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Our worker budget is tided to the BTS price, we can't exclude this.

What benefits got Bitshares from the 2018 conference?
As you mentioned the worker is not cheap and will have no direct impact on the Bitshares price.
But at this price level for BTS, we need a cheap worker with direct price impact!

I don't know if it will or won't, it might since this is a big enough event and partnering up is very different than being one of many booths. I'm just not stating price action as a goal or a KPI.

Cheap never gets the job done. I'd love to see cheap efficient marketing workers but not holding my breath.....everyone keeps saying it but I don't see any being put forward.

As far as benefits from the 2018 conference, one of the main ones is meeting the organizers and making a good enough impression that they green-lit a potential partnership this year.

You may not be aware of this but BitShares has a HORRIBLE reputation in the wider crypto world. So being taken seriously enough is a great thing.

Mostly it served networking purposes (such as with cointelligence).

Not sure what you were expecting?

Bitshares took part at Decentralized 2018. Since then, price went down hill.
I don't see any reason, why we should now spend more BTS in 2019.

We don't need another conference, we need a serious marketing worker!

I agree on the marketing worker. Hence why I mention it in the text above. I believe this conference would serve as a great launch platform for it.

The rest of your comment about the BTS price is totally irrelevant and imho if you were hoping/expecting that a simple conference appearance would influences the price, or that price action is the only metric of success of various workers , you'd be wrong.

Hello to all members of the BTS community,

This thread is to discuss our potential appearance at this year's Decentralized conference (

For those of you that may not know, we took part last year as well via worker. More details here:

Decentralized is probably Europe's premier blockchain & crypto conference. Thousands of attendees and a great number of well- and lesser-known speakers and panelists.

For more information, I suggest you dive into their website to see last year's speakers and agenda as well as this year's one (still in the making).

The main reason I'm launching this thread instead of creating a new worker straight away is because I am unsure at the level of sponsorship the BTS community would like us to attain this year.

Last year, we went with a slightly re-negotiated "Platinum" sponsorship package that cost 15k Euros (~17.5k USD). The entire worker expenses came to a total of 26.7k USD.

This year, the sponsorship options are slightly different.

I can negotiate a package similar to last year's one but I have also discussed (and been given the green light by the organizers after their checks) the potential of BitShares becoming an event partner. So Decentralized 2019 by University of Nicosia and BitShares. That means full branding, mention and logos everywhere as well as within their own media/social media campaign (which was quite extensive last year).

We also get a Plenary Speaker, session speakers, organizing a sponsor-named panel of our choosing, the main and only double-booth at the booths section, adverts in the brochure, gift bag inclusion, a sponsor-named meeting room, video screen-savers as well as production of a sponsor-dedicated event video after the event + loads of other little promo goodies such as 50% off ticket price for people referred by us.

Overall, I think this is a great opportunity to make some media noise for BitShares in a very well known and established conference and really legitimize the BitShares brand. It would also help "kickstart" some proper BitShares marketing and serve as a good entry point and launch platform for anyone wanting to launch a bigger marketing worker.

The problem is that the cost of partnering is 100k Euros and includes passes and registrations for 25 people.

a) The cost is high (although imho the quality of the conference, the people involved, the press and media attention to be received  as well as the extent of BitShares branding and promotion is worth it)

b) I can't think of 25 people to include without including BitShares-based businesses/gateways etc.

To that extent I had a thought (already discussed with the organizers) of "theming" our presence and sponsorship there as "BitShares and Businesses" where part of our presence would be "core" BitShares but also invite 4-5 BitShares based businesses which would get speaker slots, space and branding in the double booth, space in our conference advert, mention in our promo video and 4-5 free registrations for a 5k-10k USD fee. Flights and accommodation for them would be paid by the worker

This would help collect the required funds fast for partnering while minimising the worker budget "hit".

So let this thread serve as an invitation to all BitShares based businesses to give their thoughts or express their interest in such an endeavor.

For all other BTS holders and proxies, the main question is what do you prefer from the options below:

a) Similar sponsorship level as last year (worker budget ~30k USD spread over several months)

b) Higher sponsorship level but not event partners (worker budget ~50k USD spead over several months)

c) Event partners with additional funding from BitShares-based businesses (40k USD) with worker budget 160k USD (over a month or so, so we can "seal" the deal and start benefitting from their media presence ASAP)

d) Event partners outright (worker budget 200k USD over a month or so.

Thanks for your input everyone. Will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Is there a way to create a private github, so that interested people could help with editing / proof reading?

Hi Fav if the private github effectivly exclude all parsers from search engines so the content won't get indexed
yes that would be possible and even much appreciated.

github offers private repos for free nowadays so yes. def possible

Sicne youre not using an escrow, may I suggest the worker payment account is made a multisig with a few senior community members just to put stakeholders minds at ease?

now beos began to show his power, he voted in a dead witness which didn't active 1 year,
Code: [Select]
wackou #25,446,974 last year 1343 388,144,015 BTS
and he voted in the cheater witness crazybit again.
he can vote in these junk witness because bitcrab, xeroc, cn-vote, clockwork have support more than 25 witnesses.
so be carefull, Bitshares is in a situation of big centralize risk.
if you want to vote out these junk witess, make sure you vote for max 21 witness.
and I suggest withdraw proxy to bitcrab, which still vote for almost 30 witness after this mention.

there are 360M vote power belong to beos now, and there are 13 witness have more than 360M vote support from others than beos.
this means if we approve 27 witness, beos can vote in other 14 self account as active witness and take away the main chain.

so everybody please make sure vote for less than 25 witness to ensure Bithsares is not in control by a centrol.

for now, there are totally about 900M BTS participate the witness vote, BEOS have 300M vote power
there are about 21 witness got more than 300M BTS support without BEOS's help.
this means when there are extra about 150M BTS(this is very close already) vote for a number more than 43, BEOS got the chance to vote for another 22 self account as the active witness, and can take over the main chain.

and if we consider those witness who get 400M BTS support without BEOS's help as a safe line, there are only 16 witness beyond this line,
this means we should keep the active witness number below 31 to ensure BEOS can't get the chance easily to set 17 self accounts as active witness.

edited down to 23.

