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General Discussion / Correction is over, wave 3 up to begin soon.
« on: July 22, 2015, 12:14:52 am »
That pullback from .053 to .028 was pretty brutal, retraced most of the initial rise we had.
This sort of thing is pretty normal for the beginning of bull market moves, people are still very unsure and quick to take a small profit.

But it doesn't matter.  We shook off a ton of people who interpreted the formation of Cryptonomex to mean 'dev team is stealing everything'.  And good riddance to them!  They will now miss the rise.

It begins soon.  When we break .053 CNY it will be massive. 
Imo .028 was the end of the correction and we start going up hard very soon.

Its possible that there is one more push down first and my timing is wrong.  This becomes less likely the longer we can go sideways above .03 CNY.

Muse/SoundDAC / Questions about Notes
« on: July 17, 2015, 04:31:48 pm »
I am interested in this project and have some questions about Notes that should be relevant to investors:

* What is the function of Notes in the music blockchain?  How does it relate to BTS in Bitshares.

* How will investors profit from Notes, if the project succeeds?

* Is there inflation in the Note supply?  If so how much / what is the cap?   Does it work like in BTS, with paid workers?   Can the Notes supply be deflationary if the DAC becomes profitable?

* Will there be a referral program for music blockchain?  If so, how does it compare to the BTS 2.0 referral program?  What incentives will there be to grow the network, and bring in new users or new artists?

* Will the music blockchain have its own version of bitUSD/other SmartCoins?  Will they use BTS smartcoins? 

Thanks!  Hopefully the answers to at least some of these arent secret sauce. :) 

General Discussion / Bter is having problems with a bunch of coins
« on: July 14, 2015, 06:37:09 pm »
If you havent already, please try to withdraw all coins from bter, and dont deposit anything there.

BTS withdrawals are disabled.  If they ever start working again take out everything.
Doge deposits are not being credited!

Qora deposits are not being credited, and I've seen complaints about several other small coins as well.

Its possible they are running a fractional reserve in a number of coins.

Their daily trade volumes just keep getting worse.

Muse/SoundDAC / CMC doesnt show supply of NOTEs
« on: July 10, 2015, 04:34:51 pm » doesn't know what the 'available supply' of NOTEs is, so it lists marketcap as 0, which prevents them from getting any visibility.

We should get them to list supply as 1,274,224,570.

Unless of course this is intentional, to keep notes confined to the BTS community for the time being.

From this article:

"The biggest news of the day came from last year’s host. ABN Amro revealed that it’s in the experimental phase of developing its own Ripple clone: ABN Trade. In cooperation with Cegeka Nederland, the bank has forked the open-source Ripple protocol, stripped it from its internal XRP currency, and is considering deploying it along whole supply chains of trade networks. If implemented correctly, and adopted widely, this could further automate international trade, removing friction from the process."

Things like this is why I see the Cryptonomex / protection of Graphene IP as a net positive.  Cryptonomex, aka the Bitshares core dev team, has its reputation at stake to not hurt BTS holders, as well as financial incentive because they hold BTS. 

Some other entity which could potentially copy the Bitshares blockchain and strip out BTS, and then compete against it, would have no such stake in BTS' success, and would in fact be actively trying to hurt it.

Bitshares has always been dependent on the core dev team.  Maybe Cryptonomex being formed made people realize it more?  They are going to be of significant importance to Bitshares success in the future, at least until we have reached a point where Bitcoin is currently.

BTS has had a sharp rise followed by an ascending triangle consolidation pattern over the past five weeks.

Compare the chart in the example there to the BTS price over the last two months:
The recent highs have been at a horizontal line at .053 CNY, with higher lows occurring at.036 and then .040.

When .053 breaks we will rocket. 

General Discussion / Poll: Community perception of Cryptonomex
« on: June 24, 2015, 07:04:55 pm »
Ever since the 'big announcements' started, the Bitshares price has been underperforming, and its dragged on long enough at this point that its probably not merely a 'sell the news' event, but might indicate some underlying worry about the direction of Bitshares. 

It is critical to the success of a project such as Bitshares that the community feels like a united community, working together for the benefit of all, and not as disparate groups in competition with each other.  Given that, it seems that it would be a good idea to gauge community views on this issue and try to reach a better consensus.  Perhaps we need more explanation from the dev team about the workings and implications of cryptonomex on Bitshares.  Maybe we need to better educate the community? 

