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some problems I found  :) :P

Duckie is a collective of performance artists that describes itself as “a post-gay independent arts outfit.”[1] They produce a mix of so-called "cultural interventions", such as club nights, new-mode pop, burlesque and performance events, as well as anti-theatre experimentation. They have described their work as "mixing the arthouse with the dosshouse"[2] and putting "highbrow performance in backstreet pubs and lowbrow performance in posh theatres".[3]

so better duck id  :)

Duck key sounds like ducky, like little ducky

"What's your ducky?"

Proposal: Keyhotee should be rebranded DUCKY

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not bad at all I think

General Discussion / Re: MaidSafe IPO on Mastercoin
« on: April 09, 2014, 10:51:12 am »
We talked with maidsafe today and will be using our Dns system and they will be consulting with us on the economics of their system. 

In the end the mastercoin ipo will be insignificant compared to our partnership potential. 

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PS  1) clout I think you must change your post title ;)
      2) When will take place an official announcement from both party's about the potential of partnership or even something like a comment (like you made) from Maidsafe part ?


Why don't we implement a community "SHITCOIN DUMPSTER", where you can throw all your useless, going-nowhere crypto and be paid for them in BC, minus a 20% donation to BC Foundation or multipool bonuses? I'd love to clear out my shitcoin closet, get a few more BC, and support the cause. That's killing 3 birds with one stone!

They are onto something with this. It's almost like a recycling mechanism to turn shit into fuel.

I've sold all my shitcoins, plus much of my Bitcoin, and put the money in PTS and AGS contributions.

 +5%    ;D



Good news! We have a new member on Invictus Innovations.
It is a matter of time to see the new Ultra DACs...

what do you think about... our

duckstein Id


duckstein Key

General Discussion / Re: Let's Talk Bitcoin: Too Many Coins?
« on: April 05, 2014, 02:47:18 pm »
sounds ironic

General Discussion / DuckDuckGo-like Search engine platform DAC ?
« on: April 05, 2014, 12:11:52 pm »

What if something like that is implemented in a future DAC? Am I missing something?

General Discussion / Re: Decentralized Autonomous Charity
« on: April 05, 2014, 09:11:33 am »
Rebranding Lotto + Bingo in a way that will grow garner positive press ( I hope ).

This would be a for-profit charity... it makes money while helping charities.... good for all.

Why rebranding and not use all aspects?

Charity Lotto
Charity Bingo
Random Charity
Choose your Charity

I said that because I thing that many would prefere one particular aspect...

As an example I think many would not prefere Charity insteed of pure Lotto because in the beginning I would guess they dont trust 100% how the money will distrubuted among charity organizations and they don't trust charity orgs itself like in past because they have the feeling that money don't ends up to the poorest in the world beacause of corrupted operators*... So I think that would work better later when DACs have won Trust (because of using lotto,bingo DACs ). The first motivation of using DACs is profit and greed, like it or not.



Nobody will stop DACs

The sell off on Bter last 2 days, from the Chinesse, has moved bitshares-pts significantly... thoughts?
Invest now or wait a little more because the pressure will continue the next days?

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