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Kexcoin is a user issued asset on the BitShares network.

We selected BitShares as the platform to power this project due to the processing speed and the built in exchange, two features that will make the user experience smooth.

Kexcoins are cryptocurrency tokens that will be sold to participants in our crowdfund on 15th September 2017.
The funds we raise will then be used to buy investment properties in the student accommodation market, a market that brings reliable returns.

Using the rental profits from the properties we buy, we will begin a process of buying back Kexcoins and burning them. This will have the affect of making Kexcoin increasingly scarce and naturally more valuable.

If you are familiar with the OBITS project this is the model they originally adopted.

Our vision is to build a new funding network through the use of the blockchain, making it available for almost anyone in the world to participate, in any amount, large or small.

We are unique in the business as we are already supported by an existing infrastructure. Kexgill, an associated company to Kexcoin has been investing and growing their European portfolio for almost 39 years.

With an experienced team, they are an award winning student provider, owning almost 3,250 beds throughout the UK and 360 multi-family apartments in Germany.

Key Information

When will the ICO be launched?
You can place buy orders now for fulfilment at 15:00 UTC 15th September 2017

How long will they be on sale?
30 days (15 September 2017 – 14 October 2017) or until we sell out, which ever comes sooner.

How many are being sold?
8,500,000 KEXCOIN

What is the rate/value they will be sold at?
0.0025 BTC = 1 KEXCOIN

How to connect with us
You can get in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Bitcoin Forum, Bitshares Forum.

How will participants benefit?
Once per quarter on a pre-announced date, we will take 50% of the net profits generated by the rental income from the properties and use it to buy back as many KexCoins as we can.

Participants will be able to offer their KexCoins for sale on the market and we will buy them back starting with the cheapest first.

Once the buyback budget has been exhausted, all KexCoins purchased within that budget will be permanently burned. This reduces the total remaining supply and increases the scarcity of the coins that remain, thus inflating the price.

The remaining 50% net profits will be reinvested in further investment property to speed up the buyback process.

What does the KexCoin team get out of this?
10m KexCoins have been created. This is the total number that will ever exist.
10% of this amount (1m KexCoins) will be retained for the core team.
An additional 5% (500k KexCoins) will be retained for contingencies.

The remaining 85% (8.5m KexCoins) will be sold to participants during the token sale.
In order for the KexCoin team to profit, KexCoins must be worth something. This will only happen if the project is a success.

When a core team member wishes to take some profit, they would have to sell their coins on the market in exchange for Bitcoin in the same way as an ICO participant does. The core team are not allowed to sell or trade their Kexcoin for a 1 year period after the ICO.

What happens if you don't sell all the coins during the ICO?
Any coins that are left unsold when the crowd funding period closes will be immediately and publicly burned.

Useful Links



Step-by-step guide to participate

I'm writing a set of instructions for new users on how to setup an Open Ledger account, fund it with some Bitcoin and then buy some user issued assets.

Once the Bitcoin shows up in their account, my instructions are to go to the market for the UIA, enter their desired price and then click on their BTC balance.

This fills out of the rest of the order form.

However when the buy button is clicked and the confirm button pressed, the system complains that the fee is 1 satoshi short.

How can this be when clicking on the BTC balance fills out the order total after reducing it by the fee amount?

There must be something wrong the with formula behind this.

Hi guys.

I know it has been a while since I created one of my free tutorials for BitShares but now I am back with a new one.
(For those of you who don't know me, please see my YouTube channel

Please check out this new tutorial on Steemit so if you like it, you can upvote it:

The great thing about Steemit is that I can earn some money for the time I spend and at the same time provide the information to the community for free!

If this works then I'll be able to put out a lot more tutorials because I can just take time away from my other projects without worrying about the money :)

My query relates to a prediction market that was created on OpenLedger a little while ago.

Here is the link

The date specified in the prediction market (1st of July 2016) has now passed and so the result should be declared to the network.

The creator of the prediction market (Johnny Bitcoin) isn't able to declare the result of the market because access to the predictions market seems to have been removed from the user interface.

I have 22,646 BTS locked up in this market which should have been released on the 1st of July. Because the market hasn't been resolved, this BTS remains unavailable.

Are there committee members that can help to declare the result of this prediction market?
Or does someone know the URL that would allow Johnny Bitcoin to gain access to the prediction markets module?

I would very much appreciate anyone's help on this.

Openledger / Openledger down?
« on: March 17, 2016, 11:17:51 pm »
The trading exchange may be decentralised but the web UI is not:

If a bitUSD always equals 1 USD, what happens when the purchasing power of the 1 USD declines?

What if inflation stays around 2% per year?
What happens if the USD experiences hyperinflation?

Don't dollar pegged assets like bitUSD automatically inherit these problems?

Technical Support / New Tutorial Video - How bitUSD Works
« on: October 18, 2015, 04:32:58 pm »
Here's my latest contribution to the community based on the frustrations and confusion I've been reading in the forums.

I'm learning as I teach which is why I'm calling this open source training.

Hi guys,

I've seen a number of community members who really really want to get busy with BitShares 2 but are just hampered by so much confusion.
This leads to thread after thread as each individual attempts to get their questions answered.

I'd like to begin building a learning resource to provide a bridge into the BitShares universe.

Here is a video I created this morning:

I see this very much as an open source endeavour.

I don't profess to know everything, I'm just the messenger. So experts please watch my video and dispel my ignorance so that I may go through however many iterations are necessary to reach (or get close to) perfection.

While I wait for some replies I might work on my next video :)

I'm thinking it might be better to break the learning into bite size pieces. So instead the above video going through the account section, I could break that into a video per sub-section within the account section.

Muse/SoundDAC / Welcome To The Blockchain (The Bitcoin Song)
« on: October 17, 2015, 09:07:46 pm »
Have you guys heard this?

I love hip hop so this made me lose my mind:

General Discussion / Bitcoin Rally - Technical Analysis
« on: October 16, 2015, 11:55:54 am »
Normally these thoughts remain in the privacy of my own mind. However now I am a member of this community and want to share my understanding. I made this quick screen recording thinking out loud:

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