To start, lets figure out where we are right now by answering this poll.  Hopefully this can lead to a good discussion and solutions, and the community can move forward together. 

General Discussion / Nice inverse H&S formation on the chart.
« on: May 12, 2015, 06:18:56 am »
We will soon experience something called "Bitshares going up".  This will be a strange new magical experience for everyone that wasnt here back in August.

Price is currently right at the neckline but it already punched through, and then after someone put up another 1M BTS at .0231 to hold it, that got bought too.

It’s true that the past few months have sucked for BTS, at least if you are looking at the price.  But while the price is painful to see currently, BTS remains fully alive, with a working dev team and still has big potential and plans for the future (even if we all wish those things would’ve come sooner).

Not so for every other project!  Good tech like BTS survives while pump and dumps fail completely.

I remember when I first bought my very first BTS.  I bought a bit on bter, and all the people in the trollbox were hyping some coin called NXTTY.  "The wallet is so beautiful!" they said.  It was some messaging app asset based on NXT. 

At its peak, NXTTY was valued at over $3.5 Million, according to coinmarketcap.  At its peak price in satoshis it was over 1400 sats.

Over the past few days, millions of NXTTY were sold at a price of 6 satoshis.  The market cap is now $16k. 

That’s a decline of over 99.5%.  rekt!

I remember when some guy was hyping the upcoming release of the messaging app (which came out after the coin did).  I bought 1 BTC worth of NXTTY about a week before the app came out, at 700 satoshis.  I figured "sell the news is a thing.  It will probably happen; I should sell the hype right before it comes out".  I sold for a 20% gain at 850 sats, the day before it released.  I was annoyed for a few hours when it went higher to 995, and then, that was it.  6 months later a position that would’ve taken 5 figures of USD to accumulate at the peak is being dumped for less than 1 BTC. 

Bitshares is a survivor, even though we've taken our lumps.  The path down was long and hard fought, as we all kept buying and supporting the price.  We didn’t let it simply crash and die.  Most of us true believers remain, and are still buying; only the fair weather 'investors' left.

What was the largest %age drop in the bitcoin price ever, from peak to low?  About 94%, in 2011, from just over $30, to about $2.  I think it hit $1.94 at one point, and that was the low.

What is the %age drop in the bitshares price, from peak to low?  About 94%.  From just over .3 CNY to about .02.  We hit .0198 at one point.  Maybe we'll hit .0194. ;)

Bitshares won’t die; we'll just buy our cheap shares now.  We'll all have far more than we ever would have if Bitshares had maintained its 2-3 cent price from 6 months ago.

Of course, Bitcoin rallied to 133x that price 16 months later when the bear ended and adoption increased, slowly at first but with a ferocity at the end that no one could've imagined.

To those of us buying now, always remember:  If BTS goes up 50%, it’s still dirt cheap.  It was .03 CNY a couple week ago, and that price felt insane, remember?  If it goes up 150%, it’s still cheap.  The IPO price was around .8 cents on average, based on the value of BTC donations to angelshares.  Hasn’t so much happened since Dan started taking donations for Protoshares back then?  If it goes up 500%, it’s still cheap.  It would be worth 2 cents, and don't you all remember how 2 cents felt so cheap when we were buying there last year?  Do you get what I am saying?  BTS could go up a huge amount and it would still be cheap.

It’s sad that we couldn’t hold those levels.  It’s sad that the bitcoin bear market just wouldn’t end, and BTC crashed to 150.  It’s sad that there were market bugs that hurt adoption, and so on. 

But that all happened.  And the amount to which you will profit from the future of bitshares is now pretty much just related to the amount you buy NOW. 

You can get about 70000 BTS for a bitcoin.   What?  The hell?

Whatever amount you put into Bitshares before, when you were happy about the project, just try to put that same amount in again, if you can.  If you get 5 times as much BTS now as when you bought before, you drive your average cost much closer to the current price than your original.  If you bought X BTC worth at 5000 sats, and X BTC worth here at 1400, your average cost becomes around 2200.  Yeah, that’s not too much of a rally needed and then you are at breakeven again, and feeling fine about Bitshares again.  The magic of dollar cost averaging works in your favor if prices decline and then rebound!

