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Freebie / Re: Open Beta: Testing the Tip/Sharebot Today @ Noon!
« on: November 26, 2015, 11:11:11 pm »
Yeah, we renamed it from withdrawal code since it started being used in multiple places as a form of authentication / proof of ownership.

Freebie / Re: Open Beta: Testing the Tip/Sharebot Today @ Noon!
« on: November 26, 2015, 08:03:09 pm »
@kuro112 it "appears" we can't withdraw from the Sharebits wallet(?).

After generating a withdrawal code, and then clicking the Withdraw button, the wallet now says ...

You must sign in to BitsharesTalk as Tuck Fheman to withdraw, click here

When you click the link it takes you to the main login screen, which now requires a "Security Code".

However, when you click the "SECURITY" tab in the wallet nothing happens, so you can't get the Security Code to withdraw.

This also "appears" to hinder any new users from ever seeing their balances or being able to get into their wallet since the Security Code "appears" to be required for a first time user.

So either I'm missing something or this needs to be corrected.

So, I realize this might not be obvious but we are planning on moving it to the security page once it's created, for the time being:
Maint. complete, to perform authenticated transactions (Generating a URL / withdrawing) with a BitsharesTalk account please sign in on the initial page using your security code (one can be obtained by the bot PMing you on the 'Withdraw' page).

Freebie / Re: Project BtsTip [freebie]
« on: November 26, 2015, 03:11:18 am »
sanity test #sharebits "hybridd" 1 BTS

Freebie / ShareBits Announcement / Update Log
« on: November 25, 2015, 09:08:18 am »
Hi, this thread will be used to track the updates / announcements pertaining to the ShareBits ( ) platform. Please do not post questions in this thread.

Expected maintenance today at ~5pm EST. Services will be taken offline and unusable for aprox. 1-2 hours.
The scheduled maintenance is now in effect estimate has been changed to 3-4 hours.
Maint. complete, to perform authenticated transactions (Generating a URL / withdrawing) with a BitsharesTalk account please sign in on the initial page using your security code (one can be obtained by the bot PMing you on the 'Withdraw' page).

Updated UI
Generating a Security (Withdrawl) code has been moved from the "Withdraw" section to the "Security" section
Share Drop section is currently under construction
Generated Urls now expire after 48 hours and funds will return the funds back to the creator.
Working on developing a share dropping system. We want to make share dropping as easy as specifying what asset you want to drop on, what asset you want to drop, and how much of that asset you would like to drop. Get a quote of how much BTS it will cost you to do the drop (since several transactions need to occur), and then execute the drop!

Share Dropping has never been so easy before. We've now implemented a share dropping mechanism where you load your initial balances into our system (as you would if you were going to tip them via the memo code), and then you can execute a share drop on a given asset, with whatever asset you want. Of course, there's a fee associated with this because for every person you share drop on that is one actual transaction on the block chain. Check it out ;)

@hybridd once wrote a bomberman clone for one of his CS classes, i remember playing it with him one time.

It wasn't for a CS class as much as it was "to play during CS class." Since games weren't allowed in highschool CS I made one for the class and convinced people to play (as well as the teacher to let us play) as a means of "testing" the game ;)

General Discussion / Re: New Stealth Transfer Worker ($1000)
« on: November 25, 2015, 05:40:06 am »
Onceuponatime may soon have nearly $45,000 worth of UIA crapcoin tips in his wallet!

#sharebits "donkeypong" 1 CRAPCOIN
#sharebits "donkeypong" 1 SHITPOST.PTS


Just so you're aware, if you try tipping an asset that doesn't actually exist (i.e. not that you don't have the asset, but the asset doesn't actually exist by that name) then it defaults to BTS.

Freebie / Re: Project BtsTip [freebie]
« on: November 24, 2015, 08:26:30 pm »
Hold On!  No one has brought up Facebook??  BtsTip needs to monitor all posts on this forum and look for tip commands right?  It is not practical to monitor all of Facebook.  Unless of course you connect to BTS Tip!  Now the tip bot can see all posts from anyone wanting to use it then send a private message to any new person that receives a tip.  Talk about virial...   I have not checked the APIs, but I bet something can be worked out.   What do you think?  Does access to 1.55 billion monthly active users sound good?

