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Introducing International Sports Events and Creating an International Sports Tourism Demonstration Zone
Today, SEER’s investor Nayun Sports and Hainan Cultural Investment Management Co., Ltd. held a strategic cooperation conference in Haikou, Hainan, “Introducing International Sports Events and Creating an International Sports Tourism Demonstration Zone”

Recently, Hainan Nayun Culture Communication Co., Ltd., a joint venture between SEER investor of Naiyun Sports and Hainan Cultural Investment Management Co., Ltd., has officially settled in Haikou City, Hainan Province, China.
The business scope of the certificate includes: culture and sport events organization, online game operation (including online game virtual currency issuance), research and development of blockchain technology.
The business scope of Hainan Cultural Investment Management Co., Ltd., covers film and television, sport events, electronic entertainment, lottery marketing, etc. It is a state-owned sole proprietorship of the provincial state-owned assets commission.
SEER was one of the first projects to propose blockchain for the real economy. Recently, SEER has been listed on the world’s largest bitcoin trading platform : Bitfinex!!


Bitfinex is pleased to introduce trading for SEER (SEER). Trading is live as of 15PM UTC against ETH, BTC and USD.
SEER is a next generation, blockchain-based prediction market built on the Graphene toolkit. Seer provides users with the ability to express judgments on the outcome of future events through means of the market mechanism, and allows for effective predictions through the gathering of intelligence and user insights. Additionally, it also allows for the deployment of customised development projects, such as sports betting, finance market prediction, asset price prediction and event outcome prediction.

Margin trading & funding will be enabled gradually as the order book gains sufficient liquidity. SEER is a unique project with a fantastic development vision and we are proud to provide a platform of support through which their project can grow.

Recently, the “White Paper of the 2018 China Blockchain Industry” released by the Information Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that, at present, China’s blockchain industry is in a period of rapid development, and the industrial chain has taken shape. SEER emerges in the 3.0 stage of blockchain development, it provides a kind of “changeover and overtaking”chance for the traditional physical industry, and even an opportunity to achieve “credible digitization” in one step directly.

SEER closely follows the national policy and will cooperate with Hainan Cultural Investment Management Co., Ltd.

In April of 2018, at the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Provincial Special Administrative Region of Hainan Province, President Xi announced at the meeting that “the Party Central Committee has decided to support Hainan Island as a free trade pilot zone.” In the document published by the State Council on “supporting the comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up in Hainan”, the State Council has written to support “exploring the development of sports lottery and international sport events” in Hainan. The “horse racing” is especially mentioned in the supported sport events.

In May of 2018, Nayun Sports, the investment representative of SEER, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hainan Cultural Investment Management Co., Ltd. Both parties will carry out comprehensive cooperation including but not limited to the industry of culture, sports, entertainment, etc.

Hainan Cultural Investment Management Co., Ltd is a state-owned sole-funded enterprise under the supervision of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Hainan Province. The company is mainly engaged in cultural investment and management of state-owned assets.

The two sides will take policy support as their background and make full use of their respective resource advantages to improve the interactive and profitability of competitive sport events as a breakthrough point, mobilize the participation and enthusiasm of sports enthusiasts, and deepen the integration of sports industry and tourism in Hainan. Blockchain technology will be used to explore its function in the empowerment of the real economy.

SEER has strong technical strength and will surely contribute to the real economy.

Equipped with multiple-hosts decentralized Oracles, SEER offers users credible decentralized prediction market service. This is the ?technological innovation of SEER. The decentralized oracle framework ensures that the blockchain platform obtains the correct data from the real world, serves as a basis for judging and executing smart contracts, thus, it can be used in the real prediction markets.

The decentralized logical neural network of SEER is open, transparent, and irrevocable. All of the application logic and blockchain protocols are themselves running under the control of the protocol hub. Application and protocol upgrades are all done by the protocol neural backbone. The protocol nerve center consists of developers, councils, witnesses, all common users, and logical states.

The DApps developed on the basis of the SEER underlying technology can run smoothly at high speed. This is because that SEER takes DPoS as its community governance structure, it can achieve an average transaction confirmation time at 1.5 seconds, and a maximum transaction processing capability of 3,300 tps, which is much faster than most of the other public blockchains. High-speed transaction processing capability is the basis for SEER to support large-scale commercial applications.

During the period of Russia World Cup 2018, the first Dapp called Octopaul will distritue free OPC token AirDrop to the registered users, please download the Dapp from the official website to experience about it: 1

Hernán Crespo, SEER, Octopaul and Powerfans team talks

CCTV5 had an interview with Mr. Crespo about the football future of China

The emergence of SEER brings new imagination to the sports industry.

In the past, users in the sports industry had a low level of participation, mainly relying on tickets and sponsorships to obtain incomes, and the advertising and operating costs were extremely high. Some projects and performers have arrears, runoffs, etc. Blockchain technology can use smart contracts to resolve this industry pain point.

