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New UI Features Added to OpenLedger DEX

We are glad to inform you that we’ve launched some new features on our trading platform to make it even more user-friendly.

What Are They?
Reject Button and Approval Button Switcher

Now you can reject proposed transactions with the “Reject” button.

Other Changes
“MEMO” on the deposit/withdraw window is now renamed as “Destination Tag”. This change applies only to the XRP coin.

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The idea of cryptocurrency is enough to scare any government around the globe. Unlike fiat currency, cryptocurrency has no backing, it is decentralized, and the overall technology behind it requires a significant amount of research in order to understand completely. Not to mention many banks see it as a threat to the traditional financial industry.

In Bangladesh, bitcoin users can face up to 12 years of jail time, China has not only banned the use of cryptocurrencies, but even news organizations reporting on cryptocurrencies have now been targeted. However, despite a few countries’ disdain for virtual currencies and crypto markets, many others have begun embracing them.

Cryptocurrencies don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Countries like Malta and Belarus have realized this, and instead of prohibiting the use of cryprocurrency, have identified the importance of it for future economies.

Click a pic to watch

Malta is the place to be when using cryptocurrencies. The country has embraced cryptocurrencies along with the blockchain, the technology behind them. Facing heavy regulations in Hong Kong, Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, moved its offices to Malta, where the country tries to work with cryptocurrency institutions rather than implement harsh regulations to snuff them out.

Unlike banks abroad, the Maltese banking industry intends to work with cryptocurrencies rather than against them. Malta banks realize that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. The adoption of a Utility Settlement Coin (USC), a cryptocurrency being developed by major banks worldwide, would further enhance Malta’s image as a friendly hub for cryptocurrency users, however, the adoption of a USC in the region remains unclear.

United States]
Click to watch

The U.S. has embraced the use of cryptocurrencies but has identified the need for regulation. Is it illegal to buy bitcoin in the U.S.? No, and it never has been. Is cryptocurrency legal? Yes. Moreover, it is now even being accepted in various states throughout the U.S. on a governmental level, such as in Ohio, which has become the first state to allow taxes to be paid in bitcoin.

Nonetheless, the amount of fraud, theft, and scams that have occurred in the cryptocurrency community within the past few years has led financial watchdogs, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), to implement various regulations. Two bipartisan bills have recently been put forward in the U.S., which will protect cryptocurrency investors while stimulating cryptocurrency market growth.

Read About Other TOP-5 Best Places For Cryptocurrency Users HERE

Beyond Bitcoin [closed] / Blockchain in Logistics: 10 Real-Life Use Cases
« on: January 31, 2019, 06:36:27 pm »

Blockchain has become a valuable tool for a multitude of industries. Additionally, it is becoming an integral part of the supply chain. Its ability to streamline inventory management and track the shipment of goods has the potential to update traditional business practices in a dramatic fashion.

But what about blockchain logistics use cases? As shown by several companies and government organizations below, blockchain is making quite an impact on business logistics worldwide.

1. U.S. Defense Logistics Agency Increasing Relief Efficiency

Entities involved:  U.S. Defense Logistics Agency
Project status:  Research on the potential blockchain uses in future relief efforts is in progress
Sources: DLA press release

The U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), in charge of the supply chain for all branches of the American military, recently held an event focusing on how blockchain can be used to improve collaborative efforts within the DLA.

Using Hurricane Maria as a case study, the DLA in conjunction with its Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) team, identified various areas in which blockchain could have improved relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Current DLA practices are managed by different agencies, making it difficult to coordinate responsibilities, as well as track resources and, as a result, 20,000 pallets of water were wasted in the Hurricane Maria relief process. Although blockchain is only being discussed, its eventual implementation into the DLA’s systems has the potential ability to save many lives, and decrease the time needed to provide relief services to regions affected by a natural disaster.

DHL and Accenture Applying Blockchain for Pharmaceuticals

Entities involved: DHL, Accenture
Project status: DHL and Accenture have developed a working prototype of the blockchain, meaning there are only a few more steps before it is ready to be properly implemented into their systems.
Sources:Accenture press release, Blockchain in Logistics Reporte

As many as one million lives are lost each year due to counterfeit medications. Global postal provider DHL along with the major technology consulting company Accenture hope to decrease that number with blockchain.

