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It is even better right now :)

General Discussion / Re: Trustless, Decentralized Bond Market Draft
« on: February 29, 2016, 03:44:15 am »
Sidechain should be implemented first, before Bond market.

Bond market is feature which will be used by tiny fraction of bitshares users. Sidechain is something which could actually bring thousands of new users which will not have to worry any longer about security of traiding their REAL bitcoins on exchange.

With 100% bitcoin collateral, this will instantly boost all BTC:XYZ markets.

Moreover... there are other exchanges which has bondmarkers. There are none exchange/cryptocurrency which has such feature like sidechain. This should be our top priority which will move Bitshares to all frontpages of services about bitcoin.

current status:


You are welcome to join to join #bitshares and #liquidity channels

What should I do with bitcoin currently in a bitcoin wallet in order to support this liquidity initiative?

I am preparing a brief instruction with some ideas/suggestions. Should be available very shortly.

Has anyone figured out precisely what time zone will be used to dictate the start/end of this event?  I'd like to hold a hangout for it, but do not know when to consider it or if I will even be available :P

this was not specified, because IMO this could take all day long. I think it might be very difficult to choose one time.

Attendance : 53

Do we have statistics for all hangout? What is the record, average, trend?

General Discussion / Re: How do send the balance from the site exchanger?
« on: February 26, 2016, 01:15:32 pm »
I have just noticed that according to your forum's profile, you already created account some time ago.

In that case... if you account is radent78 and you still have access to it, then everything what you need to do is use your account name.

For example if you would like to withdraw money from Poloniex, that would be:

General Discussion / Re: How do send the balance from the site exchanger?
« on: February 26, 2016, 01:09:39 pm »
Dear BTS Lover..

Online Wallet Bitshares I think the most complicated of the hundreds of coin wallet that I've learned. If anyone can explain how the easiest way to send the balance of the trading site, please comment ..

Thanks for all..

To see how to create a new account, please take a look on:


Welcome to Bitshares Community! If you will have any further question, do not hesitate and ask them here... on directly on where you can find more direct help from us :)

This is great!

Are you going to integrate that with bitshares wallet as FIAT gateway? That would be second (just after CCEDK) FIAT Gateway... and first with GBP.

This will give you additional exposure to new clients :)

General Discussion / Re: What is the status of migration to new hardfork?
« on: February 26, 2016, 11:34:00 am »
YEAH! after since 2 days 15 hours Poloniex finally release my funds!!!!!!! :)

BTW... it seems that there is a bug in cryptofresh. It shows slitly different amounts.

And... lesson learned:

1. do not make big transfers just after hardfork
2. if you have to make big transfer, make smaller one first to check whether everything is ok

Becoming bitcoin or ethereum sidechain, bitshares could be used for Augur application. That could improve liquidity very much. Any news on starting a sidechain project?

@bytemaster said on latest hangout, that roadmap for next months is:
- finish stealth transaction (backend already deployed, GUI will be available shortly),
- free transactions
- bitshares as sidechain of bitcoin

knowing that free transactions are already mostly implemented by abit, that means, that this should be rather sooner that later :)

General Discussion / Re: Dilution in ...communication channels
« on: February 25, 2016, 03:59:39 pm »
I don't think it is a bad idea to have multiple communication channels .. every new user can pick whatevery they like most ..

This is a valid point as long as user is aware of all option. We have to make sure, that new user unconsciously will not pick random channel, which is the least used.

A lot of users approach bitshares via this forum. For me I remember the first place where I tried to find some direct help... was forum's chat. No one was there. If forum's chat is not used at all, that mean chat lost the race, and should be removed for the good of the community. Right now chat bring only more confusion.

How could we possible create a decentralized ecosystem if we have a centralized gathering point that has had outages already?
Can you guys remember what happend when bitcointalk went down?

I we want to build a decentralized ecosystem... that mean that all nodes need to be connected somehow. (CC: @cass) We should have separate section on where all known and used communication channels should be listed. Then... we could call all of it as Strategy. Right now this looks like a mess, not a distributed or decentralized communication channels.

@roadscape could you add to a list of all communication channels with stats?  How many messages were sent in last day,  how many participants said something,  how long was a message (on average). With something like that... this could look like a decentralization.

General Discussion / Dilution in ...communication channels
« on: February 25, 2016, 12:54:06 pm »
In my opinion community is the most important thing for each cryptocurrency. When new user approach bitshares first time for sure he or she has a lot of questions.

Right now there are 6 IM communication channels (which I am aware of) used by community:

and... a lot of people thinks that we need another one: trollbox in wallet

As you can guess... this bring a lot of dilution for our community. In new user's eyes we may seem to be very small group of people... which is simply not true!

Each mentioned communication channel was created for a reason. Some of them for sure will not be removed because of unique technical features, like Mumble which is audio conference tool not just simple IM.

What we need is Strategy. Here are few my propositions:
  • we should have main communication channel promoted by whole community. In my opinion the main candidate should be brand new IM on official subdomain looks very elegant.
  • we should remove link to chat on forum ( from forum's header. I never seen anyone there. In my opinion it is completely abandon. We should replace link to chat with link to
  • I think we should think about building trollbox on top blockchain (bitshares blockchain... or some helper-blockchain). If I understand correctly (CC: @roadscape), already works that way. In that case that should be easy to integrate with wallet. Why we need trollbox? IMO trollbox is a tool for traders, concentrated on what is going right now on the market.
  • if we choose as main communication channel, we should abandon Telegram
  • Dev chat is another thing. Of course I understand that Cryptonomex may need own inner communication chanel. FYI right now requires invitation. But Bitshares needs own public channel for developers. In my opinion #dev channel on It would be great if all cryptonomex employees involved in Bitshares project join that channel as well. They should be available to community.
  • Slack is not an alternative to Mumble, however we should somehow link one with another. Before each official hangout there should be send reminder about that on main #bitshares channel. In that way, more peaple will notice it.

So in the end, we should have three communication channels:
* slack
* mumble for audio conferences
* trollbox based on blockchain

General Discussion / Re: What is the status of migration to new hardfork?
« on: February 25, 2016, 10:50:20 am »
on my poloniex withdrawal page it has a completed status!(?)

the same situation here. I am curious what they screw up during upgrade.

With bitshares and custom TOKENS sellers could start affiliation programs.

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