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General Discussion / Re: Working on BitShares..
« on: April 27, 2016, 03:39:07 pm »
The problem is I think that bytemaster doesn't believe much in his original goal (or at least it is not well communicated to the rest of us)

This is unfortunately my perception as well.

I have  Z E R O  doubt bytemaster fully believes in his original vision for what BitShares should become. The problem may well be in his ability to communicate that vision effectively to the masses, but that's a marketing function, not that of a technical guru.

The problem in a nutshell isn't that BM has lost his passion for BitShares, it's that "BitShares" has lost its dedication to the mission. So as Stan says BM is simply looking for another way to fund his passion, and my hats off to him for the way in which he is doing that.


General Discussion / Re: Unclear future, missed opportunities
« on: April 26, 2016, 03:38:09 pm »

While I agree with you, that phrase has been making the rounds on this forum for the last year and a half.

As a positive though, the filled orders per day has been steadily climbing over recent weeks.  Transfers have also been increasing, but not at the same pace.

@kenCode What say you Ken? Aren't you about to launch a new version of the POS that uses Smartcoins? Isn't this something to celebrate in regards to adoption of Smartcoins vs. UIAs?

You can see the horizon ahead when you got your sites set on the ground in front of you.

General Discussion / Re: Unclear future, missed opportunities
« on: April 26, 2016, 03:29:42 pm »
It saddens me to see that after half a year since the 2.0 launch there is still no possibility for privacy.

It saddens me that there are so little options and in so little currencies to get in and out of bitshares.

It saddens me that, at some point, it became acceptable to use centralized UIAs instead of Smartcoins, re-introducing the counterparty risk that was so hailed against before.

It saddens me that simple UI bugs such as the equivalent in FIAT being outrageously wrong in many cases (and what's up with the N/As?), or hovering the mouse near the ok at the lower right corner shows a "blockchain is synced" (something to that extent) message even though right next to it there's a giant red warning saying the blockchain isn't synced. .. or the horrible loop of "Application initialization issues" .. with zero visual feedback and zero error messages to help troubleshoot (was it a connect timeout? was it a socket read/write timeout? did dns resolution fail?)

..that good suggestions (,21908.0.html) for UI improvement go unanswered.

..that simple bugs (,21053.msg272866.html#msg272866) go unresolved, and end up yielding what is essentially a 100% linux-based network ..

.. that access to the forum is made unecessarily difficult for privacy-conscious users ..,21695.msg290904.html

.. that, while in the subject of privacy, zero effort has been put forth to implement proxying support in the light client .. coupled with the absolute lack of financial privacy in the platform, and considering that at this stage most bitshares users are necessarily crypto enthusiasts, I'd bet this is keeping thousands of users at bay ..

Bitshares could be THE platform for FOREX trading, yet Smartcoins mostly go unused.
.. and the absolute lack of privacy will keep most traders at bay.

Bitshares could be THE platform for DIY banking, yet Smartcoins mostly go unused.
.. and the absolute lack of privacy will keep most users at bay.

All these ideas and suggestions being thrown around here... and all this time, I ask myself... does it really have to be any more complicated than allowing traders, savers and investors to manage their own finances without the need for a third party, and do so privately ?

The banks have failed us. Bitshares could've been the answer. Unfortunately, it appears to drift further and further away from that every month ..

Increasingly I find the prospect of a future powered by Bitshares, Smartcoin-backed debit cards, FOREX trading on the DEX, and Smartcoin-backed online payments, remote..

And that's a damn shame.

It is always the darkest hour before the break of dawn.

B seems like the way to go.. but C is great for crypto adoption too.

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares price discussion
« on: April 25, 2016, 09:39:24 pm »
if any of you watched poloniex balance? Last week there was 68M BTS is today 12M ?!


Anybody want to speculate on what this looks like?