The tandem released a trend report, detailing findings on a working prototype that tracks pharmaceuticals from the point of origin to the consumer, preventing tampering and errors. CIO at Chief Development Office, DHL Supply Chain, Keith Turner described his enthusiasm for the prototype saying,

“By utilising the inherent irrefutability within blockchain technologies, we can make great strides in highlighting tampering, reducing the risk of counterfeits and actually saving lives.”

The prototype was made up based in six different locations used to track pharmaceuticals across the chain. Manufacturers, warehouses, distributors, pharmacies, hospitals and doctors would all have access to the chain, ensuring the legitimacy of medications and preventing tampering through each step. The blockchain was able to handle more than 7 billion unique serial numbers and perform 1,500 transactions per second, signifying the prototype would be able to trace a significant amount of medications in a small amount of time.

3. CargoX for More Efficient Bill of Lading

Entities involvedCargoX
Project status:CargoX has released its platform to the public, and now the company plans to expand the project to function with Letters of Credit.
Sources: CargoX press release

Bill of lading is a form of receipt detailing a list of a shipment of goods given by a carrier to the person or entity consigning the goods. Paper bills of lading can take up to ten days to process, while CargoX was able to cut that time down to four minutes with the use of blockchain and smart contracts.

CargoX ran a pilot project on the Ethereum blockchain shared between four parties: the Chinese exporter, the carrier/logistics provider, the consignee in Slovenia, and a release agent. CEO of CargoX, Stefan Kukman, praised the project saying,

“In our business, the standard is 2-10 days, so if we do it in four minutes, or even an hour, we’re doing great.”

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BitShares Re-enabled on Bittrex

We have some great news to share with you today. BitShares (BTS) is active on Bittrex again!

The Bitshares market is open, and trading will begin shortly on .

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Any chance you can add csv import option to account transactions history section?

Yes! We plan to return this option in next updates!


Встречайте обновленную вкладку Trade на OpenLedger DEX

Команда OpenLedger DEX продолжает работать над достижением максимально возможного пользовательского опыта, и сегодня мы с гордостью представляем совершенно новый интерфейс вкладки торговли на нашей децентрализованной торговой платформе.

Что нового и что было обновлено

Книга заказов

Раздел книги заказов теперь отображается вертикально по умолчанию. Вы можете переключиться в горизонтальный режим в любое время.

Мы ввели раскраску, чтобы сделать покупки и продажи сумм актива четко видимыми. Количество заказов для определенного ценового уровня представлено ярким цветом.

The more transparent color indicates the total amount of orders located above the row.

Чтобы рассчитать общую сумму ордеров на покупку / продажу в определенных строках, выберите как минимум две строки, и их общая сумма будет отображаться справа.

Вертикальный режим также отображает спред. Спред - это разрыв между лучшей ценой предложения и лучшей ценой спроса, выраженный в процентах.

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Meet the Updated Trade Tab on OpenLedger DEX

OpenLedger DEX Team keeps on working towards the goal of achieving the best possible user experience, and today we are proud to introduce a brand-new interface of the trade tab on our decentralized trading platform.

What’s New and What Changed

Order Book

The order book section is now displayed vertically by default. You can switch to the horizontal mode anytime.

We introduced coloring to make buy and sell asset amounts clearly visible. The amount of orders for a specific price level is represented by the bright color.

The more transparent color indicates the total amount of orders located above the row.

To calculate the total amount of buy/sell orders in specific rows, select at least two rows and their total amount will be displayed on the right.

The vertical mode also displays the spread. The spread is the gap between the best bid and the best ask prices expressed in percentage.

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BitShareScan Update Released: Meet Improved UI/UX and New Features

Hi everyone!

We are happy to introduce you to the update of BitShareScan, a block explorer and analytics platform on the top of BitShares.

Since the product release a few months ago, the OpenLedger team has been working hard to make the platform better for you. Meet a 0.2 version of BitShareScan with improved UI and UX!