Keep forgetting people have set me as a proxy (although I never asked for it) and thus have more weight than I realise

General Discussion / Re: Complaint against clockwork witness
« on: May 15, 2019, 10:14:43 am »
The most important job for witnesses is reliably producing blocks. Other jobs, yes, they can do too. When voting, different people consider different things.

Technically, the committee is able to decide the list of feed producers for each asset, that said, if witnesses can't do the job well, let others do it. The community can discuss whether this is a better way.

Another option, technically we can change the rules via BSIPs. For example, let bitCNY holders and bitCNY debt position owners vote for feed producers of bitCNY asset, vote for the related parameters, which could be fairer. However, this is tricky as well, for example, if a whale borrows a lot but doesn't sell, so holding some bitCNY in the meanwhile holding a position, perhaps it can manipulate the whole vote then can make a disaster. Perhaps let bitCNY holders/borrowers have some weight in voting but not 100%? Perhaps let CORE in collateral have zero weight?

Just brain storming. Please discuss.

can we discuss in a topic with a different title though? :D

General Discussion / Re: Complaint against clockwork witness
« on: May 15, 2019, 09:16:37 am »
We are all guilty of few things:

-Lack of technical knowledge (few members)
-Lack of knowledge in economics (few members)
-Lack of respect towards colleagues across the Globe or timezone they are in, families/jobs they have or things they did around.

I think the problem of feed price need a whole set of role to be clearly defined.

Why we can't get a "fair“ feed price?

The argument come from the ambiguous and human factors.

But if didn't have these topics, nobody will care about what's the problem with the bitasset.

A big part of this problem is that due to crypto on-boarding limitations in China, what is fair there is not fair for everyone else.

Same way you can't find a way to buy "cheap" bts, the west can't find a way to sell BTS at the prices you pay.

We need to find ways to focus on this arbitrage shift so we have better price discovery.

General Discussion / Re: Price Feed Review
« on: May 14, 2019, 03:50:56 pm »
I can sell you BTS for 6.2 cents like gdex-witness feeds if you want :)

sorry, gdex-witness will check and update USD price feeding, however that's not the excuse for you to not feed well. :)

Was only joking to point out double standards. Already explained what the issue was on a different thread due to fake Vols combined with zb API being down.

Feed looks stable now... Will adjust as needed

General Discussion / Re: Price Feed Review
« on: May 14, 2019, 03:02:39 pm »
       Funny thing is, at the current feeding price, there is basically no place to buy such a cheap BTS. Witnesses actually think that the feeding price is no problem.
       For example, I bought 500,000 BTS in DEX last night. Each BTS cost me 0.404 RMB (2.1% of recharge rate is included). But the feed price is 0.395. Please tell me where the 0.395 BTS is available. Or which witness is willing to sell it to me at this price?

I can sell you BTS for 6.2 cents like gdex-witness feeds if you want :)

awesome job guys

General Discussion / Re: Complaint against clockwork witness
« on: May 14, 2019, 02:51:48 pm »
Perhaps we should turn the witch hunt around and publish screenshots of short positions with low collateral ratio.

These guys are the cancer of BTS and must be punished! Vote for 150% MSSR please!


This would be considered a direct attack to a high ranked member who wants to increase feedprice ,lower MSSR to 1 so no margin call will get eaten anymore.
You are against long debt holders.You are an enemy.Making sure margin calls won't get eaten anymore gives debt holders security and will increase debt aka liquidity /irony off.

Btw the chinese forum has a nice thread why people with low price feed gets bashed.
First lower MCR than increase price feed and at the end lower MSSR to 1.01 with final goal 1.00 .
There is also explained why.


I see big activity from you guys to improve bitshares.How does it come you guys are so quite about the abused USD OMO Fund ?

Am I the only one that thinks the DEX and the feed should be impartial to shorts/longs?

The ONLY way to increase adoption is to make it fair. This means that we don't protect ANYONE.

I understand the logic behind protecting longs since this means we get more bitasset supply from less people with less capital

But bitAsset success depends on it being fair and treating both sides as equals. Increased supply wont help if the asset is not taken seriously and risk is transferred from borrowers to holders.

Unless your goal is to make it a niche instrument for increased leverage.

But don't expect adoption as a stable coin if you do.

Also..if any of you can't follow what I just wrote you probably shouldn't be commenting...

/rant off

General Discussion / Re: Complaint against clockwork witness
« on: May 14, 2019, 02:00:35 pm »

This is the feed price of clockwork?

Yes...ZBs API started timing out for me and has made the feed unstable due to limited sources...

As you can see it was readjusted a few mins later and I'm monitoring  its stability now.

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