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MemoryCoin / Re: MemoryCoin Wallet 0.8.581 Bug
« on: January 26, 2014, 02:23:25 am »
Your backup should be a wallet.dat file, which would include your default.  For a paper or text backup of the default, you can probably use the help/debug console commands - dumpprivkey looks promising.  You wouldn't be importing into a new wallet.dat file, you'd be copying.

If you import an address, it still sends from the wallet address.  Imported addresses are only "receiving" addresses.

The model is "many receiving addresses, a single send address" because you can trust send addresses to be updated / maintained / owned / refreshed by an active voter account.  Longer term history at receiving / imported addresses would mostly mean commerce / payment / business activity.  The imported receiving addresses would form your "reputation" backbone on the network...your economic history.  The wallet addresses form your "voter identity" backbone behind them...your political history.  Your "voter identity" is linked to a "personal identity" at any given website by voluntarily disclosing out of network info - a forum screenname, ID docs, a related btc address, etc...but could be maintained completely separate and private out-of-network if desired.

That said, we could use a "ballot card copy / reset" option though.  Right now, the only way to "clear" a vote is to send over 10 Satoshi, then create a new wallet and vote again.  That's fine if you're only voting for one address per wallet, but I like to do all my cXo votes from one wallet....So updating one vote means redoing all.

Probably as a .bat or other script that could be launched, close, and restart the gui?  Maybe read vote record of current default address, user input for new votes (or clear all), export all keys, create new wallet, import all keys, sweep to new wallet, reset / update votes?

MemoryCoin / Re: GPU Miner - Ubuntu Configuration (X server issues)
« on: January 26, 2014, 01:41:44 am »
I haven't tried SSH, but I've used this guide before - some version numbers are out of date:

But, have you tried the export DISPLAY command before starting a miner?

export DISPLAY=:0

The most important points I see from the OP is a need for "traceability" / "credit" to source of a creation, and an "advertising" / "promoting" from any who use, develop, or build upon it further.  And an easy voluntary way for any user to send value back to source.

You're kind of talking about turning content creators into micro-celebrities within their business community...or professional networking.  "AngelCoin"?

Think of a creator as a "personal brand" and "co-branding" a use of their product.  Creator could benefit from short-term donations / contributions / etc or publicity.  Both benefit from an increase in "brand recognition", etc.  Creator uses that intangible to network / market / expand / etc.

You're looking for a system that could be long-term, unique, and traceable that people can easily send funds to - that's any virtual currency address.  But you also want a system where it could also be cheap to just show intangible support, or approval...or vote.  And where the source can do the same in return to "approve" or "sponsor".  With the price of a vote to be insignificant compared to the value that could also be donated (1 vote = 1 MMC Satoshi).

You register an account with MMC and say, "This address is me".  You create a document, specification, invention disclosures, patent application, blog post and assign it another MMC address.  "This address is this idea / IP / document / etc."

License something like:

"This is my creation.  Vote for Document MMC address if you support.  Send donations to Author Address to continue development. Document address shall vote for all approved supporters.  Author is available for professional consultation."   

The higher the reputation of your supporters, the higher the publicity for the creator.

It's basically "My approval is for sale and I am for hire.  My reputation is based on trust from my supporters. Look at all the people who voted for me that I could bring as potential customers / users / partners / etc." 

You're basically combining the seller feedback of eBay, the "for-profit" social networking of LinkedIn and employment sites, and the marketing of coin development.

General Discussion / Re: Any Coin
« on: January 25, 2014, 11:38:48 am »
SHA / GPU / CPU have different marketing and penetration characteristics for coin / merchant / mining...therefore different economic considerations, but you can still apply such a model across types.   All three will be around.  So will the market for skilled human labor.

CPU is unglamorous, but ubiquitous - they'll have the greatest number of potential users, most who may not be looking to specialize more.  They're commonality will stabilize prices near mining costs.  This incentivizes users to focus on added value (i.e., service quality), instead of just traded or exchanged in distributed markets (price quality). "Make work" becomes "make use". 

A "wallet fork" is nothing more than one entity requesting acknowledgement that a wallet address is separate from the parent entity.  Pretty much the basis for property rights, corporate partnerships, industry standardization, version control, or configuration management....depending on law, business, industry, engineering, or software.

