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The reason I buy PTS instead of Mastercoin, Datacoin, Namecoin, Nextcoin or any of the other coins that attempt to leverage the blockchain into non-currency decentralized products is that Invictus seems to have an actual assembled team with bios on their website and they are public and vocal in explaining their forthcoming technologies, both in forums and at Bitcoin conferences. They have a public "face" and aren't just slapping a website up with a few paragraphs about what they are, they have white papers, in-depth discussion on the forums, announcements of new hires for things like Director of Marketing. I was sad to see everybody shit on the angel shares idea so quick since I would love for Invictus to get a fresh infusion of cash to fund operations and hiring. They aren't the only players in the DAC area and it would be a shame if they failed due to funding issues.

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