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February OBITS Buyback / ICOO Sharedrop

The BuyBack on February 5 with the following burn of 45,436 OBITS executed. Congrats!

50% OF AMOUNT FOR BUYBACK: 44,134 530  bitUSD


Total amount of OBITS burned on February, 5 2018 was 45,436.1092 OBITS.

ICOO distribution on February, 5 2017

The amount of 2.50 BTC, out of a total amount of 5.96 BTC allocated for normal monthly distribution, was sent out today to ICOO holders who are able to take part in the rise of bitcoin value, and with that, the similar rise in most well-established altcoins and assets out there.

The BuyBack on February 5 with the following burn of 45,436 OBITS executed. Congrats!

50% OF AMOUNT FOR BUYBACK: 44,134 530  bitUSD


Total amount of OBITS burned on February, 5 2018 was 45,436.1092 OBITS.

Anyone holding ICOO, representing the ICO's of OpenLedger and a monthly drop of BTC on all accounts holding ICOO was the equivalent of some 88000 USD or some 5,88 BTC.

Anyone holding BTSR related to our programmatic advertising platform for now focusing on all crypto related projects called is having some 5926 OBITS dropped on their accounts proportionally equivalent to some 13 000 USD.

It will be exiting to see what this year will offer as increase since some very promising projects are about to roll out over the next 6 months.

Go follow our twitter handle @openledgerdc as well for instant  updates and help us get the message out to the world, we are too busy building still to focus in full on the social media networking.[/size]

OBITS charts:

SCR Tokens Available on OpenLedger DEX

Until the crowdsale ends on February 11th at 17:00 GMT, SCR tokens will be available on the OpenLedger decentralized exchange as open.SCR. This first version of open.SCR will have its value pegged at 1 USD until the end of the crowdsale and will guarantee the wallet holder receives open.SCR tokens of an equal amount when the Scorum blockchain is launched.

Open.SCR will be paired with bit.USD so that the community of traders on BitShares decentralized exchange can easily purchase SCR tokens without registering on the Scorum Crowdsale website. Along with further visibility, this offers SCR buyers a chance to purchase SCR in cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin and ethereum.

After the Scorum blockchain and wallet are launched in March. Open.SCR holders who wish to redeem their open.SCR for SCR tokens will send their open.SCR to OpenLedger accounts with their Scorum Wallet address. OpenLedger will then send them the same amount of SCR to their Scorum wallet.

Fans of Scorum who have joined the Scorum crowdsale already will be able to generate the private keys to their Scorum wallet and transfer the SCR tokens to OpenLedger and trade open.SCR in their wallet once the Scorum Blockchain and Wallet are launched. Once there, they can participate in buying further open.SCR or filling orders for open.SCR from other users on the exchange. After the end of the crowdsale, open.SCR will no longer be pegged at 1 USD and the open market will dictate the value of SCR tokens.

Scorum/USD market on OpenLedger DEX:

Dernier mise à jours ui/ux d'Openledger

Chers utilisateurs d'Openledger et de Bitshares

Aujourd'hui nous ferons des mises à jour importantes dans l'interface et l'ergonomie de notre plateforme. Nous ajoutons ces changements en utilisant nos expériences et vos nombreux commentaires au sujet de l'interface d'Openledger et de Bitshares.

A cause des multiples questions concernant le mode. Le mode simple a été enlevé et ne sera jamais accessible encore. Néanmoins, des changements considérables ont été effectués dans la page Compte. C'est complètement renovée, simple et plus instructive (maintenant vous n'avez pas besoin de la mode simple)

Toutes les passerelles sont dans une seule page

Nous pensons au sujet de votre comfort et nous avons ajouté des pop-ups qui donneront des informations sur les passerelles.
Travailler avec des jetons est devenu plus simple, maintenant vous pouvez filtrer des jetons avec des balances 0, vous pouvez chercher par le nom du jeton, ajouter les dans vos favoris, nous ajoutons plus de couleurs pour plus de conformités dans l'affichage du tableau des jetons. Le problèmes du tri dans la table des jetons est fixés.

