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Where to sign up / register for the event? Can buy tickets online or only when at the event?

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Worker Proposal] Cryptomate Listing
« on: May 29, 2019, 09:35:42 am »
Nicely done looking forward to hearing more.

Looking for feedback from the community so we can get this moving- particularly core. Thanks for all the support so far for this proposal!

@abit previously you didnt want to comment and just said 'make it a BSIP' well now there is a BSIP draft, what is your comments? Thanks

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Proxy:B-DEX
« on: May 17, 2019, 07:56:33 am »
Good stuff Thul, looking forward to seeing your points of view as a proxy.

No, dont support.

General Discussion / Re: Complaint against clockwork witness
« on: May 16, 2019, 12:38:14 pm »
Dont see any issues with clockworks feeds, the price of bitCNY on the DEX is irrelevant to the feed, the price at any given time reflects market sentiment on the DEX for that smartcoin. Feeds are meant to reflect an accurate price of CNY in BTS from third party sources otherwise if the price comes from your own DEX trading price then it can easily be manipulated. Are the formulas published openly ?

Very cool, support this. Sparkdex ( integration? AFAIK we are the only one with fiat on/off ramp.

bitspark-delegate is now active and voted into the committee, thanks for your support! Will keep this thread open for reporting on decisions we take on committee issues.

General Discussion / Re: Price Feed Review
« on: May 12, 2019, 07:20:22 am »
Entirely disagree about trying to remove potential for discounts or premiums. Thats just the market. If the feed price moves and orders are still stuck at sub-optimal prices then there is an opportunity for takers to make money, thats intended. Regarding witnesses not providing accurate feeds ontime, thats also up to the market, if people dont like it they should vote out those witnesses.

I would see value in an open source script that takes as many datapoints as possible into consideration and publishes a feed with a comparison +/- % to others witnesses, perhaps post it on a webpage so voters can make the decision themselves to vote/unvote, apart from that nothing much else should be done.

General Discussion / Re: Developing a bitAsset research program
« on: May 12, 2019, 07:12:06 am »
Sounds great from the paper, looking forward to it and support your work  8)

Update: Ready for voting, made the proposal should see it in your voting section now on DEX-->Committee

Hi Bitshares Community!

I am George, Co-Founder and CEO of Bitspark and I am writing here today to hopefully gain your support for a place on the Bitshares Committee for our account bitspark-delegate. I first became aware of Bitshares in 2014 and attended a meet up in Hong Kong for a presentation about it by one of the BTS team, at the time (to my detriment) I wasn’t able to fully grasp the implications of Bitshares until I started seriously looking into it again in 2017 when bitcoin fees became an issue for our business.

You may be aware over the last year and a half we at Bitspark have been quite active in the Bitshares community. We started off in 2017 with our successful ZEPH tokensale where we identified some core features on the roadmap: launching our DEX Gateway (Sparkdex), beginning buybacks of ZEPH, deployment of our new centralised Bitspark product built entirely on the DEX for fiat money transfers and a mobile app for DEX assets to be deposited, withdrawn and exchanged for cash. I am pleased to say that almost all of those roadmap goals have been met with the exception of the mobile app which the new version is due in a month at the end of Q2.

On the marketing front we have been advocates for Bitshares at every opportunity and I daresay have probably got more coverage than every project on Bitshares combined- from about 2018 onwards we mention Bitshares wherever we can. For example, when searching for Bitspark you’ll see articles from many global publications with huge audiences like:






South China Morning Post:

….and many more we lost count, including New York Times, Accenture, AFR, Cointelegraph, Bitcoinist, Podcasts, TV interviews and many more including this article with an interesting headline for BTS holders: “BTS spikes 24% as token gets mainstream attention from CNBC”

Suffice to say I think this is a positive on the marketing front for Bitshares.

Bitspark was the first cryptocurrency remittance company in 2014 and ever since then we have been evolving and improving our products for our customers who are mainly people looking to send money for cash in/out in various SE Asian countries- this is our core business and expanding the ability for more people in more currencies to be able to exchange cash to crypto is our goal. It is out belief that right now Bitshares is best suited to be able to achieve this due to the ability to create a stablecoin for any national currency without the counterparty risk of needing collateral held in a centralised entity.

Our goals on the committee would be as follows:

* Ensure Bitshares can adapt to changing market conditions quickly and quick decisions can be made by the committee
* Ensure the continued viability of Committee issued assets and voice concerns about parameter changes we feel would jeopardise this
* Advocate for a fee structure that maintains the cheapest possible costs for customers of Bitshares balance with a slight deficit to the reserve pool as we believe spending money now is what’s required to get greater gains in the future.
* General support for proposals that increase the adoption, growth and usage of Bitshares in real products and services.

Apart from advocacy on the committee our plan to add value to Bitshares over the coming months is as following:

* Continue adding more fiat deposit and withdraw currencies for Bitshares assets. Right now you can deposit withdraw and exchange all Bitshares assets on for fiat. Yes fiat.
* Add more BTS collateralised stablecoins to the DEX
* Launch our revamped mobile app suitable not just for money transfers but for any crypto user globally to cash in/out crypto and fiat.
* Start adding more feeds to our witness nodes and feed committee assets with prices, open source our own feeds for our assets
* Support workers, BSIPs and proposals which continue to add value for BTS, in some cases fund development.

So given this, we think we would be a valuable addition to the committee and we welcome you to please vote for us at bitspark-delegate

Edit: Update: Ready for voting, made the proposal should see it in your voting section now on DEX-->Committee

General Discussion / Re: BTC MPA backed by gateway.BTC
« on: April 06, 2019, 02:29:00 pm »
I thought there was a BSIP for this, but having a browse of the BSIP repo I dont see it there (multiple MPAs/UIAs backing one asset, currently limit is 1)?

Valera's contributions to Hackthedex and Bitshares community are welcome. Will be voting.

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