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Can we start this thing off today by coming up with a big-national anthem?
I'd we vote on it, I'd like to put up "Recovery", by Justin Bieber as a candidate

Who is this biebuh guy anyway. I never listened or heard a single song from bieboo, but judging from all the reactions I've seen, you might guarantee an all time low attendance record with that. Although you might attract screaming teenage girls instead. Hmm, chances are we could sell that recording as effective wildlife repellent, if the girls are young enough they even might work as mosquito repellent. Or are the noisy female  mosquitoes attracted to high pitch squealing, biology is not my strong point.

General Discussion / Re: Should Bytemaster's Hangouts Continue? (POLL)
« on: February 26, 2015, 11:26:56 pm »
I would like to know the reasoning behind why the mumble hangouts would be bad.

As far as I can remember it was mostly stuff on the blog, the forums and press quotes that caused pr problems.

Not only have some mumble sessions helped clear up a lot of issues, I also find the hangouts a better way to keep track of what's going on than trying to find the information spread out in threads on the forums.

Hmm, someone has editing powers and is doxxing me I see.

Sorry for the late reply, but on linux you can just do
oggenc wordsofgold.wav

And it will spit out your ogg for you. For anybody running linux use sox for your soundconversions or if you really really reeeeally need a gui, use soundconvert.

For windows use the link from the horses mouth

This guy has more important things to do, like you know, running a country.

You sure have your priorities wrong  ;)
Lol, yeah, it's not like Greece should at least look at a backup plan for the euro or anything right about now.

While I agree with onceuponatime and I'm also not a believer in the sustainability of the locust-plague economic model, or Keynesian econmics as some like to call it. But that doesn't mean no interaction should be sought at all.

Also keep in mind that the technology is supposed to be a toolkit. So why not let people or countries experiment with different solutions? You don't have to just "sell" the bitshares-exchange one.  I also think the euro is dead and why not help people designing a solution instead of using the usual destined to fail attempts of all Ponzis to prop up consumer trust, so their Pyramid scheme can last just that little bit longer.

So why not let people start thinking about what they can use the bitshares technology for and have them interact in a discussion? You can't expect people to just jump to your conclusions with a single step.

mf-tzo are you good at translating in that case you could crowdsource the explanation part from these forums or the people on the mumble-server or anywhere else where people with insight in bitshares plus the required "gift of gab"* reside.

(* Brotherg - Mumble Hangout 20 February 2015)

Come to think of it why was the tradition suspended, of burning people at the stake  if they were found trying to do a pyramid scheme? Fractional reserved banking used to equate to a sentence of spectacular death, oh the good old days.

It was recommended to me that I record the .wav instead of the .ogg file for reasons of quality in the final cut.

When I can get back to my computer I will see if there is a free way to convert to .ogg for fast download.   Thanks for the input.

I got the impression Cass was asking for an easier accessible soundcloud link.

Btw ogg itself is the free way to encode wav files, get some sleep man, you're saying silly things now.

*Edit-- I'm JoeyD.  I live in a house boat and sometimes believe i'm a dolphin.*

Yeah crypto is minuscule, a former minister of finance in the Netherlands "lost" over three times bitcoins marketcap at its all time high during the bank-bailouts and he doesn't seem all that bothered by it either.

But the banks are looking into bitcoin and it's tech, that I know for sure, at least the big banks in the Netherlands already admitted that they are doing so.

I also agree that the bitcoin-parent needs to survive just a little longer to make sure it's fostered projects have a chance to fly on their own.

This article puts into words one of the fears I've been talking about now and then on these forums.

I've been worrying about how to fight the banks with their endless supply of silly-money and what they can do to the market.

The second attack vector I fear are the Wall Street traders who'd love to slaughter these naive idealists and suck out all their efforts to keep bitcoin price up. I imagine traders would love easy pickings like those.

As a caveat, I might be influenced into wanting to see a more rational explanation to the completely irrational market and maybe I also have some sentimental urges of wanting to have some faith in humanity as a whole and not wanting to see it as a completely irrational entity.

Beyond Bitcoin [closed] / BeyondBitcoin hangout with Bytemaster 1-9-2015
« on: January 09, 2015, 06:29:27 pm »
Unedited recording of todays session:


General Discussion / Re: Say Hello To Stacey Everyone
« on: December 13, 2014, 12:07:57 am »
So this thread was the cause of the what-do-you-think-about Stacey discussion on the Mumble hangout today.

First things first, hello Stacey welcome and I hope you are a little thick skinned.

Secondly, the reaction on this thread are predictable from the way methodex worded the OP and the framing of the video, where even a part of the face was cut off, although that did show off just what a smashing blouse you have on. Obviously completely accidental and unintentional, but alas it also causes a certain type of unwanted reactions.

Thirdly, I do think it takes a bit of courage to put your face out there. Regrettably I also admit that I made sure the blond haired blue eyed members of the fair sex I managed to get interested in bitshares also hid their identities well not solely based on privacy concerns.

Last but most certainly not least, Methodex are you telling me that 99% of the crowd here is male? Juck, I'm outta here.

I'd have a hard time to come up with a less secure OS for computer illiterate people than Windows to be honest.

I'm maintaining quite a few systems for people who pationately refuse to learn anything about pc's and I've put them all on linux to prevent myself from going insane. If you are already using virtual machines why not just use a vm with ubuntu inside then? Trouble is that if the main system is still windows than it is still insecure.

How about this, why not make a usb-stick ubuntu os with just the bitcoin/bitshares wallets? Plus a backup ofcourse. That should be pretty secure for just about anyone.

Meta / Re: Asking for login and pass
« on: November 09, 2014, 04:55:28 pm »
The prompt appeared even just opening a thread with the image exploit in it. So no actions or clicking on images required.

Seeing how well the bot works, do you think I should expand it's oracle functionality to also do some market predictions?

Might take me at least an afternoon of work, but I think I should be able to get a crude version done in that time, the algorithm would be a lot simpler. I'll announce it when I've got it up and running.

For now it only does the software estimations. Follow TonyKs instructions on how to operate the bot in it's current implementation.

JoeD made a prediction bot on mumble for that.

==>Go to  mumble.
==>Type in the chat box:
Code: [Select]
web-wallet #when
And see for yourself.

I saw we start making plans for the 1.0 milestone!

Do we have even a really rough idea of when this might be??

JoeD made a prediction bot on mumble for that.

==>Go to  mumble.
==>Type in the chat box:
Code: [Select]
web-wallet #when
And see for yourself.


LOL... Awesome work JoeD!  That's pretty much the answer i expected... ;)

Thanks, the coding took a while and I needed to come up with the proper algorithm and way to collect statistics to feed into the prediction bot, but I really think it will help speculators make a proper ass essment of the situation.

General Discussion / Re: We could use more brain power in Mumble!
« on: November 08, 2014, 12:22:21 am »
I keep getting the message:

"You were denied Enter privileges in Conference Hall."

Ah that maybe because an admin(fuzzy) hasn't registered you yet, probably because he wasn't online when you were there. That is one limitation, he can only register you once you are in the server and after that you can move around as you please.

Also I did not notice you there. Because of the increase in users joining and leaving I did not notice you were trying to join, my laptop only has limited vertical resolution. Next time send a text message to one of the other users by double clicking on one of the names to ask them to drag you in.

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