Pour les transactions plus rapides, nous avons unifié et mis à jour toutes les fenêtres pop-up pour les dépôts et les retraits.

Si vous avez des questions ou des plaintes, nous vous demandons de les laisser sur notre blog officiel dans les commentaires à cet article de nouvelles. Votre opinion compte beaucoup pour nous.

Últimas actualizaciones en la interfaz de OpenLedger

Estimado usuario de OpenLedger/Bitshare,

Hoy hicimos una importante mejora en OpenLedger en cuestión de usabilidad. Hemos agregado estos cambios usando nuestra gran experiencia y sus numerosos comentarios sobre OpenLedger e interfaz de Bitshare.

Gracias a la gran cantidad de preguntas sobre modos, el modo simple ha sido eliminado y no estará disponible más. Sin embargo una cantidad considerable de cambios fue hecha a la página de cuentas, esta renovada completamente, mucho más sencilla y mas intuitiva (así que ahora no necesitaras el modo simple más).

Todas las pasarelas han sido vistas en una página.

Hemos pensado sobre su comodidad, así que también agregamos pop-ups con información rápida para las pasarelas no activas.

Trabajando con activos ha sido mucho mas sencillo y rápido: ahora puedes filtrar activos con balances activos, podrás buscar activos por nombres, y podrás agregar a favoritos, hemos agregado mas colores mostrando la tabla de activos. Arreglos en la forma de ordenar las tablas han sido arreglado.

Para una transacción más rápida hemos unificado todas las ventanas de pop-ups para retiros y depósitos.

Si tienes alguna idea o queja que quieras dejarnos en nuestro blog oficial en los comentarios de este artículo. Tu opinión es importante para nosotros.

Sigue a OpenLedger en Social
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Trade Tether USD (USDT) and OMNI on OpenLedger DEX

We have now finally been able to fix the OMNI gateway and once again all Bitshares/OpenLedger users can freely make deposits and withdrawals of OMNI, AMP and other OMNI assets.

What is USDT

USDT is a cryptocurrency asset issued on Bitcoin Blockchain via the Omni layer protocol. Each USDT unit is backed by a U.S. Dollar held in the reserves of the Tether Limited and can be redeemed through the Tether Platform. USDT can be transferred, stored, spent, just like bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency. Users can transact and store tethers with any Omni Layer enabled wallet like Ambisafe, Holy Transacton or Omni Wallet.


Markets already provided with funds from at least one of the currencies:

USD/USDT market:
EUR/EURT market:
BTC/USDT market:
ETH/USDT markets:
BTS/USDT markets:
BTS/EURT markets:
OBITS/EURT markets:
OBITS/USDT markets:

You can also check other markets:

ICOO/USDT market:
BTC/EURT market:
ETH/EURT markets:

Along with OPEN.USDT and OPEN.EURT, OPEN.AMP and OPEN.OMNI can be traded on OpenLedger DEX.

SCR Tokens Available on OpenLedger DEX

As the Scorum Crowdsale enters its last week, our partnership with OpenLedger opens a new door for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who would like to purchase SCR tokens. We’re glad to announce that 1 million SCR tokens will be set aside for purchase on the OpenLedger exchange as open.SCR tokens. These SCR tokens are reserved from the 18.6 million tokens available during the Scorum Crowdsale.

This will be the first step towards open market trading for SCR and offers current OpenLedger DEX users along with the wider BitShares community the chance to add increased liquidity to the SCR cryptocurrency.

Read More on Scorum Official Blog!

Scorum’s Crowdsale
runs until February 11th.
Join in and score some free SCR by sharing your affiliate links!


On February 1st, 2018 as it was announced before, we performed the burn of the BTSR tokens from Openledger official accounts.

The proof is here:

After this, the order for the rest amount of BTSR was placed.

