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When is going to be updated to show 2.0?


Also, how can we view the current supply?

I used to use Bitsharesblocks for everything but it is still tracking 0.9 and hasnt been updated to 2.0

"Poloniex is in contact with the Bitshares BTS developers and will have the 2.0 integration ready in the time for the launch. All funds will be migrated."
Posted by MobyDick at 2015-10-07 00:03:44

CCEDK:  ??  I dont see an official announcement on their page, but they are a partner and are using BTS 2.0 for orderbooks.  Can anyone find a statement?

btc38: ??  Can anyone find a statement?

bter: ??
lol, they will probably just not upgrade or something.

yunbi: ??

cryptsy: ??

bittrex: ??

Post announcements for exchanges as you see them, and I will update this.  Currently I've only seen one from Poloniex, but thats the only one I've looked for very much since I dont have any BTS anywhere else.

General Discussion / What is Factom?
« on: October 05, 2015, 09:48:14 pm »
This got added to polo and people are talking about it.  Apparently it had a huge IPO. 
Anyone know about it?

Before the oct 13 date, do I need to remove all my orders from the internal decentralized exchange?  Like buy and sell orders for Brownies, Notes, etc?

What about bitassets?


This thread is for guessing at what price level BTS will surpass ETH.

I guess 40M.

Meta / Is there a way to ignore users on this forum?
« on: September 22, 2015, 05:35:26 pm »
I'd like to ignore blazin8888 because he does nothing but troll about the price.  First bull trolling saying he would buy hundreds of btc and now bear trolling.

OpenLedger / CCEDK, you should copy Poloniex's interface and features!
« on: September 17, 2015, 07:55:35 pm »
I love CCEDK of course, as one of our partners, but I also love Poloniex.  Their interface is very nice, and the margin and lending features and bringing in the traders and volume.  More liquidity is important to anyone trying to trade or buy at decent prices without slippage.

I'd love to see CCEDK making their interface work more like that at Polo.  Currently Polo has the best interface of any altcoin exchange by far, and imo it should be emulated.

Here are a summary of the features I think should be emulated:

* In the trading screen, the sell orderbook is on the left (under the BUY section), and the buy orderbook is on the right (under the SELL section).  This is much superior to how it is on CCEDK.  On CCEDK, to look at how my order will match up against the orderbook, I have to compare diagonally across the section. 

* At CCEDK, if I click on an order that is down further in the order book, it inputs that specific quantity and price into my order.  However, what it should do is input that price and the quantity that is the sum of all the coins available up to that price.  This way I can make a couple clicks and buy all of the orders up to a certain point.  The way it works on CCEDK, it only works well if you buy every single order manually, which is annoying.  Its especially annoying when someone spams every price level with some small 100 share order or something.  Most of the other exchange operate the way I described.

* There is no Trollbox at CCEDK!  The polo trollbox is awesome and very lively, it keeps people interested in the site.

* I like the way the charts look at polo.

* I like the Night mode option, which makes the screen have a dark background, its much cooler.

* And of course, the margin features bring in the trading volume.

I would love to see CCEDK become even more successful than polo!  Of course, using Bitshares as the backend is a huge step forward.  I hope that these front end interface improvements can be made as well, since they will help attract more users. :)


General Discussion / A huge thank you to everyone in the Bitshares community
« on: September 15, 2015, 08:58:33 pm »
Before we get a flood of new users with 2.0 and transition to future success, I just want to give a huge thank you to every single person in this community who has stuck it out through the hard times.  I don’t have my own brownie asset to get you sharedrops, but if I did I would give them to all of you…

To Bytemaster, the genius who conceived of this great work, Bitshares, his Magnum Opus which will transform the world!

To every developer who worked so hard on this project, and contributed to Bitshares 2.0, the amazing Graphene codebase, and all our earlier experiments:  Toast, Vikram, Valzav, Nathan, jcalfee, svk, theoretical, as well as others who have worked on bitshares code part time, like Chronos, KenCode, jsidhu, and many more.  And of course Bytemaster again.  Without your hard work, Bitshares would still be a glimmer in our minds. 