Even if you don’t have enough to do that, just a little bit still helps a lot when you are looking at such large price differences. 

Do you think Bitshares is dying?  At this price its either dying, or you should really be buying hard.  How many people are working on Bitshares, including all the side projects?  A lot.  We have several dozen paid delegates, most of which are either devs or are people we can see developing Bitshares related projects.  More are working on stuff but don’t have delegates, or their delegates aren’t yet elected. 

How many other projects have this many people working on them?  Bitcoin, Ripple, maybe Ethereum?  Maybe NXT with all its assets, but I think we still have more.  Probably only Bitcoin and Ripple actually have more at the present time, which they should given the massive disparity in market cap.  How can BTS fall much further, when it has already fallen through coins that have far less developers and less going on in them?  We are in a serious bear bubble right now due to the market order matching bug providing a big incentive for whales to drive down the BTS price and then profit off of converting their bitUSD back into BTS, ruining the shorts while the market bug doesn’t let them cover correctly.  But this bear bubble will end when its underlying causes are fixed, and then what?  A quick snap back up towards the IPO price would be reasonable, even without any big announcements from the core dev team. 

People valued the idea of Protoshares at 25 million.  People value 18 months of development into Protoshares at 8 million.  Go figure.   Yeah there are bugs.   It’s still a lot more than it was 18 months ago.   When you aren’t dealing with large companies making a consistent profit, markets are more about emotion than accurately valuing things.   

Go buy some freaking Bitshares. 

Don’t dink around and waste time, just go buy some freaking Bitshares.

Don’t only go buy some bitUSD and think “I’m putting my money into the ecosystem”.  When BTS recovers you won’t gain anything.  Just go buy some freaking Bitshares.

Don’t go send your money to moonstone and think “Hey, hopefully in 5 years I’ll get 10% bonus extra BTS!  Maybe…if people actually elect delegates for such a purpose (guess what, only those who invested in it are going to like that dilution).  If Bitshares doesn’t change in such a way that delegates are paid in bitAssets instead and moonstone can’t manage to raise the BTS to pay you back in BTS.  And so on).  Nope, just go buy some freaking Bitshares!   

(An aside:  I love moonstone like the rest of us, but I am not at all sure that they will be able to pay it back, even if they want to and 100% fully intend to.  I can easily imagine a scenario where BTS takes off, dilution rules change, and moonstone is forced to say “Hey guys, um, there is no way for us to raise the tens of millions of BTS needed to pay everyone back under the new delegate rules and the higher prices.  So we are going to pay you 15% gain as promised but in bitUSD instead”.  Nice 15% gain you will be looking at when BTS goes up by a factor of 100.  I don’t doubt their intentions at all and I know they want to pay everyone back with a bonus, I just think it’s possible that reality will not allow them to do so.).

Just buy some freaking BTS!  (Then after you do that, take the BTS off the exchange you bought it on, into your personal wallet, so you don’t get Btered!  Or use metaexchange, or blocktrades, or shapeshift).

Just buy some freaking BTS, put it in your own freaking wallet, and don’t sell it early when it goes up only 50%.  If it goes up 500% I will still consider it relatively cheap!

The price is currently .0203 CNY.  Now, let’s have someone bump this thread in 2017, and see if you should’ve just bought some freaking Bitshares!

Stakeholder Proposals / Please vote for KenCode's delegate
« on: April 29, 2015, 08:53:05 pm »

Link to his proposal:

We need to support those who desire to work for Bitshares with passion and enthusiasm.  The cost of a paid delegate right now is very minimal, and the dilution provided by one delegate is negligible in comparison with the other selling and the merger dilution.  (And most of them don't sell anyway).  For such a small investment we gain so much, we gain someone with experience and valuable connections, who can help be another public face of Bitshares, bringing media attention and business partnerships into our community.

In the past several month we have had only a few new faces show up with the fire to work for Bitshares, and with the knowledge and experience needed to have an impact.  KenCode is one of those people, and we need to support him.

Many of us cannot work for Bitshares in much capacity, we do not have the time free to devote ourselves to this.  For those of us who cannot build Bitshares ourselves, we must find those who can and reward them for their efforts, and sustain them with our encouragement.  Our votes do this.  Even if the pay is so low that it is mostly symbolic at this point,  it is our show of support that is most important right now.