The proof is here:

The price was calculated based on the cross rate of BTSR and OBITS to USD (as it was stated)

Cross rate is 0.20040291

The proofs of the rates:


BTSR 0.206415 USD

We will post here the proofs of burn bought our BTSR’s every Thursday


On February 1st, 2018 as it was announced before, we performed the burn of the BTSR tokens from Openledger official accounts.

The proof is here:

After this, the order for the rest amount of BTSR was placed.

The proof is here:

The price was calculated based on the cross rate of BTSR and OBITS to USD (as it was stated)

Cross rate is 0.20040291

The proofs of the rates:


BTSR 0.206415 USD

We will post here the proofs of burn bought our BTSR’s every Thursday


好消息:我们连接了人民币支付服务,提供人民币存取款选项。任何拥有人民币资金并有兴趣在OpenLedger和Bitshares DEX进行存款和交易的用户都可以使用该服务。

所有支付宝用户都可以使用人民币汇款到OpenLedger / Bitshares DEX,并使用“人民币支付”服务接收RMBPAY 通证。此外,他们也可以反向操作,即从DEX提现RMBPAY,然后在支付宝账户上得到人民币。通过这一流程,用户便能参与到加密货币社区的交易中来。


任何登录到Openledger / Bitshares DEX的用户都可以使用存款/提款页面(在“转账服务”下拉菜单中选择“RMBPAY”。接着,用户需要选择必要的功能(存款/取款。

然而,OpenLedger不仅仅是一个交易所。更是一个生态系统集合。 我们可以把OpenLedger比作一个星系,每个服务本身就是一个生态系统 - 星系中有个叫做OpenLedger DC的太阳系。作为OpenLedger生态系统的核心,OpenLedger DEX(加密货币交易所)位于这个星系的中心。 OpenLedger“生态系统”包括广告网站:HubDSP,OpenLedger的本地通证:OBITS,以及众所周知的ICOO众筹系统。这些服务一起构成了分散式集团的一部分。 OpenLedger DC的整个生态系统基于BitShares平台,并由石墨烯技术提供支持。总的来说,OpenLedger DC是所有生态系统的生态系统,包括奖励型通证,股权型投资和独立生态系统。

OpenLedger DC目前支持多种数字通证,包括OBITS,BTSR和ICOO。它还支持托管在不同生态系统上的多个创业公司。而这些创业公司则是通过OpenLedger提供的众筹服务收益。这些创业公司包括GetGame,Ocash,Sola,KARMA,Apptrade,Crypviser,eDev.one等等。



我们是OpenLedger – 链为引擎,人为驱力。


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Le nouveau service de remise de RMB est pris en charge sur OpenLedger DEX pour les utilisateurs Alipay

Bonne nouvelle: Nous connectons le service RMBpay qui permet de faire le dépôt et retrait de CNY. Ce service peut être utilisé par n'importe quel utilisateur qui détient des yens et intéressé à faire le dépôt et l'échange sur Openledger et Bitshares DEX.

Tous les utilisateurs d'Alipay peuvent transférer leurs fonds en CNY sur Openledger ou Bitshares et reçoivent des jetons RMBPAY en utilisant le service RMBpay. En outre, ils peuvent utiliser une procédure inverse et faire le retrait de ses jetons RMBPAY à partir du DEX et reçoivent des yens dans leur compte Alipay. Les utilisateurs pourront ainsi rejoindre la grande communauté crypto et commencer à trader.

Comment fonctionne le service RMBpay ?

N'importe que' utilisateur connecte sur Openledger/Bitshares DEX a l'opportunité de faire le retrait de CNY en utilisant la page de retrait ( et sélectionne RMBpay dans " Transfer services" Scroller en bas dans le menu. L'utilisateur doit maintenant choisir l'option nécessaire (dépôt/retrait).

C'est quoi Openledger ?
En 2014, le premier service qui a été offert par Openledger était le DEX ( Le DEX Openledger est une plateforme d'échange puissant, qui a été développé pour les transactions rapides, permettant aux utilisateurs de faire l'échange des jetons en temps réel, avec sécurité, et des frais vraiment bas.

