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General Discussion / BitShares 5.0 (2020-09-28)
« on: September 16, 2020, 12:48:41 am »
The plan is to activate BitShares 5.0 on 2020-09-30.

The key feature in BitShares 5.0 is Automated Market making (AMM) aka liquidity pooling & mining. Code is here:

All changes:

Poll workers for the changes:

1.14.289 - "Poll---AMM Featured BTS 5.0 Update---Yes"
1.14.290 - "Poll---AMM Featured BTS 5.0 Update---NO"

Please vote.

中文(Chinese) / 计划9月30日上线BTS 5.0
« on: September 16, 2020, 12:41:55 am »
5.0 版本主推流量池自动做市挖矿(AMM)功能,代码已开发完成,详见 Github


Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Witness Proposal] witness.hope
« on: September 14, 2020, 12:25:00 pm »
witness name : witness.hope
API node : wss://

Introduction :
Hello members of Bitshares . I am witness.hope,  five years web developers , from Beijing.  I hope to help bitshares network more safe and stable .

Main Witness Server
CPU Cores: 8
RAM:  32G
Disk SPACE : 500G
Connection: 2 Gps

Backup Witness Server
CPU Cores: 8
RAM: 32G
Disk SPACE: 500G
Connection: 2 Gbps

Full API Node:
CPU Cores :8
RAM:  32G
Disk Space : 500G SSD
Location : Beijing
Connection: 10Mbits

My plan for witness:
* Follow community consensus and implement voting results.
* Produce blocks  stable to help  the blockchain network safe.
* Feed price correctly :  Zapata's bitshares-pricefeed script will be used for feeding price .I can handle Price threshold(BSIP76) and Loopholes protection(BAIP2) properly . Although pricefeed work is not witness' job at present ,I am always ready.
* Maintain a better connection API  . Stable and easy to use .

Why witness nodes has 2G connections but API node only 10M? Actually API nodes need higher bandwidth than producing nodes to work.

Please try a testnet witness too. Register your account at

let's measure the engagement based on the expenses incurred on the selected list of fees.


BitShares distinguishes 68 different types of fees, there is a lot to choose from.

In this approach, Voting Power comes directly from building BitShares and its active use. I can't imagine anything more pure.
All the data is on chain. Perhaps you can analyze the data to prove your ideas.

I didn't check the data, but I assume that the known scammers and "bad actors" paid a quite big part of fees. On the other hand, when rules change, it's expected that behaviors would change too, so it needs iterations to find suitable rules and it needs time and efforts.

By the way, IMHO, it's the most natural that business owners decide how their businesses would operate. They may listen to users, but will never let the users decide.

中文(Chinese) / Re: 强清开始收费
« on: August 29, 2020, 11:21:47 am »

I think this is the biggest problem DPOS has to deal with in the real world and we can observe all of this, so it deserves the most attention. Neither the BSIP83 nor what we have at the moment solves this problem.

Even when using a stake, a fractional reserve can be used. You surely remember when poloniex had 300 million in a cold wallet and 300 million in a hot wallet. You also remember that their BitShares wallet was kept in maintenance for many months, and it was the same with Steemit. Each of these exchanges is able to put in the "Stake" such amount of tokens, which is able to significantly disturb the functioning of the management structure, especially if we introduce a multiplier.

That's where the lock-forever multiplier comes into play. CEX's may lock up stake, but likely won't lock up a lot of stake forever. In the meanwhile it relies on the good people to act and fight against the bad behaviors -- at their own costs, lock up their own stake. It means we need many people (or stake) who are willing to sacrifice their own benefit for the good of the whole, who try to fix issues, but not people who will simply turn around when issues appear.

Ideally good people do good things and should get rewarded, and as you said,
CEX and large external capital, as well as inactive people, do not have the right to vote. why should they? Why should we allow them to meddle in our affairs?
The question is who gets to decide who are good and who are bad, if it's code to decide, how to define the rules so that good behaviors and bad behaviors can be identified, and bugs are avoided. It's not only what to do, but how to do.

Thank you for the discussion anyway. I wish we can find the solutions.

My thoughts were written here:


  • we need to attract users to trade
  • we want gateways to introduce tokens attractive to users and help ensure liquidity on them
  • we want development proposals that are interesting for everyone and we want to reward the people who implement them. asap.

I am well aware of the needs, and working towards them. However, the progress is slow, since my individual strength is small. We need to gather people with the same visions together, concentrate the resources we have, work towards the goals.

On the other hand, those are still open questions but not solutions. To find the answers and solutions, we still have a long way to go.

I was hoping that we could afford some innovations that would attract the attention of the entire DPOS community.
Innovations are hard. Many failed silently.

For example, EUR's precision is 4, to specify one Euro, set the amount as 1 * 10^4 aka 10,000.
BTC's precision is 8, so "amount = 100,000,000" means one Bitcoin.

Precision is only used in UI.
The core itself doesn't really care about precision, all computations in core are based on the smallest unit aka Satoshi.

Here is a good article about hostile takeover:

And about voting rights:

BitShares is just like a company.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Witness Proposal] blckchnd
« on: August 25, 2020, 04:50:09 pm »

General Discussion / Re: @Abit
« on: August 25, 2020, 04:43:33 pm »
Thanks to your friend Thule.

By the way,

You just removed all messages from only 12 people. You can do better.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Witness Proposal] blckchnd
« on: August 25, 2020, 04:25:30 pm »
Thanks to your friend Thule.

cool, finally someone forced you to eat the same dish,
you are abuser abit, you lost your ethic, you silently banned admins long before thulee decide to react,  I can witness that

So you first started this dictatorship in the chat with silent bans by your bot for opinion against your agenda

Is this some kind of Chinese tradition to punish everyone around without any proof or excuse?

Poor abit you really look miserable in your fall

you just a criminal and deserve what will come to you

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