BTS after crowd-sale or will you exchange them with other "stable" assets?

You missed that questions...  ;)

PS My assumption (or hope) is that you will keep the BTS untouched  and pay contributors with bts (?) or at least convert @ pay-time not sooner (since you are a bts fun like us  :D)
      (just worried that BTS price  will not take another hit since most of fund until now are BTS...)

General Discussion / Re: MakerX - new bitshares frontend in town
« on: March 30, 2016, 07:10:13 pm »
Well done!
Looks great.

This should be a wake up call for openledger @ccedk  to make some basic edits to the GUI.

Deposit/Withdraw on the top menu makes alot of sense, we should have this on the standard client.

If you agree please thumbs up this github issue


Dilution is in big part coming from the merger and nothing can be done about it, just wait until november.

I think we don't need to wait until November.... and nothing should be done either.... Why?....because dilution is already priced in on BTS !!!
so I really think BTS will increase very soon.... and SHARPLY !!! 

PS don't forget that very often the market behaves in the opposite direction of what the most  believe... that was about the "rule" for BTS after all...   ::)

General Discussion / Re: [ANN] New Money project & SOLCERT token
« on: March 30, 2016, 11:56:31 am »
I just think reconsidering some fundamentals that have been suggested by others in the community would yield better results for everyone.


We are just trying to transform a potentially WIN-LOOSE situation to a WIN-WIN situation....

General Discussion / Re: [ANN] New Money project & SOLCERT token
« on: March 30, 2016, 10:22:37 am »
This is a hundred times worse than anything else I have ever seen*.
1.At least Nubits did not start by selling Nubits first and keeping all the actual shares NuShares (fed chairs) by a single person.
2. At least Nubits did not aim for selling 500K Nushares at different prices (different prices for a stable currency…. But hey this is just one of many inovations in the ‘new money’).
3. At least Nubits did not hide the fact what you are buying, well buried in the sale's pitch.
4.At least Nubits founders had a clear idea and reasoning (be it backed by a wrong theory) behind their model.
5. At least Nubits were not let by a film maker who believes that having a vision and a dream is all that one needs to call himself "Vitalik and ByteMaster" and the best man to lead a tech project as a result of that.

My utter disappointment is not with this project though. My disappointment will be if BM does not come and say something AT LEAST as soft as - "Guys you should seriously reconsider putting this on a more solid ground". Unless he does so he would have lost total respect by me, for being soft indecisive leader. One might even call him 2 faced when it comes to project on his platform as opposed by somewhere else. This has all the writings to be a total train rack and him expressing some caution regarding it is the least he can do to prevent bitshares being a collateral damage in this.
Well, at least my conscious is clear now . I put it here, you read  it and you are warned. The rest is up to you.
I have been wrong more times in my life than I have been correct…. But this thing is such a utter nonsense that I simply cannot be wrong… unless I have been moved to a new parallel reality where the nonsense is the only thing that actually makes sense.

Since writing this response several days ago I have run into several other things that boggle my mind….
So the “worse than anything else I have ever seen” statement has a good rival now, fighting for the number one spot in my list.

BTW Emperical  + 1 on all of your later posts after the one quoted. My mind is so overwhelmed by enormity of the illogicality of this thing that it literally stops me in my tracks when trying to explain the 200 ways it makes no sense what so ever.  I am glad you have the mind to calmly handle such a giant yarn (what yarn stupid tonyk… it is not a yarn it is a not -interconnected pile) of BS.

 +5% +5% +5%

Questions to Solar $ense:
A)When will CCEDK release the funds to you
B)Will you keep the BTS after crowd-sale or will you exchange them with other "stable" assets?

PS1  I think he has good intentions (Or at least I hope so)
PS2  I am looking close the project to see if only MARKETING @ A VISION can pump the price "significant"
PS3  Result oriented it could benefit BTS if same MARKETING methods are used(?) We will find out soon i guess...

General Discussion / Re: About workers: 1.14.35/36Fund to pay dividend
« on: March 30, 2016, 12:37:03 am »
Why would they move their bts if they are not doing it now? If they really care about voting they would already move their funds back. It is clear that most users don't really care about voting, no matter the increased power the coin days could bring them.

They don't care for voting but for dividends(that's why the will move their funds)... they will for sure not transfer funds to vote,  but it is still better than exchanges to vote for them... Voting power of centralized exchanges will a least have less impact.... no?  VOTING POWER DECENTRALIZATION  :P

General Discussion / Re: [ANN] New Money project & SOLCERT token
« on: March 30, 2016, 12:27:47 am »
I'm not comfortable with this, I'll most likely look for an earlier exit.  The ability to have more auctions and to price it lower than your first batch of investors doesn't feel right. The tiered approach you are using isn't really representative of the project. If you can just decide what to sell that next auction at, you can undercut the people that supported you early.  I'll have to pass.  It's just an opinion, but it leaves too much central control.


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