Brand New Features

Here is what we added:

    New widgets appeared on the homepage and account pages to provide up-to-date information about the blockchain and accounts.

    A switcher on the assets page that allows users to hide inactive assets.

      New filters on the assets page to filter assets by type: UI, SmartCoin, and Core Token.

      A price feed for smartcoins (displayed on smartcoin pages).

Try New Features[/size]]Try New Features

New updates are coming soon!

Express your opinion about BitShareScan or suggest new features here on BitSharesTalk or contact us directly via email.

 Hello! Can you please check you PMs, we've send couple of questions there. has a bug: it may improperly detect maker/taker accounts in account "Trade history" tab.

In trade history it shows 2 trades in one block, one of them is selling to self:


Blockchain is a relatively new technology, yet already its uses continue to pile up, introducing more and more world-changing solutions. Additionally to many other real-life use cases, blockchain has been particularly valuable in supply chain management.

Below are ten blockchain supply chain use cases that are increasing revenue and cutting costs for businesses around the globe.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and IBM Streamline Oil

Companies: ADNOC and IBM
Project status: pilot program just completed; the blockchain is still in its early stages.
Sources: ADNOC, IBM, ADNOC press release

United Arab Emirate’s state-owned oil company, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) in collaboration with IBM successfully launched a blockchain supply chain system pilot program. The idea is to track oil from well to customers, while simultaneously automating transactions along the way.

While still in its early stages, ADNOC hopes to eventually expand the chain to include customers and investors, making its business more transparent in the process. ADNOC produces about 3 million barrels of oil a day, and by fully implementing blockchain technology, they will be able to keep track of all oil produced, reducing the time and costs associated with shipping.

De Beers Diamond Tracking

Companies: De Beers
Project status: After completing a successful pilot, De Beers is currently working with other diamond producers, retailers, and banks to develop the best governance setup for the platform.
Sources:Tracr, De Beers press release

Blood diamonds, or conflict diamonds, are those that have been mined under violent circumstances or in unsuitable conditions. They are heavily produced in Africa, and their sales are often used to fund various conflicts in the region. The world’s largest diamond producer, De Beers, has taken the steps to end the sale of blood diamonds by announcing its first successful blockchain supply chain program.

Through its program, Tracr, De Beers was able to track 100 diamonds from mine to cutter and polisher, then finally to jeweler. Photos of a diamond’s progress can be uploaded to the blockchain, as well as information concerning its color, quality, and location. Tracr not only gives customers peace of mind, but if applied to all diamonds, could stop the production of blood diamonds altogether.

Walmart,, Tsinghua University, and IBM’s Food Safety Alliance

Companies:Walmart,, IBM, Tsinghua University
Project status:A pilot program was completed in 2017, and Walmart announced that it will require suppliers of its romaine and other leafy greens to upload their data to the blockchain by September 2019.
Sources: Walmart video presentation, IBM press release, Tsinghua University,, Forbes

It seems like there is a new E.coli outbreak every year. As it takes time to locate the origin of an outbreak, many retailers are often forced to throw out their entire inventories of produce. These four entities hope to increase food transparency and shipment efficiency with blockchain technology. The efforts are divided into two sections: Walmart and handle production and shipment of produce, while IBM and Tsinghua University handle the research and maintaining the blockchain. Unilever, Kroger, Nestle, and Tyson Foods all plan to collaborate as the project advances, with more food corporations to join along the way.

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There are lots of blogs out there, but very few of them are real industry experts and creators. To help you get straight to the source and hear right from the industry insiders that do know what’s going on, we’ve compiled a list of the top blockchain bloggers we think you should follow. Make these blogs part of your everyday reading to stay up on industry trends and be ready to act before the crowd, not after.

Antony Lewis

Creator of the popular online resource, ‘Bits on Blocks,’ Antony has been one of Asia’s top 100 Fintech influencers for two years in a row. Having worked first in traditional finance, he helped launch iBit (now Paxos) and dedicated his career to researching and developing blockchain.

Not only does his blog, established in 2015, have current features and industry analysis, but it shares Antony’s opinions in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Instead of talking in buzzwords, he focuses on what these new technologies mean for everyday life. There are also a great many resources for learning the basis available if you’re new to the market.