Ken has already brought us media attention in the form of cointelegraph articles and more, and is working on several projects to improve Bitshares, such as the DNS collaboraiton with other coins, translating videos, and more.  But in my view the biggest thing he brings is his business connections and experience.  If we gain even a single business partnership which helps Bitshares as a result, it is well worth the money. 

With a passionate and devoted community of people working to improve Bitshares we can achieve anything, and without it we are nothing.  Please vote to support those working hard for Bitshares!

Bought another 300k at 1600-1700 sat / .023 CNY.  Will buy more if it stays down long enough to get more money on exchanges.  Might as well all in now.
(But dont short bitUSD/bitCNY, it just fuels the bears desire to kill BTS so they can make money on your bitAsset shorts).

General Discussion / Can we implement Patreon in bitshares?
« on: April 27, 2015, 07:14:53 pm »
If you dont know about Patreon, it is a site that allows artists/devs/content creators to register, and then other people can pledge to be a patron for them, by sending them $X per month.  For example, if you really love someone's youtube videos, or their open source software, or whatever, you can pledge to send them $2 a month, or $10, or 50 cents, or whatever.

How Bitshares could do this:

* Content creators register a BTS account and post their BTS name.

* In Bitshares there is a command to become the patron of someone.  For example, you would execute a command "Every month, send 2 bitUSD to (account name)".  Instead of every month, it could be "every X blocks", where that would make it approximately a month.  Or whatever time frame you want.

* When the block number rolled aorund, Bitshares would automatically create a transaction for you, sending that much bitUSD to that person, if you had enough bitUSD.  (Alternately, you could set aside bitUSD for this purpose?)

* The blockchain could charge a small fee for the service.  For example, 99% could be sent to the person you are being the patron of, and 1% could be burned by the blockchain.  (Since we are talking about bitAssets, the blockchain could issue an automatic market order to conver bitUSD into BTS, then burn the BTS). 

1) Another use case for Bitshares.  People who would otherwise use Patreon would create BTS accounts, people who wanted to support them would create BTS accounts.  This could be a marketing tool, as anyone using Bitshares to get patronage would be telling people about Bitshares.
2) Greater demand for bitAssets.
3) BTS would be burned, helping the blockchain be profitable.  Alternately, it could be a no-fee service, or very low fee, so that it competes with Patreon in fees. 


General Discussion / Its been awhile...
« on: March 29, 2015, 05:36:34 am »
...since we were the only one green:

General Discussion / QORA
« on: March 25, 2015, 07:20:30 am »
I think there are many good reasons to think that the coin QORA might be in for a huge rise in the coming months.  (Not talking about making 100% here.  We are talking about making 10x or even more). 

Now, I know BTS is really low right now.  I still have all my BTS, and I am not advocating people sell BTS right now.  But we all probably have some fiat, and some BTC, and some other coins, and we can look for some ways to invest those in something that will rise.  Lets face it, diversification has benefits (imagine if you had diversified in various coins a few months back.  You couldve sold ripple and darkcoin at now high prices to get more BTS!) 

So lets talk about QORA.  What is it?

Its a proof of stake variant coin, written entirely from scratch (not based on any other crypto), which has a number of powerful features.
QORA has assets, it has proposal voting, and it is about to have automated transactions (turing complete scripting) added. 
Automated Transactions:
QORA and Burst are on track to be the first two coins to have this feature, and it allows developers to create and run scripts.
QORA is on track to be the first coin to have atomic cross chain transfer capability:

The coin is now open source, and has been verified as being not based on any other code base.
Oh yeah, and the creator is probably the creator of NXT.  (Thats the rumor at least, and the dev acts exactly like the mysterious NXT creator, and also left several hints that he was the same person). 

Alright, so QORA has some features.  Does it have the potential that Bitshares does?  No.  We all know market pegged assets is a big deal, and DPoS is a big deal.
But the crucial difference is that QORA's market cap is only 1% of BTS market cap.   That means that however much moeny you hav in BTS, you can put just 1% of that amount into QORA and have the same percentage stake. 

So why so cheap, if it has these features?  Is this some dead shitcoin?
No.  Its only priced like one.

We have all experienced BTS going through hell recently.  Bter going down and having just btc38 as a major exchange.  The market short order bug, the whales selling, the PR blunders, and so on.

