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As per the Kexcoin terms, all unsold coins have now been burned. Proof of burn visible on the BitShares blockchain at:

Burn calculations:

Stay alert for upcoming posts.

Check out this episode of The FOMO Show featuring an interview about Kexcoin:

Kexcoin Now Listed As An Asset On!


Kexcoin Has Raised $707,514 So Far (183.77 BTC From 73,035 Kexcoins Sold)

Security Update: Cold Storage Transfers 1 & 2 Complete

Less Than 2 Hours Until The Kexcoin ICO Goes LIVE!


Boxmining interview with myself and Richard


Mike Kubera's #Interview with myself and Richard Stott »

Less Than 48 Hours To Go! And Kexgill Releases New Property Flipbook PDF

Full details:


You asked for it, now here it is. #Kexcoin Financial Model - Demonstration / Mock Projections:


A new version of the Kexcoin whitepaper v1.08 has just been released. Kexcoins are now spendable by domestic and international students for their rent payments.

Here's the announcement:

How will you prevent conflict of interests? E.g. when you find a good property that you would like to buy... how can we be sure that you will buy it for Kexcoin and not Kexgill?

That's scarcity thinking. There are more property opportunities than we can ever take advantage of even with £70m. If we had £100m or £200m we could still find enough property deals to put it to work.

As I think I said in another thread, Richard (managing director) is not so much limited by opportunities but by the amount of capital that is available.

9) What costs are associated with your business? How big are they?
Referring back to my previous reply, the costs associated with Kexcoin are very lean because it's main purpose is to administer the buy back and burn process.

10) Is Kexcoin company 100% decoupled from Kexgill? What guarantee do we have that you won't be buying properties from Kexgill?
They are separate legal entities yes. They are each their own private limited companies.

We did think about buying properties that Kexgill already own to speed up the acquisition process and start the buy back asap, however the sale of the asset would attract the significant expense of capital gains tax, which is just money that is instantly drained out of the system. Not good.

11) You mentioned that Kexgill has 120m GBP in assets, you forgot to tell use how much it has in liabilities. I would expect it to be highly leveraged.
Kexgill post their financials on

12) It tool you 39 years to build a company with 120m GBP in assets, now you want to build similar company with about 70m GBP in assets in couple of months. Isn't it too ambitious?
The growth was not linear it's more exponential.

Imagine what 39 years of continuous improvement does to the process of sourcing, negotiating, buying and managing properties.

This is the 'secret sauce' in the project, the highly refined formula Kexgill have developed over nearly 4 decades. You don't get that from a startup.

Kexcoin is starting from year 39 if you think about it.

13) Are you able to use these 70m GBP to buy properties in reasonable time (1-2 years?)
Richard Stott, Kexgill Group managing directory is always researching new deals and will waste no time after the ICO in putting the money to work.

14) Since you already have a successful company, why didn't you bring also some fund to Kexcoin?
Kexgill have put up all the working capital. That's how we have financed this whole thing so far.

When this ICO is successful, Kexcoin will have debt to assets ratio 100%.
Could you expand on that i.e. how do you see this as a problem?

8 ) Core team receives 10% of tokens, what will be other 5% used for? Contractors? What if you need to hire a new full-time employee?
That 5% is for unforeseen expenses, this is quite typical in an ICO.
We also plan to use this for marketing and incentives i.e. social media competitions etc

The Kexcoin team is lean because we only have to manage the crowdfund, reporting and the buy back process. Kexgill will be providing the labor to source and administer the properties.

Thus there is no situation that I can see where Kexcoin would need a new full time employee.
The leaner we keep it the more funds we have left for buy backs.

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