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General Discussion / Re: BitShares 0.8.0 Feedback
« on: March 25, 2015, 03:15:14 am »
Win7x64 feedback

On my pc the install over 0.7.0 used 2.1gb of memory during the sync. It did not release the memory, and crashed when opening an exchange page.
Restarted.  Stuck on block 2115503. Total blocks are growing larger. Waited a while, then killed it. It wanted to rescan on startup...

On a different Win7 pc, first install, default location, it used 1.6gb of memory during the sync. It did not release the memory, and crashed when opening an exchange page.
Restarted. Yellow Network problems, but 20 connections. Stuck on block 2115555. Total blocks are growing larger.

The owner of the second system said "well I will not be risking any money on that ****** ****". and tried to uninstall it.

He closed it like a normal program with the X,  except bitshares doesn't close that way, it pops up a lame message and keeps running no matter what you click. Close does not kill it either....
He found the Uninstaller and ran it, but on the last page it said it did not remove everything. It did not uninstall. The Bitshares folder was still there, appdata\bitshares folder was still there, and the darn thing is still running in the task bar. The only thing it removed was the uninstaller, unins00.exe.

Is anyone even testing these builds on windows?

Old bugs are even worse.

The Check for Updates menu item has never worked.
Someone opened a bug on it, and it was closed immediately. The developer talked his way around fixing it.

The install takes a massive amount of memory, or it crashes and get stuck and never recovers.
Search for Stuck here - 82 threads about the installer or blockchain sync getting stuck.
Its been that way for over a year.

New users just leave if the program doesn't work after you install it.

Technical Support / Re: not able to synce blockchain
« on: March 24, 2015, 05:31:44 am »
i followed instructions. but bitshares is slow and keeps crashing

I have this problem too. It is not just you.

The problem is available free memory when it loads the blockchain. It must have 2-3gb of FREE memory. If the program does not have it all, it will hang and crash.
It is probably best to follow abits instructions, and reboot before #4 starting the client.

After rebooting, try this.
Check free memory in windows, by start\run taskmgr.exe
Check the Performance tab, under Physical Memory (MB) make sure you have Free 2500 or more.
Then start the client, and let it run with nothing else running.

It took me 2 tries today. The bitshares process used 2,131,100k memory while downloading the blockchain.

Technical Support / Re: serius network problems 6.1. wallet
« on: March 24, 2015, 04:53:52 am »
Who is responsible for fixing the "Check for Updates" feature in the bts client?
I'll be damned if I'm gonna go thru a manual install again.
Ehm .. acutally there is no 'fixing' there ...
Just the terminology is kind of skrewed .. The updates from within the wallet only concern GUI updates ..
with that functionality, we can't do client/core upgrades ... We have this features for a later time, when hard forks become rare .. like once or twice a year or so ..

Well then the terminology is incorrect and should be changed, because that's what everyone expects when they read the words "Check for Updates" in the main menu.

Then they click it...
And it does not find the update they just read about.
And BOOM, loss of confidence in the coding of a product that is supposed to hold your money.

The same thing happens in 0.7, no updates found.

General Discussion / Re: BitShares 0.7.0 Feedback
« on: March 24, 2015, 02:54:05 am »
Windows 7x64.  0.7.0
While loading the blockchain, the messages "Last Block was synced" and popup message "Catching up, processing # of #" is stuck and does not display progress. Leading you to think it has crashed.

It also appears to still have a memory leak, unless its supposed to use 1.666gb of memory while loading the blockchain.

When the log files stop getting bigger, I assume it has crashed and File\Quit and then eventually kill the process.

Second try at loading, it apparently downloaded 100days  of blockchain before running out of memory. After restarting it and letting it run for a couple hours, now used over 2gb of memory

default log had this error repeated a few times
7272015-03-24T01:14:45        th_a:?unnamed?          operator () ] Error during update checking: 11 eof_exception: End Of File
stringstream     {}     th_a  sstream.cpp:109 fc::stringstream::peek     {"str":""}     th_a  json.cpp:454 fc::json::from_string         MainWindow.cpp

p2p log was full of these while it was active
2015-03-24T01:55:21 p2p:message read_loop            read_loop ] disconnected 0 exception: unspecified   The file handle supplied is not valid
    {"message":"The file handle supplied is not valid"}     asio  asio.cpp:37 fc::asio::detail::read_write_handler_with_buffer::operator ()     {"len":16}
    p2p  stcp_socket.cpp:94 bts::net::stcp_socket::readsome         message_oriented_connection.cpp:182
2015-03-24T01:55:21 p2p:send_queued_messages_task send_queued_messages ] Error sending message: {"code":0,"name":"exception","message":"unspecified","stack":[{"context":{"level":"error","file":"asio.cpp","line":37,"method":"fc::asio::detail::read_write_handler_with_buffer::operator ()","hostname":"","thread_name":"asio","timestamp":"2015-03-24T01:55:21"},"format":"${message} ","data":{"message":"The file handle supplied is not valid"}},{"context":{"level":"warn","file":"stcp_socket.cpp","line":136,"method":"bts::net::stcp_socket::writesome","hostname":"","thread_name":"p2p","timestamp":"2015-03-24T01:55:21"},"format":"","data":{"len":16}},{"context":{"level":"warn","file":"message_oriented_connection.cpp","line":245,"method":"bts::net::detail::message_oriented_connection_impl::send_message","hostname":"","thread_name":"p2p","timestamp":"2015-03-24T01:55:21"},"format":"unable to send message","data":{}}]}.  Closing connection.         peer_connection.cpp

The latest default.log file has grown to over 82mb, and the p2p log file is 98mb.  Is there no logfile size limit?