It may be possible for the tipbot to post a reply to the original tip message.  It shouldn't spam all of its connections with non-friended tip confirmations.

p.s. I hope this earns me a tip  ;)
The bot makes use of the search function on this forum, it doesn't check every individual post. Likewise, it's not practical to monitor each individual user authenticated through Facebook on our service nor is it practical to look for the hashtag on Facebook due to privacy settings.

The forum service and twitter/reddit services have been restored, the site is currently still undergoing maintenance and may experience unexpected errors and/or down time.

Thank you for your support.

The site's previous functionality has been restored and all of the previously existing features should be back online / available. New features such as account merging are still currently under construction.

General Discussion / Re: [Ann] Open Beta Testing [Ann]
« on: November 23, 2015, 02:46:58 am »
Uh, we don't handle BitBTC, I've contacted @kuro112 and asked him to send you back to the BitBTC. We only process BTS->BTC (at this time anyways). And yes, please specify your address every time in the memo.

General Discussion / Re: [Ann] Open Beta Testing [Ann]
« on: November 23, 2015, 12:42:00 am »
Thanks for the suggestion, while I don't speak for the rest of the team as my own opinion, I think an abstract name like 'electrons' lets us not limit the scope of what this project is capable of, where as BTS2BTC does. Electrons was initially developed as just a useful inhouse tool for us to use, but we thought it would be useful to the community, so it's possible in the future we make adaptations to it.

General Discussion / Re: [Ann] Open Beta Testing [Ann]
« on: November 22, 2015, 11:42:08 pm »
I sent 3000BTS to electron-io over an hour ago with my BTC address in the memo field. Nothing has happened so far, I have not received any BTC.

Sorry, while i was gone this weekend the service was taken offline temporarily. It's been restored now and I can see that your BTS should be in the processing/liquidation state, you should receive your BTC shortly.

Transfering 0.02982984 BTC (2955.00000000 BTS @ 0.00001012 BTC/BTS) - BTC Address: 1EV7AsGNNCaeazSEGCoNooJepdGcwrZiMM


General Discussion / Re: A discussion about social tokens....(EMOTOKENS?)
« on: November 22, 2015, 11:18:33 pm »
@hybridd  and @kuro112 ...the tip didn't go through?

I used the old #btstip then edited the post, prob why.

Correct, if you tip an invalid tip say at 12:00pm, and then someone tips and a valid tip at 12:01pm (subsequent) it no longer looks at older posts since it assumes they've been processed, so editing your old post wouldn't do anything. However, if you tip an invalid tip at 12:00pm, and say at 12:30pm no one has tipped anything valid and you proceed to edit your post to a valid tip, it would get processed. :p


This didn't work for me...however, after watching, it seems that it only caused a problem because I hit "enter" and went to a new line after putting in the syntax for sending. 

When tammer wrote a message after the ShareDrop Syntax without starting a new line, it seemed to work, so it is likely that it doesn't like when you enter a new line

Thanks, I'll have a look into this. In regards to  people not being able to log in via reddit, whats the exact url of the website (sharebits/our site) you're on?

Edit: The issue fuzzy mentioned with tweeting should be resolved now, as well as the issue mentioned about authenticating via reddit ( will now redirect to which will fix this issue). Let me know if any more issues, cheers.

@bitbuckster remove the []'s around the amount/asset (you will need to delete and repost).

Freebie / Re: Project BtsTip [freebie]
« on: November 18, 2015, 09:08:28 pm »
You yourself don't necessarily need to deposit it, you could be tipped it you just need it on your account so there's something to cover the transaction fee of withdrawing it out of our system

@Tuck Fheman np, was just testing something seemed when we added social media platforms multi-tipping had broken on the forums.

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