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MemoryCoin / Re: My investment is in FreeTrade
« on: April 21, 2014, 09:45:55 pm »
Tigerlore, the only moderating I did to change your post was just simply splitting the topic and placing your request in the support & help section.

This was the first post that I noticed anything about a competition for a MemoryCoin logo:,48.msg154.html#msg154 in which delinquency mentioned that he would award 800 MMC for the wining design, since then, he upped the bounty to 5000 MMC, obviously no one has won the bounty and since there was no time limit, this change falls well within it’s parameters…IMO since this was not a paid job there is no payment due to anyone until there is a definite winner announced…

Oh, okay. I see what's going on. I guess I could apologize, but "Holy crap, what a clusterfuck!". I thought you deleted the original contest thread but actually you started the new one in a different sub-forum? But you're saying it's not a new competition? Then why a new thread? And why a different sub-forum?

And why can't you do anything in an open, honest and straightforward manner? Because that's not how you think CEO's act? Where the hell did you get that idea from? Does your concept of executives come from anime? That would explain a lot, like your grammar and the odd word choices you make. Crucifying? Where did you pick that word up from? Sure, it's a word, but the way you use it is totally screwball.

We could go back even further actually. This all started when I made a post saying I wanted to create a 3D style coin and wondered if anyone had any ideas for what to put on it. You closed that thread because you had an idea for a contest. What the hell is that about? You needed to close the thread I started because you had an idea? Absolutely unnecessary.

You think I overvalue my art? You're wrong. I've exactly valued what it's worth to have to deal with you. The price range I had in mind at the beginning of all this was much lower.

You want to quote Robonix? The guy that took my ideas for coin decoration and used them without giving me credit or, at that point, even acknowledging my existence? The guy that threw a few filters on art I made and submitted it for a contest? That guy? He's your character witness? I guess that's all you got.

Give it up. You're not executive material. There's nothing wrong with that and there's nothing wrong with being 20 years old and thinking you might be. The way you got the job was pretty nasty though and that anyone supported you makes me question the health of the community.

By the way, and this is a tip you really should take seriously, you're an idiot for arguing with me in public. I don't have anything to lose; so I can't really fail. You don't have anything to gain; so for you arguing with me is pointless. It's politics 101. That's probably never come up in any of your anime, huh?

MemoryCoin / Re: My investment is in FreeTrade
« on: April 21, 2014, 06:40:37 pm »
Tiger, if you could improve that graphical work...

Improve it, or just make it different? Make it look like BlackCoin? I suppose I could do that. I wanted a coin that looks like a real coin and not just a graphic, because as a "real world object", I can put it in "real world scenes". Like bank vaults, treasure chests, piggy banks, etc. I could do another logo along with it, but I won't do it for pennies or be treated like I'm disposable.

Actually I logged in here for another reason. I want to clarify something. Because posts were deleted there's no way to verify this, but then again, it can't be disproven either. It was understood that for the original logo contest I entered, the prize was going to be 800 MMC. After my submission was accepted I was paid 50 MMC. That is $1 USD, and that's without subtracting exchange fees. Understandably, I flipped out. 800 MMC is only $18, but I believe in the coin and maybe someday that will be a meaningful amount.

I understand that people think that this coin will be worth a lot someday, I do too, but I can't imagine anyone accepting payment for work based solely on that hope. There has to be some connection with the current value of the coin. The exception might be people who already have a lot of coin. They already have motivation to do the work.

Logo's matter. It's the brand. It's the visual image people associate with the product. You really don't want to be cheap about it. Paying a graphic artist well, that is willing to accept payment in MMC, has the additional benefit of investing them in the future of the coin. They will care about the the coin and they have practical skills that can help make it a success.

If you look around, you can see there aren't many graphic artists in cryptocurrency. Even Bitcoin doesn't have very much high quality art. I suspect people think that since other alt-coins have weak art, Memory Coin doesn't need anything better. Memory Coin needs to stand out from the crowd. That's exactly why it should have good art.

I'm actually really easy to work with, but I'm no puppet. I just want to help.

MemoryCoin / Re: My investment is in FreeTrade
« on: April 19, 2014, 11:24:37 pm »
Tigerlore, please try not to overvalue your work. You have only started learning blender and do not have much experience.

This is business, you want to make art? Negotiate a price. If you can't clearly state compensation before investing your personal time and effort, please don't complain to me or anyone else. You shouldn't have made art unless you knew you were definitely going to get paid handsomely for it.

FreeTrade posted his investment advice with complete bias and the result turned to the memorycoin bubble. Just from very retrospective factors, his plan to promote the best coins would have worked.

But if you were smart, you would have known how to limit your risks. If you can make x1000 times, you can sure hope to lose x1000 times your investment.

There were many other factors that really affected price, such as fundamental and technical drivers rather than what is just mainly coded. The depreciation of MMC could be seen from the beginning of January.

Tigerlore, you don't notice the community and the meaning of competition.

So, instead of talking to me like an adult and trying to work with me. you are going to burn the bridge completely?


I know there is no way you could possibly recognize how out of control your ego has become, so I'll point out a few smaller things that you might be able to grasp on some level.

Holding a competition to find an artist is a good idea. After finding a competent artist, don't continue having competitions. That's insulting to the artist. It also makes you look like a cheap skate, and that you don't value the work. Instead, be happy you found an artist and work with them.

When you promise an award for a competition, make sure you have the funds to pay the award and don't put the competitors in a position where they need to demand payment. Repeatedly.

DO NOT EVER delete posts that are critical of you. No matter what. It makes you look like a dictator. Censorship is frowned on by most people in democratic cultures.

And work on your writing. Your poor grammar makes you appear unprofessional. Seriously. You'd be surprised at how much stress is put on writing in business courses.

MemoryCoin / My investment is in FreeTrade
« on: April 19, 2014, 01:51:26 pm »
Common wisdom among investors is to invest in people, not ideas or products. I first noticed a post FreeTrade made where he evaluated various coins for their investment potential. I was, and still am, new to cryptocurrency and that post helped me a lot. It validated a number of things I had already noticed and helped me form a standard for evaluation.

Then I read the mock interview he did with himself where he discussed the MMC 1.0 debacle. I was deeply impressed, not just by the way he handled things when it went to hell, but even by the mistake he made that set up the failure. His error was in giving too much trust to his fellow human beings. Trusting people are also trustworthy people. I knew MMC wasn't a pump-and-dump, a scam artist would never have made that mistake. I also really liked his honesty and humor; and the fact that he can communicate clearly, counts for a lot.

My mining hardware isn't very impressive, but I do have something else I can invest.

I'm holding these for "ransom" at 8,000 MMC and 12,000 MMC respectively.

I've tried dealing with the current CEO but, unsurprisingly as he is 20 years old, the title has gone to his head and he has no concept of leadership. And, perhaps the CMO has yet to discover the new forum, but I haven't heard a single word from him. I find that troubling.

I really want to continue making art for this coin, but I am worried that I'm just wasting my time. I'm concerned Memory Coin may be in it's death throws.

I will slash the asking price for my art by 70% if FreeTrade becomes the CEO again.

I'm working with a 3D art program, Blender. It is capable of creating animations and that is one of my goals for promoting the coin. I'm also a musician, so I can handle the audio side of it as well. I have some really cool ideas for this, but the work to execute them isn't trivial. I need motivation, i.e. I need to get paid and paid well. Not jacked around by some wannabe puppetmaster.

I don't begrudge FreeTrade a vacation. I'm sure he has earned it. Will he return as CEO? Does he want to? Is the community too dominated by toxic elements to allow him?

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