Deleted logs, config.json, node_config,json,  peers.leveldb files, and restarted. Same memory leak and stuck on block problem.

This also occurs in windows.

Once the client has a problem and loses connection, it never connects again.

The last 3 clients I have tried have done this.  Reinstalling and waiting 4-5 hours to reload the chain every time there is a problem is not acceptable.

This bug is causing long-time supporters to stop trying to use bitshares.

Technical Support / Re: DNS keys to vesting BTS - what do I do?
« on: March 23, 2015, 05:37:09 pm »
This was not working for me, it produced an error "wallet is open"
Since no one has explained it simply for the non-developer crowd, here is what I tried that did not error out.

Open Keyid - login - Go to console
type wallet_export_to_json c:\keyidjsonexport

Open Bitshares - login - Go to console
type import_keys_from_json c:\keyidjsonexport Keyidpassword bitsharesusername

>> import_keys_from_json e:\jsonexport Keyidpassword bitsharesusername

If it actually works, a number will appear. If you run it again, the number will be 0.

In bitshares console, type rescan

After a few more hours, the keyid balances should appear when you type -  wallet_account_vesting_balances youraccountname
Then for the next 2 years you have to type -  wallet_collect_vested_balances

What a pain. Why can't they just make it vest automatically after keys are imported?

Technical Support / Re: DNS keys to vesting BTS - what do I do?
« on: March 20, 2015, 08:46:14 pm »
Why is this information not sticky posted at the top of the forum?

KeyID / Re: Wallet troubleshooting
« on: October 07, 2014, 03:45:25 am »
Its not a bug .. its on purpose for delegate accounts for timing reasons ... GUI users should NEVER have a delegate active .. thats why you cannot register as delegate in more recent GUI versions .. still available in cli though

Its a known issue? Ok.

This seems like it might happen again. A startup log entry that indicates transaction scanning is off once you have created a delegate might help users with troubleshootng.

In case anyone else has a missing balance\transaction problem and you get an error running:wallet_recover_transaction  ######## accountname, then try: wallet_set_transaction_scanning true.

Thanks again,

KeyID / Re: Wallet troubleshooting
« on: October 06, 2014, 08:04:34 pm »
if you have a delegate in the wallet .. the software does not scan transactions ..

doe sth like. wallet_delegate_set_transaction_scanning false

And do a rescan

Thank you very much!

This command fixed the vote transaction:  wallet_set_transaction_scanning true
The "-> to Self" part of the Vote_all transaction appeared immediately, and my entire balance is back.

This is a pretty serious defect on the heart-attack scale. If I can reproduce it where should I file it?

KeyID / Re: Wallet troubleshooting - balance missing after voting
« on: October 06, 2014, 04:32:55 am »
I have found errors that may help track this down.

There are 2 errors in the default.log
Message from GUI: rpc error: In method 'wallet_get_transaction_fee': Assert Exception (10)
arec.valid():  (500)         Utilities.cpp:2820141005T231354.637282        th_a:?unnamed?         
log_message ] Message from GUI: js error: JSON Parse error: Unterminated string parse@[native code]

This error is logged running> wallet_recover_transaction ######## accountname
rebroadcasting... client.cpp:106620141006T034942.462359        th_a:?unnamed?         
log_message ] Message from GUI: js error: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'c.balances[d].BTSX.amount')

Blockchain logs are all 0 byte, does logging need to be enabled somewhere?

Any suggestions would be great.

KeyID / Re: Where to download the KeyID wallet/client
« on: October 06, 2014, 01:17:39 am »
I could not find a link there either.

Here is the site with the windows and mac clients.

KeyID / Re: wallet 0.2 how to
« on: October 05, 2014, 01:07:41 am »
Importing the pts wallet worked for me.

KeyID / Wallet troubleshooting
« on: October 04, 2014, 07:09:33 pm »
I have a problem with a vote transaction, my balance disappeared after voting.

I imported my pts and was checking out the Keyid wallet, and voted for a new account I had just registered.
I did a vote_all and vote_random successfully, and then after setting up a delegate tried vote_random again. This transaction send my entire balance away.
The transaction says username > self, but the full amount of my balance has been gone since yesterday.

I have tried rescan, wallet_rescan_blockchain, and restarts which did not help.
wallet_get_pending_transaction_errors  showed me the error, the vote that sent my entire balance is now an Expired Transaction.
"code": 31010, "name": "expired_transaction",

blockchain_get_transaction can list it, but wallet_recover_transaction gives this error: RPC Server Error: JSON Parse error: Unterminated string
The rpc and blockchain log files are empty, or I would provide more info.

Any ideas on recovering the transaction?

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