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Update: I've created the assets for OP.
ICO is no longer needed.

The initiative is not bad, however

1. the XBITS asset has already been registered. I guess you need to choose a new brand.

2. Even if it's not registered, XBITS sounds similar to the existing gateway XBTS, it will probably introduce confusions.

Wish you good luck.
Thanks I'll edit the brand once I create the token
Actually, if you have interest, I'd like to create the assets for you, and transfer them to you after done. Being a LTM it is much cheaper for me to do so, and more convenient than sending you 48000 BTS.

Update: just noticed that you have upgraded to LTM too. So the real cost for you is actually 4800 BTS. It's a bit fishy to ask for 48000 BTS.

Asset owners rely on the `asset_update_operation` to keep the core exchange rate (CER) parameter and other parameters up-to-date.

The current fee is 96.52188 BTS which targets 2 USD, IMO it's too high and discourages asset owners from properly managing their assets.

I propose that we reduce it to 0.1 USD which would be 4.82609 BTS.

Pull request on Github:

Please discuss.

The initiative is not bad, however

1. the XBITS asset has already been registered. I guess you need to choose a new brand.

2. Even if it's not registered, XBITS sounds similar to the existing gateway XBTS, it will probably introduce confusions.

Wish you good luck.

General Discussion / Re: Prediction Market: June 2020 BTS 0.30 CNY
« on: June 01, 2020, 09:14:09 pm »
Is it not expensive for you to pay 15,000 BTS every month for launching a new option contract?
Just some experiments so far, the costs are affordable for me.

The cost for one market is around 2400 BTS since I'm a LTM.

I believe asset creation fee will be lowered after 4.0 .

Best if we can have better UI implementations to attract traders, and proper marketing efforts. The core needs improvements too.

Do you have the .bin file, wallet private key, Or Brainkey? The private key is a long string of characters that starts with P, While the Brainkey is a series of random words, and the .bin file is stored on the device you used to register your open ledger account, those are the only ways to assess your account
To be clear, the string starts with P is not the private key, but is a password for regenerating the private key. It is only used for "account mode" or "cloud wallet mode".
On the other hand, the .bin file and brain key, is only for "wallet mode", "local wallet mode" or "key-file mode".
Mixing the two modes usually leads to lose of keys and lose of possibility to access the account.

General Discussion / Re: REDUCE CREATE ASSET FEES
« on: May 30, 2020, 11:10:21 am »
Moved the issue about asset creation fee in github:





BTS/主流币交易对:假设一整天挂1%以内的买单保持不变,且未触及奖励上限,则日收益率为 (7500*0.7*0.53/1000000)= 0.278%
挂卖单同样情况则收益率为(7500*0.3*0.53/1000000)= 0.12%


BTC/bitAsset:最大期望日收益率为 7500*0.5*0.53*(BTS的BTC价格)/2, 取今日价格0.00000238,则为 0.236%
ETH/bitAsset:最大期望日收益率为 7500*0.5*0.53*(BTS的ETH价格)/100, 取今日价格0.00009214,则为 0.183%
EOS/bitAsset:最大期望日收益率为 7500*0.5*0.53*(BTS的EOS价格)/5000, 取今日价格0.00648,则为 0.258%

USDT/bitAsset:最大期望日收益率为 7500*0.5*0.53*(BTS的USDT价格)/25000, 取今日价格0.017,则为 0.135%



BTS/主流币交易对组:假设一整天挂1%以内的买单保持不变,交易对交易量达标(25万BTS以上)且深度没超过目标深度,则日收益率为 (2000*0.7*0.53/200000)= 0.371%
挂卖单同样情况则收益率为(2000*0.3*0.53/1000000)= 0.21%

BTS/bitAssets组:假设一整天挂1%以内的买单保持不变,交易对交易量达标(62.5万BTS以上)且深度没超过目标深度,而且总奖励没有因为交易对间的竞争被调低,则日收益率为 (10000*0.53/1000000)= 0.53%
在锁喂价的情况下,参与 bts/bitcny 等交易对挂单的风险几乎为零,日 0.53% 的收益(年化186%)我感觉偏高。
而交易量目标 62.5万,能贡献的手续费只有 625 BTS ,发 5000 甚至 1万 BTS 的奖励,偏高。




假设一整天挂1%以内的买单保持不变,交易对交易量达标(10万BTS以上)且深度没超过目标深度,则买卖单日收益率均为 (2000*0.5*0.53/200000)= 0.265%



目前成交量 15000 左右,市价 0.1 ,也就是1:9的赔率

General Discussion / Prediction Market: June 2020 BTS 0.30 CNY
« on: May 28, 2020, 02:35:58 pm »

Main market:


* If median feed price of BTS reached 0.30 CNY per BTS or above at any time before the end of June 2020 (Beijing Time), the market will be globally settled at 1 as soon as possible, which means the borrowers lost;

* Otherwise, the market will be settled at 0 on 1st July, 2020, which means the borrowers won.

(Market fee 0.1%, referral reward percent 25%.)

To participate:

* borrow the asset and sell if to bet "BTS price won't reach 0.3 CNY or above before July"
* buy the asset if to bet  "BTS price will reach 0.3 CNY or above before July"


Rather than rejecting this and that, can we start a discussion about what is acceptable? E.G. what fee percent is acceptable for you? 1%? 5%? 10%? 20%? 30%?

10% is real. If this money is used to develop Bitshares and strengthen the brand in the market, we will support this proposal.

Important! Payments will be made in traded tokens? or the exchange will need to make an exchange for BTS? Tokens are highly volatile and providing each project with a cost is not profitable for the gateway.

As bsip 86 described, fees would be deducted from trading directly, in the trading assets. Gateways don't need to do anything special.


Very important!!! It is necessary to reduce the commission for creating an asset. Due to the high commissions, there are difficulties to add new coins. These huge commissions interfere with the work of the exchange. We wanted to add most of the popular coins to the exchange, but because of such a quick (without warning, announcement, etc.) raising commissions, our work on adding coins is limited! Raising asset creation fees makes Bitshares too expensive! White lists have now appeared, and this protects users from fraudulent assets.
I understand the difficulties, and sorry for that.

The raising of asset creation fee was brought by community members to fight scam activities.

I suppose that the fee will be lowered after 4.0 hard fork, around 2 months away from now. However, if there is high demand it can be lowered sooner.


ABOUT MM: We said that we would not take part in the next MM contest. We want to look at the example of Gdex how new competition will work. And maybe we'll take part.

甘少已经发了 10000 BTS的任务,要求押金 20%

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