The commercial applications based on the SEER underlying technology will allow fans to watch the games that they want to watch at a lower cost. The media, project organizers, and players will use their influence to create more incomes, greatly improve the operating efficiency of the sports industry and the communication efficiency of the industry, and all processes can be automatically implemented based on the blockchain, so that all parties involved can achieve trust based on the technical level.

SEER will also provide different operational procedures and interface applications for the construction of applications such as finance, insurance, social politics, and other industries in accordance with the needs of other different industries. Wu Gang, SEER investment representative and the founder of Powerfans, revealed that apart from the DApp Octopaul, which has already been put into use, there will be a number of DApps developed on the basis of SEER’s underlying technology this year. The infinite extensibility of SEER determines that it will have the potential to influence and even subvert the traditional sports industry and other areas.

The future of SEER is quite expected!

SEER main network gateway system has been restored at 2:00 a.m.,Withdraw/Deposit service has been restored!

SEER main network gateway system will be upgraded from 0:00 June 29, 2018 Singapore time, need to suspend service, account binding will be affected, Withdraw/Deposit service will be delayed to system recovery after processing. It is expected that the upgrade will take 1~2 hours. Please do not use the Withdraw/Deposit service temporarily. We will notify you when the gateway is restored.

At 8:00 pm in Singapore time on May 18, 2018, SEER, the next-generation realistic forecast market Public Blockchain based on the graphene blockchain underlying framework, released the SEER main network V1.0 and the genesis block, completed the faucet account configuration, and released BETA version of the website light wallet.

SEER users can access the official website to use the SEER web version of the light wallet for account registration and other operations.

SEER users can transfer SEER tokens stored in the Exchange or Ethereum Wallets to the main network through the gateway, participating in the voting of the council, election of the witnesses, the mortgage, other community management and the forecast market activities in the SEER main chain network.

Committee members

SEER takes the DPoS (entrusted equity representation mechanism) as its community governance structure. The Committee members is the core of the SEER governance structure. The Committee member are selected by SEER’s token holders. There are 11 Committee members in SEER. Each voter’s voting weight is calculated as a percentage of its holding amount to the total amount of the system.

The authority and responsibilities of the Committee member are as follows: 1. Adjust transfer fees; 2. Specify parameter settings for the blockchain; 3. Deal with disputes between the forecast market and the crowdfunding market; 4. Deal with the requests that challenge the oracle results; 5. Process proposals, such as dealing with developers’ salaries, marketing programs, etc.

In addition to managing the parameters of the blockchain, the Committee member also need to deal with possible problems and disputes in the forecast market and the crowdfunding market. What is more important is to be the final gatekeeper for the correctness of the results from the decentralized oracle.

In order to ensure that each decision can reflect the wishes of most token holders, every decision made by the Committee members needs the approval of the majority of the Committee members. Each Committee member is voted by the token holder. This allows the SEER to be able to operate with efficiency, democracy, and fairness, reaching an optimal balance point.

Being a Committee member will not earn income in the SEER system.


Witness is the name given to block producers in the Graphene Ecology. It is similar to the miners in the Bitcoin network and is the maintainer of the SEER ecological foundation. The main task is to maintain SEER’s network nodes and allow the SEER to achieve a multi-centered operation. Any user can download the node software, and runs SEER on a networked computer that satisfies certain conditions. Users can mortgage a certain number of SEER tokens to become witnesses. The witnesses make the production of blocks in turn according to the ranking of the number of mortgages, and obtains corresponding token rewards. Meanwhile, the mortgagee can enjoy the mortgage income as well.

In the genesis block of the SEER main network, there will be 21 Active witnesses. The users will be selected as witnesses by upgrading their accounts, applying for witnesses, and mortgaging a certain number of SEER tokens to participate in the election. The top 21 users of the SEER mortgage will be selected as Active witnesses, while the others will be selected as the candidate witnesses. The Witness Reward parameter will be set to 31.536 million SEER per year for witnesses to maintain ecological network. As a result, each witness will receive 1.5 million SEER rewards each year. The number of witnesses and other parameters can be adjusted by the Committee members.

Witnesses need to provide networked computers that meet conditions of running SEER node software to maintain the SEER ecology. If a witness has a block rate of less than 50% on the same day, the witness is deprived of the two-day block qualification (there is a loss of two days’ witness income)

The top 101 Witnesses and Candidate Witnesses in the SEER rankings can obtain the mortgage income. Mortgage income is related to the mortgage ranking and the number of mortgage SEER. Mortgage income will be settled and issued once every 24 hours. The total mortgage dividend payable per day = (fund pool – 630720000)/5400. The initial capital pool has 2 billion SEER tokens. Witness rewards and mortgage dividends are deducted from it, so the pool of funds will gradually decrease and the fees paid by the users to the SEER system will be added to the pool of funds.

Candidate Witnesses only have mortgage income. Witnesses can enjoy Witness reward + mortgage income. The number of people who can enjoy the mortgage dividend can be adjusted by the Committee members.