As horrible as all that is, QORA has had it much worse, and is more beaten down, recently being down 98% from its high in dollar terms. 
First of all, the developer left.  The poloniex exchange couldnt get the wallet to work correctly without his help, and has had QORA disabled for months, and then bter went down.  This left 0 working exchanges for QORA and no developer.   You would think that would be *the end*, right?   This is why the price got down to 5 satoshis (as Bter returned but QORA could not be withdrawn yet, and everyone dumped it like mad to get their money out).  The website even was taken down for a while.

But the communtiy organized, and found a new dev, who recruited another dev, and now there is a whole team of devs who just started working on QORA. 
From zero devs to a half dozen within weeks, QORA has returned from the grave.

There is now a QORA team assembled, with 6 devs (five new devs plus the missing founder Qora, who posted that he regrets not having the time to work on it now but hopes to return in the future.

The QORA team: from

Core Developers
scriptmastr - mobile developer

Core Contributors
vbcs - AT developer / maintainer
ca333 - Security expert - external support

Marketing and support
twistelaar - community management
agran - block explorer developer
dzarmush - graphics designer
Cyberian Forest - marketing / community updates
twospirit - marketing / community updates

There is now a new, redesigned website, there is a new wallet release coming soon which should fix the poloniex exchange's issues, automated transactions are coming, a forum is coming, and there is a community marketing team forming, and a slack group created for planning, which is now active.  QORA is also going to be added to the AlcurEX exchange.

Once a coin worth millions of dollars in the summer of 2014 based on its potential, with just one single dev and no features yet developed, QORA is now worth less than 1/10 of that price with a full team of devs and new features almost ready for release. 

Maybe that sounds kindof like Bitshares right now.  But there is a difference.  QORA has broken out of its downtrend and has begun to rise, with major announcements and good news coming soon.  (Except that literally NO ONE knows about them yet, because the QORA communtiy is absolutely tiny right now, and for months has only be one thread on bitcointalk. 

QORA hit bottom at ~5 satoshis in november (when bitcoins were $400).
After rising to 20 on some good news that the developer was back and was converting the coin to open source, and Automated Transactions were on the way, the price then retested the 5 satoshi level (with bitcoin even lower at 250), this month.  in the aftermath of every terrible thing I mentioned early.  The price held again and has begun to rise.  There is very, very little overhead resistance left, as all the bears already dumped their QORA on bter when it opened, and the true believers have been withdrawing all their coins from the exchanges.  Bter's holdings of QORA have dwindled greatly as there community pulls it all into their wallets to wait. 

I hope that it will be some of us in the Bitshares community that profits the most from this coming rise.  Another undervalued, feature heavy, proof of stake variant coin, that no one knows about.  (And while we gripe that no one knows about Bitshares, there is seriously NO ONE out there who knows about QORA). 

Bitshares is going to be low for a while.  First it needs to break this downtrend and go sideways.  Then it is going to have to retest the bottom, and only after that will it begin to rise.  This is a process that takes months.  We have PTS vesting shares begin dumped, and paid delegates having to sell to pay the bills, and all these things drag Bitshares down.  We are in a consolidation period now, where the Bitshares community is shrinking, and those of us who remain are accumulating larger stakes at low prices.  That process will need to play out.  Downtrends are hard to break, and it will take a lot of new money coming from us months down the line before we absorb all the shares from the bears, and break out again. 

I hope that we can all make some profit off this QORA opportunity, and use it to revive the Bitshares price in the future.  QORA is right now exactly where we wish Bitshares was.  Utterly beaten down (imagine if Bitshares market cap had fallen to $3 million - that is the percentage decline we are talking about).  Found a bottom, begun to rise, and with many positive factors pointing upward again.  And hopefully we can all hold on to some QORA long term as well, and support this deserving but unknown coin.

Note: QORA does not appear on Coinmarketcap anymore because its only exchange now is bter, and CMC no longer counts bter.  Yet another reason it is unknown and undervalued!
If you wish to buy QORA, deposit at bter -> buy QORA -> withdraw QORA.  Do NOT leave it there.  Don't trust bter again for more than 10 minutes, keep your coins in your wallet!
Latest QORA wallet is at:

(Note: QORA has traded in a recent range of 5 to 7 sats recently.  I expect this to change SOON).

Go Bitshares, and Go QORA!

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