The most basic action needed to allow "wallet forks" is voting - i.e., a wallet requesting "emancipation" by voting for its parent organization's wallet, and that wallet voting back to acknowledge.  That creates an objective record and "system" classification between the two that can be community verified and enforced...

MMC has voting!  MMC has property rights!  MMC can develop its own "industry common law"!

Think of it as "homesteading" a blockchain...

MemoryCoin / Re: MMCBANK - Max's Miners' Union & Community Trust
« on: January 25, 2014, 09:14:34 am »
Short-term, CSO's working on a social networking site for "MMC community professionals" - web developers, merchants, service providers, miners, etc.  That should give us a place to market ideas like this, see if there's anything related, or if anyone else is interested in advertising further, etc.

Long-term, I like MMC as an "open-source collaborative planning" platform...start with a bunch of "what-ifs?", then see what develops.  We can always play in MMC and see where it goes.  For all we know, someone's already working on something similar, and maybe they just need a bit of co-branding.

But credit union is only the financial aspect of possible "cooperative" models.  Could use it for personal accounting, private business management, or even incorporate your "for profit" and "for the benefit of MMC" selves separately.  Could extend the model to other currencies. 

I think the "for those MMC shareholder who agree I am acting in their mutual benefit by voting for me" concept could link and span anything from consumer, professional, sole proprietor, LLC, corporation, non-profit, etc.  Would provide a solid-basis for "trades in MMC should be tax-exempt, trades in fiat should be recorded and accounted for".

MemoryCoin / Re: MemoryCoin Wallet 0.8.581 Bug
« on: January 25, 2014, 08:22:48 am »
You lose privacy, which is equally bad.
Yes, and you're wrong.  Losing privacy results from gaining reputation, which can be of great value in a community of cryptotraders.  And there are already enough coins where you can go if you want complete privacy.

My concern is making sure users are storing the coins safely and away from prying eyes. I care about the user. How is that wrong?

The use case of using public reputation you described is interesting, but has little to do with the issue of storing your coins in a safe and easy to use manner.

Perhaps my vision will be communicated better with an actual prototype, and you will be able to instantly see the value in it. Might even be easier than trying to explain it with words.

Good intentions are great for paving roads.  I am saying there are already, and will be other options...just as you pointed out you are working on one an alternative.  But that is not what we're going for with "social wallets" because not all lost privacy is bad. 

An MMC wallet can be used as a store of value, just like any other wallet.  User can keep address private, etc.  An MMC wallet can also be used as a store of votes with little intrinsic monetary value, but with great extrinsic value based on the amount of "out-of-network" information attached to that address.  In that case, the owner may want to share that information to publicly link it to their "reputation", etc.  A user could choose either model for either purpose, and keep both completely separate if they wanted.

We're not saying we want Barack Obama to store his savings in MMC and make his wallet address public.  We're saying he only has to store enough to vote with his wallet (1 Satoshi), publish his wallet address and the purpose of his vote - and the market would assign a much higher extrinsic value to that based on his reputation.  Any public / advertised MMC addresses can be kept separate from private / personal chains can be kept separate by exchanges .  A public or advertised purpose provides a community standard against which an extrinsic value or a product, service, or action may be assigned and communicated by market individuals. 

(When applied to payment of services rendered in the real-world instead of just voting, we would call it professional services.)

MemoryCoin / Re: [ANN] DwarfPool - MEGA WEEKEND-PROMOTION
« on: January 25, 2014, 12:56:16 am »
I am hosting a mine-for-dwarfpool charity race. 

Change your miners to use and mine for either:


First to the top of the leaderboards wins.  If Max's Mine wines, the game server may stay up for future promos.

Any funds received will be donated to dwarfpool and held below until game's end:

MemoryCoin / Re: GPU Miner - Ubuntu Configuration (X server issues)
« on: January 24, 2014, 10:47:25 pm »
I had issues with Xubuntu and cgminer with scrypt - everything just hashed slower.  That's why I use Ubuntu w/ hard disks.  Still to try CentOS or BAMT...but back to your issue...