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares price discussion
« on: April 25, 2016, 05:12:02 pm »

All that's needed is:
Rock-solid leadership, - Are we looking to hire a CEO now?
Innovative Development, - Paid for by whom/what?
Excellent traders, - Incentivized by whom/what?
Talented entrepreneurs building on the Platform - How do they know they can?

I agree for the most part all we needs is what every other successful project needs. :)

However, the 'how' of it all is sort of what has lead us to this point. As the bitshares blockchain is now deadlocked with no dilution spending that can be reliably allocated to any of said talent, what pays for it all?

The system was setup by BM originally with the expectation that they could continue development while giving BTS holder the power to decide and bring in new development talent. The experiment turned bad and we have a large portion of the current active voters holding BTS hostage and making your wish list effectively impossible through the current method of funding that bitshares has available to it.

Sooooooo what next?

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares price discussion
« on: April 25, 2016, 02:36:45 pm »
Unfortunately. After two years of believing in BTS. I am now struggling to justify why i should keep my holdings. Im worried this aint nowhere near the bottom. Is there any further development or is STEEM the new kid in town?

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It will be tough until the merger is over.

I think BTS needs some new vision/leadership and development proposals. I haven't been following them lately but KenCode seems to be someone who can get things done and for good value.
I imagine the Chinese will have to change their tune on no dilution, part of their reasoning was that development would continue because otherwise developers would lose money on their BTS stake but they've (developers) clearly sold/selling a reasonable amount and focusing elsewhere.

Regards Steem,  it's significantly over-valued imo and possibly uninvestable by design, I'm hesitant to elaborate too much at the risk of improving their model. I think the creators will still be able to get a few hundred thousand out of it over the next year though. There could also be other elements/'secret sauce' I'm unaware of.

Someone should send them the memo on this.. they still haven't changed anything.

If they don't change their tune like you say though.. I think we are going to see not just devs looking elsewhere but those of us building on bitshares looking also. Any business looking to use bitshares has to want it 'as is', and not expect any improvements.

I agree on the leadership front... though there is an internal conflict on this front as well as far as the community goes. Do you recall just a few months ago just how much hate was directed at CNX and this push for 'decentralization' of the development? It was this attitude of anybody but CNX  for a little while.. which they responded too and stayed out of putting anymore proposals.

So why is this downtrend happening now? What has changed that really impacts Bitshares future prospects? Or is this just the ongoing dumping cycle that if you look back seems to happen this time of month.. perhaps due to the merger holders?

Technical Support / Re: I am from Sweden I am new to Bitshares
« on: April 24, 2016, 10:14:48 pm »

Page consist mostly of "Lorem ipsum".

That's because it never made it out of testing to production and is now shutting down:,22299.0.html

DataSecurityNode witness updated with the latest version and upgraded to new dedicated server.

Vote! :D

General Discussion / MineBitshares/Bunkermining - Shutting Down
« on: April 24, 2016, 01:06:53 am »
TL;DR: In 72hrs the mining pool will be shutdown. Please direct your hashing power elsewhere.

Hello Bitshares Miners,

Many of you who are mining today were mining last year when this project was handed over to us by @nethyb who originally started it.

It was over a year ago we took it over and since then we attempted to get updates done and carry through the plan that was set out back then.

We hired developers back in August who were supposed to deliver the updated pool in September only to this day still not have executed fully on what they were paid to do. No need to go into what happened again as seen in the Emergency Measures thread. We also saw how things turned out with Sharebit with the same devs. They have since moved on to other things and no longer associate with this communicate any longer.

Regardless of this over the course that time period we did manage to produce several thousand dollars in liquidity ongoing for BTS as well as the bitUSD market month to month. Unfortunately I don't think the transactions that were generated amounted to as much as was put in through the delegate pay from last year. Most of what was brought in though last year delegate pay went towards repaying everyone that supported the registration of the delegates, which were all paid in full.

Other factors that impacted the mining pool was the closing of cryptsy took out some of our more profitable coins. Following that we never were able to find the right coins out of bittrex or polonix to compete on profitability over other pools. Overall also it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find POW coins as more and more are moving to POS.

