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This is the error I'm getting when I try and execute the binary -

./BitShares: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Okay -

sudo apt-get install libgstreamer0.10-0

Now this -

./BitShares: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

sudo apt-get install libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0

Right so now it runs without any lib errors but I'm now getting this message from Bitshares GUI -

"An error occurred while trying to start. Please try restarting the application."

I re-run the programe and the loading screen loads with some information about what it's doing i.e. loading the blockchain etc and then just as it's about to launch it crashes with "Segmentation fault (core dumped)"

I'm having a lot of fun trying to get bitshares running :D

In the "(o) Open an existing wallet" prompt I have so far tried running -- default, open default, "default" and "open default"

No luck unfortunately. I have searched around the internet too and have not managed to find anything helpful up to now.

Let me assure you all that I know there are many of you in this great community of ours sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for my posts and praying for a favourable outcome. I'd just like to pause for a moment to thank all of you from the very bottom of my heart xxx

Friends! I'll keep you all up to date.

Tried downloading the GUI client, but I can't get it to run. So I'm stuck.

The support isn't very good here tbh. I have asked for help 3 times now over the years and the only person who offered to help was trying to extract a percentage of my bitshares funds.

I wasn't even going to try and recover the wallet because I already knew I'd end up wasting my time. So what's the point?

I think it's a cli. So I created ~/home/.Bitshares and put the wallet.dat in there.

Then I ran the executable and at the prompt "(wallet closed) >>>" I entered "wallet_export_keys /home/kat/Downloads/keys.json"

Then this messaged popped up -

A wallet must be open to execute this command. You can: (o) Open an existing wallet (c) Create a new wallet (q) Abort command Choose [o/c/q]:

I clicked "o" and now it's asking for a wallet name. I have no idea what the name of the wallet is. Can someone help?


Hi, I can't get the 0.9.3c wallet to run. In case it's not obvious I have an old wallet.dat from early 2014 that I'm hoping to import into the latest clinet.

I downloaded the archive, extracted it and have an executable -- bitshares_client.

The bash output on linux gives this when I try and get it to run -

Loading blockchain from: /home/kat/.BitShares/chain
Loading config from file: /home/kat/.BitShares/config.json
Using blockchain checkpoints from file: /home/kat/.BitShares/checkpoints.json
Not starting RPC server, use --server to enable the RPC interface
(wallet closed) >>>

I'm not really sure if I'm trying to run a GUI or CLI tbh and don't know what to do. Any ideas?


I had a look at the getagsbalance * output and it's just some addresses with PTS that I do not understandShould I post it here? Like I said I don't really understand the blockchain.

But, this is my question -

in my wallet I have sent 48 PTS to the angelshares address, I see it in my wallet and I see the same output here -

I am wondering if 48 PTS was sent to the AGS address that I see here -

I admit I haven't got a clue what I am talking about with the technology, but I wonder why it looks like I have sent 48 PTS to AGS and in the agsexplorer it says it recieved  17.3 PTS?

EDIT: I am using a PTS wallet if that matters.

Thanks, testz. I have just noticed my wallet.dat backup I have is from july 4th. I'll get to the computer with the wallet and make a new backup and run the getagsbalance command and see what it says. thanks.

Hi, I do not understand how the blockchain works. But, I was wondering about the AGS donations I made from my PTS wallet.

See on 6/13/2014 coinplorer says I donated 14.12064279 PTS and agsexplorer says on that day I sent 2.7 PTS. That is my confusion. Is there a problem there, or does it look OK? Like I mentioned I don't understand how the blockchain works!


Great, thanks again, testz!

Thanks for the help, testz.

I have another problem now! the computer I was using to run the bitshares wallet won't boot anymore, and the drive is encrypted, so I don't have access to that wallet.dat any more. I only have a backup from about 10 - 25 transactions ago.

If I can't recover the wallet.dat from the bad OS will I have any problems using the old backup now? (I was only booting in to that desktop to backup that file too!)

Hi, I am a bit uncertain if I am on a hard forked wallet?

this is the wallet I am using -

BitShares-PTS version - v1.0.0.0-unk-beta

The reason I am asking is partly because I still haven't learned exactly how the blockchain works and I have been sending a few PTS to the bitshares angelshares (not sure of the exact name) address -


My wallet has not always been synced when I send the money, so I think the 3 or 4 pts I have send on different days end up all being sent at the same time when the wallet actually syncs to the network, rather than the days I sent them?

This is my address -

I sent 5.4 pts yesterday, to that bitshares address above,and I don't see them at the above address! But my wallet has only fulled synced just now.

So, I am wondering if my PTS has been going to the bitshares address and if I am on a forked blockchain? thanks! I hope that makes sense!

Thanks, xeroc  8)

I compiled the wallet again then synced it and all my PTS showed up there, then I made a new backup of that wallet.dat file. Thanks for all the help. I can go and relax now!

Thanks for the help, xeroc.

It looks like both the TxID and the PTS have turned up now.

I was just worried by a few things; the extra character added in strings (which I was just using as a starting reference), no TxID in coinplorer and the fact I don't know if there's some kind of identifier to pre-snapshot 
coins, which I am sure there is. It got me a bit panicky wondering if I had control over any of the coins I bought!

I am going to reboot back in to the livecd and move all the coins in to that address. I am still a bit scared about it! lol

Hi, I would like to take my PTS off the exchange and in to my wallet and I am having the following problems.

1. I am away atm and just have a wallet.dat file on a USB. I used strings (the linux programme) to get the address from the wallet.dat. But when I checked the address there where no PTS in that address and I bought some before the snapshot!

This is the address I got from strings -

So I compiled the wallet on a livecd and dropped the wallet.dat in the directory and found my address -


I was wondering where that extra 'E' came from at the end of the address?

2. So I sent 1.03 PTS to the address in the compiled and synced wallet -

with this TxID   

and now I can't find the 1.03 PTS I sent!

All I want to do is send all the PTS off the exchange and in to my wallet so they are safe, but I am worried I have lost the last 1.03 I sent to that address so don't know what to do. I don't have a good understanding of how the blockchain works. Can someone help me?

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