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How do Dnotes earn income for retirement savers?
"How do Dnotes earn income for retirement savers?" CRISP for Retirement savers earn interest during the initial period from a donation provided by some major supporters.

The interest (up to 1 million DNotes) so generously donated by some DNotes supporters is just an added bonus to what most of us are expecting from DNotes and that is long term capital appreciation.  The best performing retirement plans in the world are the ones that are significantly invested in things that realize capital gains.  Interest rarely keeps up with inflation and is generally associated with low yielding guaranteed investments.  The 12% per year (up to 1 million DNotes in total offered in the initial phase of the CRISP For Retirement) rarely happens elsewhere unless inflation is really high.  Think of this bonus interest as a great way to get some more DNotes into your CRISP and keep in mind the big powerhouse behind the CRISP is the potential for substantial long term appreciation / capital gains.

yeah more decentraliced secured exchanges using torrent

using multisig

General Discussion / Re: Sold all of my Bitshares
« on: March 05, 2015, 04:32:22 pm »
yeah man i feel like this too, we put money loose 50% already we put work spreading word and spent time thinking about, now is no gateways to take fiat directly, and about 4000 milions of bts tokens this is clear invitation of downprice for a long time, some little people having huge rewards in this shit phase, while the rest NO. So is going to be normal comunity people burned out, but im sure BitShares potencial possibilities and power, im not going to jump out because this proyect is the best of all cryptos and has best teams coding and creating. i hate cant buy more bts to make my token bag  i have buyed before price down. and hate too not have a shared delegate with other blog forums meetings word spreaders or for people that helps newbies in forum.

sincerily i cant understand this, have 1k millions extra tokens for pay delegates and dont wanna use 1 delegate for this question, to tip people and feel appreciated his time, work etc.. and not feel that his efforts are used to make rich a small group of comunity members and other small group that never read one line in the forum.

yeah good work bro

General Discussion / Re: My experience as financial adviser so far
« on: March 05, 2015, 01:48:10 am »
same error on android 4 ¬ google

Hi, im involved in Dnotes comunity, they are running more than one year now, and you can see part of his work there

They are making a stable crypto currency, a few days ago launch CRISP retirement plans,

Have an online wallet with all coins in deposit are warranty with cold wallet.

I think and purposed hey you must use bitshares for your payment system and participate in private distributed exchange.

they like the idea, 10 seconds transactions to names ect.. and get % bonus for assets holders

Its posible create an Asset with market peg to cryptocurrency, the will need to manage his own delegate to make the peg?

i know they are good and dedicated proffesionals with a good proyect to be done.

Is Bitshares comunity interested to add proyect like this to exchange? What they need to start pegged asset? can metaexchange cloned to make Dnotes-BitDnotes commerce out? They find BTS info interesting and want more.

General Discussion / Re: bitUSD Mining is now live!
« on: March 04, 2015, 04:27:41 pm »

Is there an option, or any plans to have a pool option to payout in BitShares, instead of BitUSD?  I realize the BitUSD can be sold for BitShares, but if you're converting BitShares into BitUSD for paying the miners, it's likely some would prefer to not have it converted and remain as BTS.

It is something I'm exploring in potential partnership with the likes of metaexchange. Miners could use the password field in the stratum protocol to specify how they would like to be paid... i.e. BTS, BitUSD, BitSilver etc...
+5% love Love LOVE this idea!

Using crypto miners to mine physical gold and silver....... +5%

BOOOM!!        +5%

a feature to revise your old cold wallets already has the funds inside

maybe add personal election pic to paper. allows customization

Random Discussion / btc oasis¿
« on: February 27, 2015, 05:45:32 pm »
btc rocketing to 300-400 for few days in the middle of the downtrend?

people talking about, what you think?

General Discussion / Re: The BitShares Online Web Wallet is ready...
« on: February 25, 2015, 08:59:22 pm »
yep cant take a look NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID

looks like same in before

Español (Spanish) / Re: Monedero que no sincroniza (antiguo)
« on: February 23, 2015, 04:14:28 pm »
jaja no te las han regalado, es la proporcion de PTS 2.0 que te corresponde de tus antigüas PTS, ya que el protocolo DPOS 2.0 no tiene inflacion, y los delegados queman parte de las transacciones (destruyen monedas) la verdad ya no recuerdo como fue la proporcion del cambio de pts a pts2.0

Si haces eso mismo en el monedero de bitshares, tambien te saldran unas cuantas BTS "de regalo"  ;D

Random Discussion / Re: Entrepreneurial mindset...insipration
« on: February 22, 2015, 11:59:53 am »

msx - spectrum
megadrive - nintendo
dreamcast - playstation
apple - microsoft - ibm

looks like not only have a good product needed

In this case I believe fluxer555 is exactly correct. However, why such a dualistic perspective, why can't it be both?

With all the money in the world, with a mature product that's possible, but until then focus on the root problem and put scarce resources to use on what will have the greatest effect. You help a few customers 1 by 1 and it helps, but if you resolve the underlying problems for all users you solve the issue for all. i.e. dealing with the root cause is the better, wiser place to spend scarce resources. The community should voluntarily handle the noobs and tech support load and let the devs fix the usability issues. I'm not opposed to allocating delegate resources to address tech support, but in due time.

I kindof see this as representative of pushing the problem off onto someone else to handle. Take responsibility for yourself and donate some of your time to help the noobs with tech support or questions. You don't need to be an expert, just share what you DO know. There's no shame in using the sentence "I don't know". Most of us have all gone thru the experience of installing a wallet, finding a way to buy BTS and getting it transferred into the wallet. Simply help newbies out by sharing your own experience in doing that, which doesn't require being deeply technical.

Remember back when you got started and try to supply some help and assurance in the same way you wanted it back then. Just help get new folks past the initial hump. If we all spent 15 minutes doing this we wouldn't need to divert critical resources away from hacking at the root of the problem.

As for answering deeper tech questions that's a bit tougher. Do what you can as Delulo says, and simply redirect them to Bytemaster's blog or elsewhere if you know a better source of info to address the questions you can't answer. BM has created a huge block of info that addresses many many issues in his blog.

hope see you helping a lot of people

each people that recieve a good help and explain of tecnical shit will do the same for others in other forums only for show hey i now it and like to share with you.

ey bitsharestalk is not the center of universe, and usually people arriving some of they high tech and if resolve his questios be sure they spread the word outside.

can see on spanish section in forum, coders they taking delegates but spanish section is empty, his write to explain tech or help other is cero, but ok when they wanna sell his products and conservate the delegate earning they will do. YES FOR THE PAYMENT

But just think about too ey now is like you stay in garage while first apple is created, maybe can shares ideas or visions to make it strong(not take money equal) but its time to create apple not to resolve questions of curious that come arround. or launch marketing etc..

like im not a coder and stay arround from  keyhotee beggining, equal im not rockefeler but put inside 95% cryto,,, just for this days start to think like this, what the fuck im doing here? donating my time to help others and wasting my time making blog and post in forums to spread the word, for others take big money. So maybe not just me thinking like this.

But be sure without people atracting investors by different ways, bts price that are catched by delegates maybe was de half. So maybe you can think this delegate for noobs and technical questions make that coders dont need 2x or 3x delegates per head. Same way maybe is good another delegate for share with evangelist.

and usually new people not have good attention later talk it to others. like in normal bussines 1 unhappy client put out 20 possible clients.


General Discussion / Re: how to make paper wallets
« on: February 21, 2015, 09:44:38 pm »
 +5% no focking idea to use but wanna see the design hahaha

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