To every technical guru who has ran witnesses and supported the Bitshares network, and supported its users with technical help over the years:  Xeroc, Riverhead, Liondani, testz, Xeldal, clayop, and many many more (I know there are so many more!)   Xeroc, your 8700+ posts of tireless tech help to so many of us technical noobs just blows my mind!   I don’t even know all of you, but the Bitshares network could not exist without you.    Also, a huge thank you to those above and everyone who helped with the Bitshares 2.0 testnet!  I wish I had the skills you guys have!
To all our business partners, who are either using the Bitshares blockchain for your companies, or supporting the community by using Graphene, you are the lifeblood that will fuel Bitshares in the coming months and years, you are the beginning of the wave of profitable companies to be built upon the Bitshares platform.  May we all become profitable together and share in the wealth: MarkLyford (Banx), John Underwood (Identabit), Adam Earnest (Follow my vote), Cedric Cobban (Muse), Hack Fisher (Play), DataSecurityNode (Bunkermining), Ronny (CCEDK), Shentist & Monsterer (Metaexchange), Rune & Toast (Maker coin), and more! 
To all our marketers, official or unofficial, for all our attempts to ignite the spark of interest in Bitshares:

To Max, for his amazing Bitshares videos and Bitshares 101 book, and even more importantly, for coming up with the referral system which will propel Bitshares to new heights in the coming years!

To Murderistic for his work on business contacts which are yielding us partnerships. 

To MethodX, Rgcrypto, CryptoPrometheus, Matt608, elmato, and so many others, leading community efforts to get the word out about bitshares, creating community newsletters, etc.

To Cass, for his work on the website, graphic design, newsletters, and so much more.

To Stan, for preparing all these Bitshares announcements, and for battling the trolls on the bitcointalk threads.  And for helping manage the great team that you and Dan created.

To KenCode for his translation work, turning Bitshares videos and press into many languages, and the creation of Bitshares Munich. 

To 38PTSWarrior, for being out on the streets promoting Bitshares all the time.  May the BTS price eventually rise so much that you will live the good life!

To the Chinese marketing team, I don’t really know who you are, but your work is appreciated!  You were much more successful than the western teams early on.

To roadscape for your upcoming video of the Bitshares road trip, I cant wait!

To DataSecurityNode again for minebitshares, our sneaky marketing effort that creates sell pressure on PoW coins and buys BTS.

To everyone working on webwallets and other support tools for Bitshares: The moonstone team, the limewallet team, digitalgaia, svk for bitsharesblocks, jsidhu for cart plugins, and more!  May your efforts pay off soon with the coming referral system in 2.0!

To everyone working on community building efforts.  You have helped make everything possible by bringing us together:

To Fuzzy for his work on the Beyondbitcoin podcast!  We all look forward to coming together for an hour each week to talk about the project. 

To Bitsapphire for the Bitsharestalk forums, I don’t know how I could survive without them.  To Fav for his work as forum moderator. 

To alt, and btswildpig ripplexiaoshan, and the others who support the Chinese community!

To so many excellent forum contributors who have provided insights throughout the months:

To Arhag, your post on technical cryptography subjects are so far above my head, but so helpful to keep us on the right course.  Your ideas always amaze me.

To Starspirit, for insightful ideas about market pegged assets, the economics of our system, and more. 

To TuckFheman, for making the forum so much fun.    And the many others who participate in our random discussions as well, like CLains with his motivation Mondays, BuckFankers, ErlichBachman, etc.

To Empirical and jsidhu, and many many others, for intelligent trading thoughts.  Jsidhu, our .45 CNY is coming!   And to whoever out there came up with 500 knives, may it come true in the future as well. ;)

To OldMan for your always optimistic long term price targets and your hodling!  I shall hodl many Bitshares with you, for many years!

To KenCode and Permie for joining the community and becoming regulars in a time (~Feb-May or so) when things looked darkest, and many of us had given up or were struggling to hold on.

To Tonyk for coming back right at the bottom!  Wow, your timing was amazing.

To donkeypong for always being positive and believing in Bitshares in dark times. 

To Rune for your desire to take over bitcoin, that was fun, even if it scared me.  I know you left us for Ethereum, but I’m glad you're sort of back here with Makercoin!

To R0ach, you just appeared in our community, but your posts about the state of crypto are so insightful and well written!  Where have you been all this time! 