Au moment de la rédaction, L'échangeur de cryptomonnaie Openledger est placé dans le top 60 des échangeurs les plus importants de Bitcoin en tenant compte du volume en 24 heures.

El nuevo servicio de remesas de RMB es compatible con openledger DEX para usuarios de Alipay

Estupendas noticias: hemos conectado el servicio RMBpay, que ofrece la opción de depósito / retiro de moneda CNY. Este servicio podría ser utilizado por cualquier usuario que posea fondos en yuanes y esté interesado en depositar y negociar en OpenLedger y Bitshares DEX.

Todos los usuarios de Alipay pueden transferir sus fondos en yuanes al OpenLedger / Bitshares DEX y recibir tokens RMBPAY utilizando el servicio RMBpay. Además, pueden usar un procedimiento inverso y retirar sus tokens RMBPAY del DEX y recibir yuanes en su cuenta Alipay. De este modo, los usuarios podrán unirse a la gran comunidad cripto y comenzar a comercializar.

¿Cómo funciona el servicio RMBpay?
Cualquier usuario que haya iniciado sesión en Openledger / Bitshares DEX tiene la oportunidad de depositar y retirar CNY utilizando la página de depósito / retiro ( ) y luego seleccionar RMBpay en el menú desplegable "Transferir servicios". El usuario debe elegir la opción necesaria (depósito / retiro).

¿Qué es OpenLedger ?
En 2014, el primer servicio ofrecido por OpenLedger fue DEX ( ). OpenLedger DEX es una poderosa plataforma de negociación, que ha sido diseñada para transacciones de alta velocidad, permitiendo a los usuarios intercambiar activos en tiempo real, de manera segura y con tarifas muy bajas.

En el momento de redactar este informe, el intercambio de criptomonedas de OpenLedger se ubica entre los 60 principales intercambios de Bitcoin más importantes en términos de volumen de operaciones de 24 horas.

Sin embargo, OpenLedger es más que solo un intercambio. Es una colección de ecosistemas. OpenLedger se puede comparar con una galaxia. Cada servicio es en sí mismo un ecosistema, un sistema solar en esta galaxia llamado OpenLedger DC. OpenLedger DEX, el intercambio de criptomonedas, se coloca en el centro de esta galaxia como el punto focal en el que giran los ecosistemas OpenLedger. La "galaxia de ecosistemas" de OpenLedger incluye el sitio de publicidad HubDSP, el token nativo OpenLedger, OBITS y el sistema de crowdfunding conocido como ICOO. Juntos, estos servicios forman una parte del conglomerado descentralizado. Todo el ecosistema de OpenLedger DC se basa en la plataforma BitShares y está impulsado por la tecnología de software Graphene. En general, OpenLedger DC es el Ecosistema de todos los ecosistemas e incluye tokens, basados, en recompensas e inversiones basadas en acciones,

El OpenLedger DC actualmente admite tokens digitales múltiples, incluidos OBITS, BTSR e ICOO. También es compatible con varias startups alojadas en los diferentes ecosistemas, que se benefician de los servicios de crowdfunding de OpenLedger, en forma de ICO / ITO. Entre estas nuevas empresas se encuentran GetGame, Ocash, Sola, KARMA, Apptrade, Crypviser, y muchas otras.

Actualmente, OpenLedger está en las últimas fases de desarrollo de la tarjeta de pagos todo en uno de OpenLedger. Esperamos impacientes el día en que OpenLedger se destaque no solo en el volumen de transacciones, sino también en los muchos y emocionantes proyectos que esperamos lanzar en la primera mitad de 2018. Nos esforzamos por crear una base de usuarios de la corriente principal y traer más startups y negocios en el ecosistema a través de las soluciones de crowdfunding OpenLedger. Cada nuevo negocio que reciba financiamiento a través de un ICO / ITO tendrá sus tokens disponibles en el DEX, lo que fortalecerá el ecosistema general, creando sinergia entre todos los proyectos, en última instancia asegurando un mayor crecimiento para todos.