When I first took over the pool I really had to be creative to come up with a profit path for the pool and was willing to take losses to see it through. With the way things turned out between how development went to the changing factors in the market over the last year, it is increasingly difficult to see how operating this pool will become profitable or even break even for me or anybody else.

At this point I would recommend current miners to point your hashing power to Nicehash if you would like to see increased profits from your mining. You will get BTC, and can just as easily use blocktrades or metatrades to send that BTC to your BTS account.

Thanks to all those miners who helped us test over the past few months with what we had that never managed to make it to production.

Everything ok with the payouts?  According to the website, a few payouts are not showing up in the wallet even though they are indicated on the website.

These seem to be skipped:
BTS    brekyrse1f3    1174.62592118    4/6/2016 9:21:35 PM
BTS    brekyrse1f3    312.92976694    4/6/2016 6:47:31 AM
BTS    brekyrse1f3    289.77028151    2/24/2016 10:37:29 AM
BTS    brekyrse1f3    177.43976024    1/10/2016 11:09:19 PM
BTS    brekyrse1f3    77.08215620    1/6/2016 4:21:26 PM
BTS    brekyrse1f3    118.85506832    1/6/2016 6:16:54 AM
BTS    brekyrse1f3    74.32134320    1/4/2016 12:36:19 AM

I need to check the following when I get home, not sure if the "recent history" includes these or not since they are old.  They also do not show up on CryptoFresh.
BTS    brekyrse1f3    137.41309900    12/23/2015 10:57:38 AM
BTS    brekyrse1f3    1064.18212841    12/22/2015 1:04:47 AM
BTS    brekyrse1f3    233.54878255    12/20/2015 6:36:02 PM
BTS    brekyrse1f3    488.44238237    12/19/2015 1:19:23 AM
BTS    brekyrse1f3    765.26706888    12/17/2015 12:41:03 PM
BTS    brekyrse1f3    766.43377861    12/16/2015 10:31:40 AM
BTS    brekyrse1f3    403.46890751    12/15/2015 12:40:40 AM

This issue has been brought to the attention of the devs.

Any insight into this?

None yet.. I got acknowledgement from the devs about receiving the issue, but they said they were busy with other things right now. I will press on them again about this.

General Discussion / Re: STEEM price discussion
« on: April 21, 2016, 12:15:43 pm »
I thought the point of Steem was to attract users to trade a hot new token on OpenLedger, and they just use Bittrex instead?  >:(

What do you mean "they" just use Bittrex instead?  Do you understand that any exchange can list any token at any time, as long as the blockchain is launched?  All an exchange has to do is have a wallet, enable deposit and withdraw in their UI, and issue an IOU token on their platform.  There's nothing the devs of a token can do about it.  Having said that, it's hard to understand how OpenLedger was beaten to the punch by Bittrex.

Data Security Node, [04.04.16 18:50]
Steem will soon be available on BitShares in this market.

This exchange pair is brought to you by Open Ledger  (aka. CCEDK). 

If you want to trade for FIAT you can also trade this pair:

You can place bids in these markets while we wait for Open Ledger to enable STEEM deposits / withdraws.

Data Security Node, [04.04.16 19:07]
any takers?,22139.0.html

Data Security Node, [04.04.16 19:23]
@ronnyb can't you get your video guy on this?

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:24]
already posted this to him

Data Security Node, [04.04.16 19:24]
getting in on the ground floor of a new currency like this is HUGE

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:24]
and I may have one or two more videos in my pacj┬┤kage deal, this one is definitely worth working on

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:25]
but could be nice to have someone put together the information needed in it

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:25]
it could help him get done sooner

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:26]
it seems april will be a big month

Data Security Node, [04.04.16 19:26]
if he needs help can you hire someone else to help him?

