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General Discussion / Re: [ANN] microDEX - low latency minimalist UI
« on: April 03, 2018, 07:23:35 pm »
ok so talked wifey into doing a fresh install of both EV and microDEX and all dependencies (pybitshares, python3, tkinter, matplotlib) on a fresh install ubuntu OS (Mint 17.3) thumbdrive; documenting all trials and tribulations along the way; huge thx because my patience is limited on install shits

practically grandma friendly installation docs coming soon,
she even promises not to use 'as root' when meaning 'type sudo' :D

General Discussion / Re: [ANN] microDEX - low latency minimalist UI
« on: April 03, 2018, 05:00:19 pm »
The repo name "Extinction Event" was born of the notion that DEX tech combined with AI controlled algo trading tech reaching the common user, in unison, would be an extinction level event for centralized web based exchanges, intrusive state AML/KYC policies, and orchestrated pump and dump schemes; all of which I consider anathema to individual financial liberty and decentralized free market economy.  I'm in this arena first and foremost as a counter-economic agorist and I see development in the Bitshares space as a means to this end.

By the way, better give microDEX a readme file as well.

so much to do and just me  ;)

Yes both the EV bot platform and microDEX need readme files and install docs.

My focus atm is to hammer out bugs, make both platforms more reliable.

I'm dev'ing furiously in the shadows... docs are sideburner todo; perhaps I can put wifey on it  :-\

General Discussion / Re: security question
« on: April 02, 2018, 12:02:06 am »
I like stainless dog tags for paper; split the key between two unrelated vendors on two tags.

pretty much fire safe, water safe; easy to hide

I have two pastecoin ads back up:


search litepresence at

not sure why pastecoin deleted my ads; they were set to never expire

I'm burning out OMNI currently, might as well post freshly optimized tunes with latest data

oh and check out microDEX if you haven't already; its a new low-latency, dependable user interface for the DEX

General Discussion / Re: [ANN] microDEX - low latency minimalist UI
« on: April 01, 2018, 04:51:35 pm »

- patched failed to update chart bug
- added log scale toggle
- created a wrapper around reconnect() to simplify work flow
- validated HLOC data such that H can't be more than 2X close and L can't be less than 0.5X close

If anyone has any ideas on how I can hide the plot update widget I'm open to suggestions, until then this will suffice:

Code: [Select]


General Discussion / Re: [ANN] microDEX - low latency minimalist UI
« on: April 01, 2018, 11:46:32 am »
Happy Easter

updated github today, there was a bug in chartdata() definition for moving averages longer than 166 day period when live

I'm not changing version number but if you're running the script you should update to be safe

General Discussion / Re: [ANN] microDEX - low latency minimalist UI
« on: March 31, 2018, 08:17:58 pm »
v0.000000009 uploaded to repo

who else gives you moving average periods on slider bars?

uncle lp to the rescue :D

microDEX plots

daily moving averages with decimal period from 0.20 to 100.00 on slider bars
works on most altcoin pairs using CEX historic data with last 100 trades from DEX
plots 1000 days of daily, 250 days of 2h and 5m candles for past 24 hours; all on same axis
zoomable X and Y via matplotlib
numpy arrays available for custom TA post processing
cursor position show human readable date and price

total dependencies

python3, tkinter, matplotlib, pybitshares

General Discussion / Re: [ANN] microDEX - low latency minimalist UI
« on: March 31, 2018, 12:48:49 am »

v0.00000009DEV - plots coming soon

General Discussion / Re: [ANN] microDEX - low latency minimalist UI
« on: March 30, 2018, 04:30:18 pm »
enjoy the fastest DEX orderbooks in the business :D

v0.00000008 is uploaded

ETA: will remain in repo as pre plotting reference

any version before 0.00000008 should be considered superseded and is known to be buggy/laggy

General Discussion / Re: [ANN] microDEX - low latency minimalist UI
« on: March 30, 2018, 02:34:07 pm »
v0.00000007 - improved user experience, faster connection

updated repo again v0.00000004

improved handling of invalid orders
improved handling of orders in excess of funding
confirmation window now displays details of order being confirmed

eta, something went wrong when I uploaded earlier, patched @ 15:30 EST

updated repo

buy/sell/cancel confirmation popup window
login/logout capability
background process now maintains list of top ten nodes sorted by latency
better control of child processes to prevent too many processes error
added market history and seconds since last trade
added dictionary of complete holdings
improved login screen

low latency scheme works like this

55 known nodes are tested for ping; top ten are returned by background process
then another background process spawns 6 child processes
each of the children have a 60 second lifespan and continually update the orderbook whenever they have data
as they expire each is replaced by a new child so 6 "fresh" processes remain always
this means the book you see is actually flashing between the data from 6 nodes; so if one goes rogue you'll see it immediately

also... live tested w/ funds by my 8 year old


General Discussion / [ANN] microDEX - low latency minimalist UI
« on: March 27, 2018, 12:14:18 am »

What if the UI maintained DEX connection for months at a time?
What if the orderbook was updated several times per second?
What if the data feed was not dependent on a single whitelisted node?
What if historical CEX data and latest DEX data were on the same chart?

What if you could read and trust all the code that makes it happen
over a single cup of coffee?

[ANN] microDEX

Code: [Select]
                                     ______   ________  ____  ____ 
                                    (_   _ `.(_   __  |(_  _)(_  _)
     __  __  ____  ___  ____   ___    | | `. \ | |_ \_|  \ \__/ /   
    (  \/  )(_  _)/ __)(  _ \ / _ \   | |  | | |  _) _    ) __ (   
     )    (  _||_( (__  )   /( (_) ) _| |_.' /_| |__/ | _/ /  \ \_ 
    (_/\/\_)(____)\___)(_)\_) \___/ (______.'(________|(____)(____)
           microDEX v0.00000009 - low latency minimalist UI


minimal dependencies:




more coming soon!

'till then, need botscript?  check me out at


how's this for soon?  v0.00000009 is live:

The Fastest DEX Orderbooks in the Business!

All that and just 1300 fluffy lines of script :D

version 2 is out:

Code: [Select]
    ''' FEATURES v0.00000002'''
   Rogue Node Immunity:
       A background daemon process maintains a list of low latency nodes
       for buy/sell/cancel/orders ops in a text file
       distributed exchange prices and orderbook are verified and curated
       using multinode statistical approach with daemon processes
       open orders are checked in triplicate on multiple nodes
       dex() definitions have been upgraded after consultation with
       Bitshares core developers and node admin
   Move to github:
   New MODES:
       SALES mode backtest only plots buy/sell actions; no state machine
       LATENCY mode connect to all nodes and reports on latency
       PAPER mode runs live, but does not trade

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