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General Discussion / Re: Are you rooting for Bitcoin or against it?
« on: January 27, 2015, 06:22:15 pm »
You don't burn the ship you are on until you have the other seaworthy.

Keep bitcoin alive until bitshares can transition.

I'd rather see those who were tricked made whole and the userID burned (I really wish there was some way to re-map the userID's) than learning the thief's real world ID.
Restitution and avoiding future occurrences are of higher importance, IMO.


All other solutions other than this ultimately do nothing for the victims.. which is why financial crimes are so attractive.. no matter what the outcome it never seems to be about giving the money back unfortunately.

Very sad to see that not even one delegate would like to respond. I hope they are as active as when they are asking for votes...

I saw two respond in the thread and suggested there needed to be improvements for the burn to ensure proper identification. You might have missed them, but they are there. :)

Besides this, during the last Beyond Bitcoin meeting Friday this was discussed with BM. It was suggested a possible framework for reporting could be created to standardize it. Makes sense.

However, every project is different in the frequency of their updates. Do you really want daily updates that basically say.. debuged this, 50 lines of code today, did this, did that each day? For some progress might be measured in strategic meetings and events that span months. So while the framework would make total sense so that we can index and keep track of it all, the frequency would really depend on what it requires. I think it is fair to have the delegate from the start declare their planned update frequency. If this is found deficient then it can be brought up. If still not satisfactory then they start to lose votes obviously.

Just a few things to consider... transparency is a no brainer.. efficiently executing on how that is delivered without overburdening will take some finesse.

General Discussion / Re: New Decentralized Forum
« on: January 27, 2015, 03:46:09 pm »
How do you make sure that old forum content doesn't fall off the edge and disappear?

Anchor it? I think it is based on the premise of the cream rises to the top. If someone wanted to dig they could.. not unlike this forum.

General Discussion / Re: New Decentralized Forum
« on: January 27, 2015, 03:39:46 pm »
How do you make sure that old forum content doesn't fall off the edge and disappear?

This blog post explains in more detail:

As long as people are subscribed to content, their nodes will keep it and propagate it.  If everyone who has the old content shuts down their nodes or deletes it, the content will disappear.  So the system combines content curation with content storage and distribution.

Looks like an old project made new again thanks to the development of BitShares...  +5%

Hope to see this mature.

General Discussion / Re: Blog Post Suggestions for BM & Co
« on: January 27, 2015, 03:35:27 pm »
I liked your post, however I'm a little disappointed that you did not suggest other possible solutions to the problems that basic income is designed to fix, specifically as CLains implied,

Yup, that's a cool topic. Especially with the second machine revolution and the rise of bullshit jobs.

With technology replacing more and more jobs, only the owners of this technology will be reaping most of the profits, and only the highly intelligent will be able to find work. As a human race, we have achieved the creation of virtually laborless wealth-machines. As a human race, don't you think we ought to share this freedom and liberation together?

Define "share".

as I understand it, he means that a minority of people right now has freedom=free-time=money(?)....

The bar for education and the meaning of life has to take a paradigm shift from where it is now as the understanding of 'make a living' changes to 'make a life'. Think of something like Star Trek Next Generation where exploration, learning, and advancement were in an of themselves what was valued over monetary wealth.. at least for most. I said LIKE btw.. just trying to illustrate a potentially different outlook for society in the future.

Redistribution of the ones with many to the ones with little will only ultimately serve to further enhance the underlying issues that existed to create that reality. Six months to a few years later the money would end up right back where it began.

Just my 2.9 cents.  :)

I have turned all our clevermining machines to this now.

I am very excited with what you are doing and hope you continue to grow.

Keep up the great work!  +5%

General Discussion / Re: * GENERAL WARNING *
« on: January 06, 2015, 08:22:23 pm »
Had to be said I suppose. Some nutty bunnies out there.  +5%

Hope you enjoy it.. I just posted a link of it to our facebook page also:

We tagged bitshares and bitcoin to the post.


Ok.. conspiracy is over.. they finally posted the link to the show!

You can listen to it live there or download it.

With some of the things I have planned at the bunker I expect to get a lot more media attention in the coming year. We are starting to formulate plans around what we call 'BitBunker' that will bring more attention to BitShares. Any suggestions are welcome on how we can better utilize our media presence on this project to promote BitShares.


Sorry I haven't posted a link yet.. for some strange reason the rest of their show segments got posted on their site, but mine was left out!

I contacted the host of the show asking why and he will check into it tomorrow with his producer. Conspiracy?  :-X

Hopefully will have a link for you all tomorrow.


PS: I did do a video later today for new years. I mentioned accepting bitcoins this year, but also about supporting other crypto.. without getting into it, I did have bitshares in mind.... You can see the video from our latest facebook page posting:

I listened to the interview. You came off as knowledgeable and sure of yourself. Well done.


Hope they get it right and give you credit.. I just heard your song.. you are crazy talented. Wish you could have recorded that at our sound studio. ;)

Keep up the awesome work though.

I do find it a bit odd that whoever made this used my song and edited it without every asking, compensating, consulting, or crediting....(I do see that you credited me in the bitshares post but not on the actual video which would be more logical no?) Do I not have some property rights within this community based upon valuing one's individual property?  The song is copyrighted and registered with BMI. I suggest that you at least add a credit saying where the song came from because you don't have the legal right to do what you did.  Aside from legality...t's really frustrating as an artist do not even be credited for your work.

That being said, I do like what they did with it and I obviously support the cause...just a little bothered at how they went about doing it...especially when we've yet to break even on the song...I hope this drives attention for Bitshares though


P.S. here is the link to the original song so you know what I'm talking about


I just got off the show.. I thought it went pretty good.. I think I mentioned Bitshares like three times.. anyways there will be a podcast of the show posted from their website at some point today. I will post the link when I get it.

General Discussion / I Am Going On the Radio and Will Mention BitShares
« on: January 05, 2015, 05:20:42 pm »
I was invited to comment on a new copyright law going into effect against ISPs in Canada this year.

I have commented already on how blockchain tech could solve the issues surrounding this.

I am going to be on the radio at about 1pm EST if anybody is interested in catching the show.

You can listen to it live on the Internet.

Another media plug for bitshares.. so thought everyone might be interested.


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