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Guys I can have bitCNY listed with 2-3 exchanges in the next month if we want - was this worker funded for any length of time?

Is there any BTS assigned to pay the bounty or for listing costs?

General Discussion / Re: Review of OMO
« on: February 17, 2019, 09:16:27 pm »
That's a pretty good idea - let's use it for market making / liquidity.

It's a sensible evolution of the fund in my view.

I have a better idea. Forget about OMO and turn off market fees on bitassets.

With the use of DEXBot staggered orders all market fees would be turned into liquidity providing orders which continually increase in size through the compounding of profits from the back and forth of price.

This is the simplest, safest, most efficient way forward for open market operations.

Agree - good idea.

NAME:   bounty based smartcoin marketing campaign
WORKER HANDLER:   smartcoin-marketing (a committee owned account)
DURATION:   2018/11/10 - 2019/2/7 (90 days)
WORKER ID:   1.14.129

Hi Bitcrab, was this worker active for a period and what funds did it accumulate?

Everything is on hold now due to Refund 400k but if there are some funds for this we could proceed with a listing.

Just some example based on global traffic on websites according to alexa.

Nice way of looking at it - Alexa ranking should definitely be considered for exchanges we are looking at as a bit of a sanity check.

Actually gives some interesting info on where people are coming to Bitshares from as well.. DPOS.

Why do you guys focus on top 50 CMC based exchanges.
Instead try real exchanges which are not top 50 CMC but with real history and real user base.

Have you got a list of non-top 50 exchanges fitting this category? Let's get in touch with them and get listed.

Then how about and both of them are top 20 exchanges, but I am not sure about their real volume. They ask for not much, 4-5 bitcoin. As I know coinsuper is a Hongkong exchange with license and fiat channel.

I spoke to IDAX a few weeks ago, they were keen to list BTS but not bitCNY at the minute. Where did you get the 4-5BTC figure from? Typically their fees were quite a bit higher than others (12 BTC + depending on the number of pairs).

How do we coordinate payment of the listing fee?

I have five ready to go - three of them are good options, two (LATOKEN and RightBTC) I've been told to hold off on for now due to uncertainties over them.

There are two top 20/top 25 (depending on the time of day / week) which agreed to 6BTC / 8 BTC for bitCNY & bitUSD. I can change those to BTS and bitCNY and we can have them up by Christmas if we want.

Would rather this worker proposal go towards paying listing fee + some bonus bounty for the person who lobbied it. This is how you get listed, yep most exchanges are fake volume but nobody cares when it can bring new actual users to Bitshares. I'd support this with our vote with the above change^.

I would like to support the change too. How do you think @bitcrab ?

I agree to pay listing fee and bounty to lobbyist from this worker proposal, it's reasonable.

Great post hitting a key point.

General Discussion / Re: suggestion on bitCNY rules update after BSIP42
« on: December 06, 2018, 09:58:08 am »
Hi Bitcrab, thank you for the valuable post on this important discussion point.

Key thing is definitely to learn from BSIP42. My preference is for (2) with the final details to be worked out and agreed - my view is that as long as this is all clearly and cleanly laid out there can be know confusion.

The most important thing to me is that margins are eaten in the bear market so that the stablecoins can protect themselves. For other people the most important thing is maintaining the peg as they have businesses operations where volatility has a real negative impact.

I am sure that we can come together and define appropriate, clear parameters that protect the stablecoins from global settlement in the future  :)

General Discussion / Re: bitUSD : dead ?
« on: December 05, 2018, 05:56:31 am »
It's been holding the peg pretty well and at current prices we've been lurking around people can still settle bitUSD for $1

The repeated sharp drop in price and, (in my view) some of the experiments we were running which hampered margins being eaten as the price fell, meant that Global Settlement (GS) occurred.

That means all margin positions were closed and no new bitUSD can be created. This will remain the case until the asset is revived (there are a few means of that, either the debt will be bought or the price of BTS will rise enough).

So the answer is the peg is holding well in the market BUT it is not currently being created/guaranteed in the same way that it was before.

It's not dead - GS is frustrating but it's how the asset is designed to work and the lessons we learn from this (the first GS for bitUSD after 4 years) teaches some good lessons about what should / shouldn't be done. If we weren't messing around with BSIP42 I think margins would have been eaten and we wouldnt have found ourselves here.

General Discussion / Re: Marketing Proposal
« on: November 30, 2018, 04:59:38 am »

Bitshares scores a measley 5% for its social media presence... we can do so much better and it would push bitshares to very near the top of binance rankings... something to consider for all the twitter haters :)

Great spot

General Discussion / Re: how to revive bitCNY?
« on: November 27, 2018, 06:54:45 pm »
Yes I had it explained to me today that MSSR increases GS price - hadn't realised that.

I think Alex has put forward the best option so far removed: dynamic MSSR.

Doesn't really help us here though. I still disagree with the proposal though - it is again just betting on the price going up and abandoning how the asset is meant to work.


Increase MSSR to 30% (1.3) so that the margins are eaten.

We need a robust system that will work in the future. This stop gap doesn't do anything to improve the system it just breaks the promise of it.
When there is a debt position with 112% collateral ratio, Increasing MSSR to 112% or more will trigger GS immediately.

General Discussion / Re: how to revive bitCNY?
« on: November 27, 2018, 11:58:40 am »

Increase MSSR to 30% (1.3) so that the margins are eaten.

We need a robust system that will work in the future. This stop gap doesn't do anything to improve the system it just breaks the promise of it.

General Discussion / Re: Another suggestion to improve bitAsset performance
« on: November 26, 2018, 08:20:32 pm »
How about letting everyone buy the least collateralised positions at GS price when their position goes below 1.3?

That would mean margins would be bought pretty aggressively when they drop to that level and would encourage margin holders to do everything they can to stay above that level.

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