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Technical Support / Is there any way to actually get support?
« on: June 10, 2017, 02:06:28 pm »
Getting tired of posting here and being ignored and looking at other people posting the same problem and also getting ignored?

Possible to get an email for an actual dev who can help?

What does this mean? I am trying to import a 0.9.3c wallet into the current lite build. Any help or suggestions, besides look at the wiki which I have done a million times?

This is when I try to import a wallet backup I made in the old client (non-gui) run as administrator and after downloading and rescanning the blockchain. I am completely out of ideas. How can I get my money out of this crappy program? Bounty offered.

The tech support thread is full of people trying to do this, there are no up to date guides and it seems a large number of people cannot get their legacy wallets to import into the current build.

Some support please, this is getting ridiculous.

Trying to import 0.9 wallet to current build, I've found a .json which I am importing from, it detects my unclaimed balances but when I click Import keys i get the error "Key Input error: Cannot read property "key" of null"

Any idea? I've spent months trying to get this done, and this is as close as I've gotten, would really appreciate some pointers at this stage.

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