June 8th, Mr. Hernán Crespo, the vice president of Italy Parma club, the former Argentina national football player, known as the “Serie A Golden Boots”, made a special trip to SEER Office in Beijing, to discuss the co-operations with the team of SEER, and its Dapps, Octopaul and Powerfans. All parties reached consensus on Crespo’s effort to help to promote and launch the ecological applications of SEER worldwide.

(Crespo, SEER, Octopaul and Powerfans team talks)

During the period of World Cup, SEER will launch global projects and use blockchain technology to empower the sports industry. The cooperation with Mr. Crespo is just the first step. In addition, SEER will open the European market.

SEER will always move forward as it promised in the terms of “what to do and how to do it” ! In the future, more Dapps with excellent resource will be built up on SEER.

(Crespo and Wu Gang, Founder of Gedoumi, SEER Investment Representative)

( Crespo and SEER Ecological Project Team )

The CCTV World Cup fans’ day 2018 Crespo Chinese fans meeting was held in the morning of June 7th and CCTV5 had an exclusive report about it. Wu Gang, the founder of Powerfans, SEER investment representative, and Chen Lei, the founder of Fans Union, Octopaul investment representative, attended the meeting and participated in the interview.

During the event, many fans including Li Ming, the chief of multi-terminal channel of the World Cup CCTV website and the CEO of Future TV, shared their stories with Crespo and the World Cup. Crespo said in the interview that he will always stick to his own original intentions, maintain the original look, and keep going on the road of football.

Wu Gang, SEER investment representative, said in the interview that blockchain technology can make user demand-oriented football operation model into a reality, which is very difficult to be successful in the traditional internet business model about event crowdfounding. For example, the World Cup Final in 1998, the Brazilian team lost to French team, Millions of fans in the world were extremely sad. Through blockchain crowdfunding, two teams can play again after the final match.

With 10 years working experience in the sport industry, it makes him understand the demand of this field very well. SEER is a public chain serves the sport industry, and it is easy to build up Dapps on it, as its technology is not hard to understand for traditional IT workers. Meanwhile, its speed is up to 3300 TPS, which can fully meet the needs of large-scale commercial business usage.

Chen Lei, investment representative of Octopaul, said at the event that during the World Cup, their team will invite their fans to join together and enjoy the World Cup night. Meanwhile, the Dapp called Octopaul based on SEER will be launched, users can start to use this Dapp to win OPC tokens. Through blockchain technology, it can achieve a fair and open prediction, and provide a better experience while watching the football match. He predicted that Crespo will become an excellent football head coach after 10 years, and he will do his best to do meaningful things in football.


Is there anyone who is good at making explaination videos or writing deep analysis articles for Graphene-Based blockchain projects?

If you are good at it, please read through the articles.

We come from SEER.

SEER is a next-generation decentralized prediction public blockchain, many Dapps will be built on SEER in 2018.

It takes DPoS as its consensus mechanism, and it's one of the new members of the Graphene Ecological Community.

Recently SEER has been listed on Bitfinex, the world largest cryptocurrency trading platform!

SEER has a lot resources in sports industry, good relationships with the government of Hainan province, China, and have already got the EXCLUSIVE operation certificate in Hainan in May, 2018.

If you are good at it, please leave your Telegram username below, our project manager will contact you later on! If you are chosen to be our partner, you will get great reward!!

SeerChain [closed] / Welcome to SEER subforum!!
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Dear Bitsharestalk Users,

Welcome to SEER subforum!!

Have you heard of this project? Recently SEER has been listed on Bitfinex, the world's largest cryptocurrency trading platform.

Seer is a decentralized prediction public blockchain, many Dapps will be built on SEER.

We have a lot resources in sports industry, good relationships with the government of Hainan province, China, and have already got the exclusive operation certificate in Hainan in May, 2018.

Our official website is, and the forum is

SEER takes DPoS as its consensus mechanism, it's one of the new members of the Graphene Ecological Community.

Currently people can purchase SEER on the following exchanges: Bitfinex, AEX, Lbank, GDEX(gdex.seer:bitcny), Coinex, Xbrick, etc.

Check our project through websites, forums or social media, you will find interesting topics there!

More questions, please join our Telegram Group:

Yours sincerely,

Hi, Mr. Admin.
Thanks for reading this request!
We come from SEER.
Our official website is, and the forum is
Have you heard of this project? Recently it has been listed on Bitfinex, it's a prediction blockchain platform, and we have a lot resources in sports industry, also have good relationships with the government of Hainan province, China, and got the exclusive operation certificate there in May, 2018.
We want to apply for a subforum here to discuss about this project, since it also takes DPoS as its consensus mechanism. We will follow the forum rules and try the best to bring high-level discussions here.
Currently people can purchase SEER on the following exchanges: Bitfinex, AEX, Lbank, GDEX(gdex.seer:bitcny), Coinex, Xbrick, etc.
Please check our project through website, forum or social media, and give us a chance, thank you very much!
More questions, please join our Telegram Group:
Yours sincerely,

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