En OpenLedger construimos a escala , Combinando tecnología blockchain con habilidades de personas.
Estamos construyendo un ecosistema impulsado por blockchain integrado con una plataforma de comercio financiero construida a escala. Esto servirá como base para impulsar el desarrollo de productos y servicios para el consumidor convencional, creando la posibilidad de escalar al permitir la implementación global.

Sigue a OpenLedger en Social
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Scorum and OpenLedger Bring the Best Aspects of Decentralization to the Wide World of Sports

Scorum’s vision has always been one of decentralization and rewards; focusing and fusing these ideals with blockchain technology to offer sports fans something more for their enthusiasm.

That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to partner with OpenLedger and list the SCR token cryptocurrency on OpenLedger’s decentralized exchange. OpenLedger functions as a gateway to the Bitshares DEX which has been executing direct peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges since 2015.

Ronny Boesing presented Scorum in Singapore!
The goals of OpenLedger, Bitshares, and Scorum align perfectly. We all want accessibility, security, and utility from the cryptocurrencies we believe in.

As OpenLedger CEO Ronny Boesing puts it: “Scorum is building an innovative sports media platform on top of the Graphene Framework. OpenLedger shares this same blockchain foundation so it is exciting to see the Scorum team apply it to the world of sports. Scorum will use the fast and free transactions of Graphene to connect sports fans all around the world in their rewarding blogging ecosystem.”

Scorum sees OpenLedger as the ideal first exchange for the listing of its SCR tokens. OpenLedger offers users a seamless fiat gateway into the Bitshares decentralized exchange. All this means that sports fans who use Scorum can exchange their cryptocurrency quickly and securely without relying on a centralized third party exhange.

Centralized exchanges
have a weak point in meeting the goals of speed and safety. They can be hacked, they can freeze funds, they can be regulated by governments at will. That’s why this year will see a rise in decentralized exchange trading with Bitshares and OpenLedger as established solutions to further the growth of the industry as a whole.

Scorum and OpenLedger are united in the belief that secure, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and mass adoption of cryptocurrency will happen simultaneously this year!

Scorum’s Crowdsale is open now and runs until February 11th

Read more about Scorum here

New RMB Remittance Service is Supported on OpenLedger DEX for Alipay users.

Great news: we connected RMBpay service, which provides the option for deposit/withdrawal of CNY currency.This service could be used by any user who owns yuan funds and is interested in depositing and trading on the OpenLedger and Bitshares DEX.

All Alipay users can transfer their funds in CNY to the OpenLedger / Bitshares DEX and receive RMBPAY tokens using the RMBpay service. Furthermore, they can use an inverse procedure and withdraw their RMBPAY tokens from the DEX and receive yuans on their Alipay account. Thus users will be able to join the great crypto community and start trading.

How does the RMBpay Service work?

Any user logged on to the Openledger/Bitshares DEX has an opportunity to deposit and withdraw CNY by using the deposit/withdraw page ( then selecting RMBpay at “Transfer services” drop-down menu. The user should then choose the necessary option (deposit/withdraw).

What is OpenLedger?

In 2014, the first service to be offered by OpenLedger was the DEX. The OpenLedger DEX is a powerful trading platform, which has been designed for high-speed transactions, allowing users to trade assets in real time, securely, and with ultra-low fees.

At the time of writing, OpenLedger’s cryptocurrency exchange is placed amongst the top 60 most important Bitcoin exchanges in terms of 24-hour trading volume.

However, OpenLedger is more than just an exchange. It’s a collection of ecosystems. OpenLedger can be compared to a galaxy. Each service is in itself an ecosystem - a solar system in this galaxy called the OpenLedger DC. OpenLedger DEX, the cryptocurrency exchange, is placed at the center of this galaxy as the focal point the OpenLedger ecosystems revolve around. The OpenLedger "galaxy of ecosystems" includes the advertising-site HubDSP, the OpenLedger native token, OBITS, and the crowdfunding system known as ICOO. Together, these services form a part of the decentralized conglomerate. The entire ecosystem of OpenLedger DC is based on the BitShares platform and is powered by the Graphene software technology. Overall, the OpenLedger DC is The Ecosystem of all ecosystems and includes reward-based tokens, equity-based investments, and individual ecosystems.

