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DAC PLAY / DACPLAY version 0.4.5 is released for all users
« on: June 21, 2016, 03:28:42 am »

DACPLAY version 0.4.5 is released for all users, please download the latest client. All delegate and seed nodes please upgrade your nodes to version 0.4.5 ASAP.

Download the latest client from github:

main upgrade :

1.Support Smart Game Contract.
2.Fixed a super big bug , integer overflow attack when transfer assets.(

DAC PLAY / Re: DACPLAY New Feature ----Secret Note With Prize !
« on: June 05, 2015, 07:10:36 am »
Is it possible to share a secret note with another user?

It is possible to share a secret note with another ONE account(like transfer memo).
But share with multipal account, like 1000 another account, there is no graceful method yet.
Share with all user (public note) is simple.

or even collaborate on a diary together?
Just like google document, hmm, it is a challenge.

DAC PLAY / DACPLAY New Feature ----Secret Note With Prize !
« on: June 05, 2015, 03:12:07 am »

There is a unique function that has been added on DACPLAY which is called secret note . You may have a chance of drawing a prize from a pool after a note has been written . Let’s take a look at it .

Judging by the name , secret note is a note that contains contents which can only be read by the owners themselves . It’s essentially a private diary just like what you would expect on your mail box. However , there are more to it .

1.   The content of the note is encrypted . It can be assured that no one can see the content except the owner himself .
2.   The content is stored on the blockchain and saved in a distributed manner on the P2P network .
3.   You can freely store any kind of content without censorship.

The feature of safety and freedom on DACPLAY is based on cryptographic . So it’s safe to say that DACPLAY is one of the best tool to store your private information.

But……on the subject of DACPLAY , there must be some element of entertainment in this application .

Well , you can also draw a prize from a secret note . As you all know , there are cost for storeing information on the blockchain , that’s why the note writers must pay certain fees . In DACPLAY , there is also some PLS(token of DACPLAY) required whenever you publish a secret note on the blockchain as fees . However , 70% of the fees collected will be put into a pool where the prize for 8 winners will be returned from there .

DACPLAY will automatically draw 8 winners from those people who participated in writing notes every day . The winners will be rewarded in first , second and third prize . The fairness of the result can be assured since distributed random number generation of DACPLAY is in place . In fact , the function of secret note can be viewed as a prototype of on-chain games . Its economic model is to incentivize people to use the functions provided by the system which in turn would increase the activeness and engagement of the users.

For an on-chain game , parameters like the rule for winning a prize , the allocation of the prize and the frequency for drawing a prize can be set freely . DACPLAY is developing a smart contract function for general purpose . People would expect more games coming online once the function is available , since you can write your own game on DACPLAY with little experience on programming . You can generate streaming income from your game if it was proven popular . You can keep developing more popular games using the funds .

Please keep attention on DACPLAY for some of the interesting functions that will be added in the near term.

DAC PLAY / DACPLAY Upgrade Announcements
« on: June 03, 2015, 06:47:38 am »
ALL PLAY delegates please visit

All upgrades and other important announcements will be posted in there.

The latest official release can always be found at this URL:

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