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:26]
STEEM, LISK, Synereo, DGD(Digix) as open assets

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:27]

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:27]
I dont need to hire anyone else, he will fin out

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:27]
I am only saying if someone feels they have the golden thread of making sure all ins there

Data Security Node, [04.04.16 19:30]
sorry.. but when something is important to my business.. I hire and pay someone to get the job done.. all those other coins already has their ICOs.. all the volume passed.. this is volume IN FRONT OF US.. I am urging you to PLEASE treat this with some urgency and make sure this gets all the attention it deserves.. ultimately though it's your business

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:31]
why U think I dont want this

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:32]
I have already been asked for creasting media attention for this, and why should I hire someone if I have a contract for similar already

Data Security Node, [04.04.16 19:32]
because you are in here pandering for free help instead of putting hard resources behind it

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:32]
u think I am asking for free help, so far I have not received anything for free in here

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:33]
except stupid comments

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:33]
anything lese is paid for whenever a job is done

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:33]
I even paid 100k bts in order foryou to go online in daily decryupt

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:33]
how much did you pay

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:34]
what i am saying is, I ask but that is not the same like I ont pay

Data Security Node, [04.04.16 19:36]
Like I said.. its your business.. there is no room for delays on this... its your call

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:37]
everything has its prize, some o it for free, some dont even o it for money, some do it simply to support an idea, and those people needs rewarded, because thjose people are eventyually what makes this kind of project worthwhile. So I pay for whatever I have had done, and I am paying for this one also. I didnt really need you to tell me, but I guess you felt it was soemthing I did not know about, Well i did

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:37]
no delays indeed, its not the same as most important in this world

J St, [04.04.16 19:37]
Ronny try not to be defensive this could increase openledger buyback by 10x in one month

J St, [04.04.16 19:37]
I mean in the first month

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:38]
yes, and I will do all I can, as I have already posted, but sorry, the guy is sleeping

J St, [04.04.16 19:38]
STEEM with the right captain may be as big as bitshares

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:38]
I am going to deal with it, its just that its strange that anyone here thinks I will not act on it

J St, [04.04.16 19:39]
Poloniex became the biggest exchange because of ethereum, if this guy lists points of what he is going to do this could be huge

J St, [04.04.16 19:39]
I understand your position but Data Security Node is just trying to help

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:39]
why should I not, the guy is adding Steem to Open assest

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:39]

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:39]
so ofcourse it has top piority

J St, [04.04.16 19:40]
Ok perfect

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:40]
it is one of those things that I am constantly working for

J St, [04.04.16 19:40]
In this scenario time is of the essence

J St, [04.04.16 19:40]
Sorry to reiterate

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:40]
in any scernario

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:41]
np, I may have come out to hard o you data

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:41]
but its just becasue I care for all i do

J St, [04.04.16 19:42]
It takes a great man to admit when he is wrong

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:42]
and sometimes I feel nobody udnerstands how much

Ronny Boesing, [04.04.16 19:42]

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares price discussion
« on: April 20, 2016, 10:34:15 pm »
Anyone can confirm this about Erik V?

I confirm ... that Erik's last name is Voorhees.

The SEC also has confirmed that his last name is Voorhees

As long as where ever it is placed has room for others as well then I say go for it!  +5%

There is already a place for all parties.  What we're talking about here is making the default Bitshares wallet prominently visible on the forum site.  It should be one of the first things people see when they visit, otherwise we're shooting ourselves in the foot.

the default wallet should not be openledger but the wallet. i want to know how many people are converting from the promoting of openledger and not just because they are the default on (they are right now) and then as well. how do we measure how successful they are, if they get all the community exposure for free as well.  they are doing a good job, but they are promoting their own business and their own UIAs and not the bitAssets.

i assume in the future openledger are equal to bitshares in the perception of the people but legally they are not.


First thing is first though... if this is going to continue as a community forum, it needs to get back in the control of people who are part of this community.

As long as where ever it is placed has room for others as well then I say go for it!  +5%

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