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I agree with this proposal, it can help balance the bitCNY price closer to 1: 1 with CNY, but please set up settlement offset back to 1%

General Discussion / Re: security question
« on: April 01, 2018, 08:00:22 pm »
you can and you should do copy of:

1. *.bin file (in many locations, offline and online)
2. Active and Owner Priv Key (digital and paper)
3. Brainkey (digital and paper)

Account catogr1 has:
4 active keys
6 owners keys
1 memo key

why do you  have so many key pairs?

General Discussion / Re: How do you buy Bitshares?
« on: December 13, 2017, 12:20:59 am »
I'm using every new money for buy back BTS from,
and then I transfer them to my wallet
and then I trade in wallet

before you transfer any bits (eg. BTC) to poloniex
check poloniewallet adres last activity first at
sometimes they have frozen withdraws (and deposits)

(...) I mean why would you want to pay 1.1 BTC to buy 1 BitBTC or $1.10 to buy 1 BitUSD?
because bitBTC (and other MPA) is counterparty risk free, and OPEN.BTC is not.

General Discussion / Re: OpenLedger propose Bitshares 3.0 enhancements
« on: October 24, 2017, 07:32:05 am »

3) Creation of Fee Backed Asset.
The idea of creating the FBA was proposed back in 2015, but was never implemented.

AFAIK FBA's have been implemented. The only current use-case is STEALTH, i. e. part of the fees for stealth transfers are used to buy back the STEALTH asset.

If you mean something else, please expand.

I think it's about creating the ability to create new FBA tokens. On the other hand, I think there was a reason why this possibility was blocked or abandoned. Surely someone remembers

Technical Support / Re: What is the price/cost to open new account?
« on: October 21, 2017, 10:12:00 am »
to create account you have to be Lifetime Member
Basic Acount Fee –  0.24279 BTS
Fee for Premium Names –  12.13967 BTS


In my opinion rate-limited transactions should be for sending transfers, vesting balance and dividends (in future) only.
Rest of the operations should have fee, DEX in particular – a few times smaller than the competition or fixed - which is cool and I like it

accounts hold the balances.
each account has TWO keys .. a owner and an active ..
keys can be changed
owner can do everything
active can do everything except change the owner key

in order for a cold storage to work you need to replace the keys in your account permissions page.
read more here:

Please correct me if I'm wrong.
I am writing this from the perspective of a non-pro user who may be accustomed to another perception of paper wallet.

if account is hold the balances, you can't send funds to paper wallet account because this account is not registered on the network and has no account id
The account name and password is just one of the seed components
In paper you can create a wallet with already existing / registered name which belongs to someone else and the new user may not be aware of this and send money to this account believing that he sends them to his paper wallet. At best, new user will not be able to send funds to this account because it does not exist.

Otherwise, the user after entering the account name and password and printing the paper wallet may be confident that he or she will be able to log in to the account using a new login and password model, which will also fail.

As of now, I have found one case of using this paper wallet for myself. I added the ability to log in with a password and joined the ACTIVE key to my existing account, it allows me to trade on DEX, but does not allow to send funds in the SEND tab. In addition, I could get the private key ACTIVE and create an account on, on my phone without physical access to the computer.

3rd point at this page
can also give the user a false impression that he has to deal with a paper wallet known from the BTC

If what I wrote above is true,
then maybe You could add a ~placeholder = eg.  "Your existing and registered account name" in the account name field

Technical Support / SmartCoin Settings
« on: May 24, 2017, 04:12:04 pm »
can someone elaborate on this two parameters?
Force settlement offset   1%
Max force settle vol   0.5%

And how far eg. 5000 CNY settlement will go?

accounts hold the balances.
each account has TWO keys .. a owner and an active ..

Why paper wallet has 3 pairs?

I know that I can backup my existing priv keys from my registered account
I checked that I can import priv keys and claim balance from paper wallet priv keys
I know that I can add (permissions) public keys from paper wallet to my account
but I do not see how I can send money to a paper wallet – probably I should not
what is the use case example that I should see?

Technical Support / I need more info about Bitshares Paper Wallet
« on: May 15, 2017, 09:22:17 am »

Could anyone resolve my doubts ?

here is Bitshares Paper Wallet:

I know that when You create user and password in paper wallet, you basically create a seed from which you create 3 pairs of keys - i understand that, but i do not understand this:

1. why in paper wallet key Active != Memo and in Light Wallet pair Active == Memo
2. if I create a paper wallet How can i send there my BTS?
User/ accout name could by allready in use, and It that way I can send BTS to someone else

I understand that I can import this two pair of priv keys (Active & Owner) to my existing account. But where I should send my BTS to one of the public keys? – this was possible in BTS 1st. gen but in 2nd I can't put public key in SEND "TO" field.

What holds BTS balance  – in accout id, accout name, on one of thes keys pairs?

I'm spinning around becouse I'm missing something here...

If you reward a short sale, you increase the price of the BTS
If you pay interest for everyone who has bitAssets, then you will create bitAsset buy wall,
which will make it difficult to increase the BTS price.

That's why I do not like this idea.
But I think it would be most beneficial to pay dividends depending on the amount of collateral and open orders on DEX and only for LTM.
It should also be easier to implement.

Similar ideas were discussed here:,23706.0.html

Anyway, first we have to be able to pay dividends or any other kind of simple profit sharing
Less BTS in circulation (more BTS locked up in bitAssets) means less BTS on the sell side thus easier to increase the BTS price.

I know and I agree with you, but I think if you compare these two ideas.
It seems to me that the dividend from the collateral amount gives less friction in the market. Because in that way you only create a buy pressure on BTS for borrowed bitUSD, bitCNY
And the growth of BTS would be faster because you immediately involve an existing community that already knows short sales in Bitshares and it will cause the first wave of price rises.
The rest of the people at that time will buy BTS without knowing much about it because they will just follow money. They will learn about Bitshares later and this will cause another great surge of growth.

Besides, the capital that will be migrating to BTS will definitely come with a vast majority of other crypto, and this capital will not bother  1% -5% of the profit

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