Robby Schwertner

This Austrian industry expert is a wealth of information, especially on his LinkedIn feed where he posts updates and industry news regularly. He also maintains his own blog where you can read opinion pieces and interviews.

Also an active speaker on the topic, Robby is often travelling to conferences to give talks on the subject. He is an ICO advisor and moderator/organizer of workshops to develop new ideas and applications for blockchain technology. His excitement for new technology is contagious, showing through in what he writes and speaks.

Vitalik Buterin

Truly one of the giants in the industry, Vitalik is a co-founder of one of the industry-leading companies, Ethereum, and despite his professional involvement, still finds time to share ideas on the future of the market.

With many blockchain solutions built on the Ethereum platform, and with his advocacy for the future of ‘smart contracts,’ Buterin is a true innovator and pioneer. While he may not have as many posts, or post as regularly as other bloggers, his incredible experience and insight make this a must-read for anyone in the industry.

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Beyond Bitcoin [closed] / Short-term trading vs long-term crypto trading
« on: January 23, 2019, 06:26:45 pm »

In the fast-moving world of cryptocurrency, savvier investors come prepared with a strategy tailored to their specific goals to take advantage of market volatility.

Factors to consider before diving headlong into the crypto pool include identifying:

* which currencies fit one’s trading profile
* how investments will be funded, and
*how much groundwork will be put to better anticipate market swings

Long-term trading, for instance, deals in speculation that a cryptocurrency will grow in value over a longer period of time. It’s ideal for a lay trader or those wishing to take a more passive role in their long-term investment, banking on currencies which appear most promising.

For those with shorter trajectories, riskier speculation could pay dividends as investors play on the violent ebbs and flows of the market to earn big on more immediate returns—or just as quickly lose.

Whichever strategy hopeful investors employ, it’s essential to understand what role cryptocurrencies will command in one’s portfolio. Study up on market indicators to inform predictions, but foremost, be prepared to make amendments to the plan midstream to minimize losses and capitalize on opportunities. Check out our tips on how to become a crypto trading guru, and also how to choose which cryptocurrency to invest in!

Still Don’t Understand Blockchain?

Blockchain, the technology powering cryptocurrency and a multitude of companies worldwide, is now finding significant uses across various industries. Given that it is expected to revolutionize the way the world does business, it is complex and often difficult to understand. Instead of searching the Internet for the best explanation of blockchain, you can look up the following resources that give some insight into what blockchain is and how it functions.

Blockchain: Simply Explained
Produced by: Simply Explained

Type: Video

This video provided by Simply Explained gives a brief explanation of the history of blockchain, and describes its various components. It discusses the elements of a distributed ledger and the democratic process involved for the transparency, security and privacy of blockchain transactions.

Click the pick to watch

Blockchain in 100 Words
Produced by: Deloitte

Type: Article

In this article, Deloitte attempts to explain blockchain in under 100 words. It uses the analogy of sending a shared file between two government accountants in order to explain the basics of a distributed ledger. The article continues after 100 words to give readers a deeper understanding of blockchain as a whole.

Click to Read

Digital Data Gone Rogue
Produced by: Wired

Type: Video

Wired gives a brief breakdown of how blockchain’s security features function by explaining the concept of a distributed ledger. It also covers how blockchain is being used by financial, medical, and food businesses, and its potential uses in the future.

Click to watch

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Ethereum в Константинополе задерживается. Объявление для пользователей OpenLedger DEX

Как вы знаете,Хардфорк Ethereum в Константинополе  был отложен по соображениям безопасности.

Новая дата хард-форка будет объявлена ​​позже. Следите за нашими обновлениями.

Обратите внимание, что шлюзы ETH и ERC20 могут быть временно отключены, поскольку мы будем проводить необходимые технические обновления.

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Ethereum Constantinople Delayed. Announcement for OpenLedger DEX Users

As you know, Ethereum’s Constantinople was postponed due to security reasons.

The new date of the hard fork will be announced later on. Stay tuned to our updates.

Please note that ETH and ERC20 gateways may be temporarily disabled as we’ll be carrying out necessary technical updates.

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