The OpenLedger DC currently supports multiple digital tokens, including OBITS, BTSR, and ICOO.  It also supports multiple startups that are hosted on the different ecosystems, benefitting from OpenLedger’s crowdfunding services, in the form of ICOs/ITOs. Amongst these startups are GetGame, Ocash, Sola, KARMA, Apptrade, Crypviser, and many others.

Currently, OpenLedger is in the last phases of developing the OpenLedger's All in one payments card. We are looking forward to the day that OpenLedger stand out not only in volume of transactions, but with the many exciting projects we expect to be launching in the first half of 2018. We strive to create a mainstream user base, and bring more startups and businesses into the ecosystem through the OpenLedger crowdfunding solutions. Each new business getting funded through an ICO/ITO will have their tokens made available on the DEX, which will strengthen the overall ecosystem, creating synergy between all the projects, ultimately ensuring further growth for all.

At OpenLedger we build to scale, combining
blockchain technology with people skills.

We are building a blockchain powered ecosystem integrated with a financial trading platform that is built to scale. This will serve as the foundation for boosting the development of products and services for the mainstream consumer, creating the possibility to scale by enabling global implementation.

We are OpenLedger - Blockchain Powered, People Driven.

Scorum et OpenLedger joignent leurs forces

OpenLedger offre une multitude de services aux startups dans l'industrie de la blockchain et de la cryptomonnaie, y compris un échange décentralisé basé sur Bitshares et le framework Graphene. Puisque Scorum construit également sa plateforme de médias sportifs de prochaine génération sur la Graphène, il était tout naturel pour nous de faire équipe avec OpenLedger pour la gestion d'actifs sous la forme de leurs services d'entiercement.

Le 14 janvier, le premier jour de la vente publique Scorum , les fonds recueillis seront placés en mains tierces chez OpenLedger. Tout l'argent sera déposé dans le fonds d'entiercement d'OpenLedger jusqu'à ce que la blockchain Scorum soit publiée. Nous avons pris cette mesure pour nous assurer que les acheteurs de jetons SCR peuvent faire confiance à l'équipe Scorum pour assumer ses responsabilités dans le développement et la publication de la blockchain Scorum et du portefeuille. Les fonds amassés lors de la prévente et de la vente des membres sur la liste blanche (du 8 au 13 janvier) seront disponibles chez Scorum pour terminer le développement de la blockchain Scorum et pour poursuivre les plans de marketing à travers la vente au public.

Pendant la vente de Scorum, chaque achat sera effectué à une adresse unique et suivi en interne afin que nous puissions déposer le montant approprié de jetons SCR à chaque acheteur. L'ETH et BTC collectés lors de la vente du 14 janvier au 11 février seront conservés dans les portefeuilles ETH et BTC d'OpenLedger aux adresses listées ci-dessous et stockés en toute sécurité jusqu'à la publication de la Blockchain Scorum. Les acheteurs de jetons seront en mesure de surveiller les adresses qui détiennent les fonds levés du 14 janvier au 11 février durant la vente de Scorum.

Voici les adresses où seront stockées les fonds de Scorum

ETH: 0x0090421e334A3cEb15C419941B5D6f4C93798ae8

BTC: 3AFiqPTbBxj2PZjzjbykSrsx5JECeAj5sM

Pour recevoir les fonds levés dans la vente détenue par OpenLedger, Scorum répondra aux exigences suivantes selon l'accord d'entiercement:

- Terminez le développement de la blockchain Scorum et publiez-le sur le réseau principal.
- Créez le bloc Genesis de la blockchain Scorum à quel point tous les jetons SCR seront produits.
- Libérez le portefeuille de l'utilisateur Scorum où les acheteurs peuvent générer leurs clés privées et accéder aux jetons SCR qu'ils ont achetés pendant la vente des jetons

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