To countless forum regulars that I haven't mentioned yet:  Luckybit, mf-tzo, delulo, gamey, alt, onceuponatime, emski, puppies, Akado, speedy, eageleye, Thom, nomoreheroes, lil_jay, hpenvy, and dozens more.  I wish I could write pages about the contributions of every one of you!

Even newmine, thank you newmine, every community needs the person they love to hate. ;)

I know that I have managed to leave off dozens of people from this list that I am going to be ashamed to have left off!  I am sorry, our community is so large, it is impossible to give the credit to everyone that they deserve!

The coming months will be our time, and we will all be proud to say that we were here, that we were the early adopters, the builders of this great project!  We were here in 2013-2015, before the world heard of Bitshares!!

Technical Support / Trying to get blockchain to sync
« on: September 04, 2015, 05:23:13 pm »
Alright, I am trying to get my client to work again in preparation of BTS 2.0.

The problem I have been having is that after the last time it crashed, when I open the client it is about 200 days behind, and then it says its syncing, but it doesnt make progress, or it might update progress after a coupel hours and say 160 days behind or something, but then never change again. 

And wont even open at all, the client just sits on the opening screen for hours and doesnt ever open.

What do I have to do to fix this?


So the recent discussion about Identabit wanting to sharedrop at an unknown time in order to encourage holders and avoid the spike up and spike down in BTS price which could disrupt internal markets has got me thinking about how best to do this.

The main concern, I think, is that if there is some insider or group of insiders who know what the date is, then there is a profit potential for them at the expense of everyone else.  They can wait for the time to pass, then do a big dump.  The traders could see this big dump (or actually ANY big dump) as a sign that insiders knew the time was passed, and then they could dump as well, making things worse, and cause a potential black swan.

To avoid this, we need the impact of the sharedrop to be spread evenly over a range of time.

The solution I have come up with is this:
It is announced that the share drop will occur at some random time between block number A and block number B.  (Where these are spread far apart, like a month or two).
After block B is reached, some mathematical property of the next N blocks is used in order to calculate a random number.  This number is used to choose which block was the cutoff point for the sharedrop.
(For example, multiply the hashes of these blocks together, take a mod and divide by a number to get a range from 0 to 1, multiply this by the number of blocks for the sharedrop period range, to get the specific block number for the cutoff).

Because no one could predict what those numbers would be in the blocks that are used, and because these blocks are made by a variety of delegates (maybe N=101?), no one can know in advance what time the share drop will occur.

Imagine that the market perceives the value of BTS to be X, and the value of the sharedrop to be Y.
At block A, the market will price BTS at a value of X+Y.  A quarter of the way along, the market will expect only a 75% chance of gettnig the sharedrop, and therfore prices it at X + 0.75*Y.  Halfway along its X + 0.5*Y, and when block B comes around, there is no longer any chance of the sharedrop, and the market now prices BTS at value X.

This way, the value of the sharedrop leaves BTS evenly over the course of a period of time, avoiding shocks to the market, and avoiding the possibility of insider trading.

This also encourages people to hold BTS in their own wallet throughout the duration of the sharedrop, helping to remove sell pressure.

I hope that makes sense! :)

General Discussion / Time for the big rally to begin now
« on: August 12, 2015, 02:51:54 am »
Pullback lasted way longer than I expected.  Oh well, that will just make this rally more severe.
All our news is coming now.  Any selling to buy ethereum has probably now been done.  A bit of the money from Ethereum sales is free to come over to BTS.

Patterns repeat.

General Discussion / Ethereum price discussion
« on: August 07, 2015, 05:49:37 pm »
Looking forward to seeing what happens as soon as people can get their ETH on exchanges and dump.  Pricing it at 10x the IPO price in this era of depressed crypto prices is insanity. 

I'll buy later if it falls below IPO and stabilizes.

If you havent yet, withdraw all coins from bter.  BTS withdrawal is currently enabled, so you should do this ASAP! 

At some point in the future if it is revealed that bter was running a fractional reserve in BTS and many other coins, and they don't have enough to let everyone withdraw, I will bump this thread and say I told you so.  Withdraw any coins you have there, not just BTS.

I hope none of our core community members get hurt by that!

General Discussion / Bter has re-enabled BTS withdrawals.
« on: July 23, 2015, 02:47:01 am »
Please pull out your coins before they disable again. :P

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