That's an ati driver issue, not a miner issue.  You shouldn't need to run aticonfig after initial set-up and installation.  Can you do the first set-up from the local desktop, then try just running the miner remotely from the shell?

I think "X server must be running" refers to the Gnome/KDE desktop kernel.  I've gotten that before when booting straight into command prompt on recovery and trying aticonfig, but never if I've loaded the desktop first then gone to terminal.

(Also, which miner are you trying to use with linux?)

MemoryCoin / Re: [DEO] MaxPOST - Updates & Plot Developments
« on: January 24, 2014, 09:31:44 pm »
Honorable Mentions - Updated MaxVTE

This is to update and explain my voting logic and how I base it on network history or "community trust".  In real life, we base our votes on information from the real-world community (i.e., community reputation) instead of just numbers on a network, but let's pretend you are trying to take over the MMC network...

Trust can be based on personal or community knowledge and can be based on in-network information or out-of-network information.  Personal and in-network are weighted higher.

1st Preference / Most trustworthy = Max.  Both personally and in-network...haven't let myself down yet...

2nd Preference / 2nd trustworthy = Freetrade.  Highest community in-network trust (most block rewards) and personal trust (pays salary to MAXdeo).

3rd Preference / 3rd trustworty = GrandPWR.  No in-network history, but highest personal and out-of-network information.

GrandPWR has a background in executive coaching and communications.  I trust him completely based on out-of-network information, but you should not trust him since he has no history yet. 

GrandPWR will focus on basic "new user walk-throughs" that most of us take for granted or already learned in our "pre-MMC" bitcoin days - basic wallet security, no chargebacks, never use Paypal, etc.  He will be walking through existing MMC links, asking newb questions in the forum, and maybe developing beginner guides for  GrandPWR will also submit forum posts for interesting discussion topics, off-site cryptocurrency news, etc.

The MMC Community will need to determine whether MaxPWR and GrandPWR are the same user before GrandPWR can build his own trust.

GrandPWR is a new username for this forum that I created for GrandPWR.  GrandPWR is a new cryptocurrency user.  GrandPWR does not know he has been nominated for CEO yet.  GrandPWR does not know Max has created a new username for GrandPWR.  But MaxPWR trusts that all GrandPWR needs is a hint:

"Corner of W.45th, number and name lower-case"

Voting Disclosure:

GrandPWR for Team CEO:

I am voting from:

MemoryCoin / [DEO] MaxPOST - Updates & Plot Developments
« on: January 24, 2014, 08:51:32 pm »
Max's Power-on Self-Test (POST) will be for DEO community and personal project updates.

Project Developments:

MMCPOST - Seraphim working on layout and basic social network / bbs functions.  Site FAQ under development.

MMCBANK - Private pledge for contract support.  Service and reserve development started (Max's Mine) and cross-branding promo with dwarfpool (Max & Smaug). 

Plot Developments / Announcements (See posts below):

Honorable Mentions - Updated MaxVTE

Post Developments / upcoming FAQs, guides:

Officer Operations Manual
Community Trust Standards

Codename Development / ideas for longer articles or projects:

"I, Operator: The DAO"
"a trusted steed indeed is donekee"

General Discussion / Re: Charity DAC
« on: January 24, 2014, 05:17:52 pm »
There's a DAC for that - MemoryCoin.

The least efficient unit of labor or capital in a distributed economy is an isolated individual.  The basic unit of communication is a vote, i.e. approve or accept.  Markets are simply economic information communication systems.  An efficient system of market communication can provide the most efficient economic empowerment for individuals.

Every distributed economic system will need some form of voting - it's necessary for trade, (accept bid/ask), for business (corporate shareholder voting), and for politics (community voting).

The "voting system" can refer to either the technical implementation (how votes are cast, counted, or scored / weighted) or how they are valued by the community. The value of a voting system does not fall into "group trap"...a group falls into a "value trap".

MMC is basically a community charity development coin.  5% of new coins are "taxed" from each new block, and distributed to a group of elected Officers and an elected Charity.  The Officers perform community service and development.  If community leadership weakens, and the MMC economy stops growing, this is a non-sustainable enterprise since the community will become sclerotic and be slowly taxed to death.  But MMC is a bunch of crypto-users.  They act in their self-interest, and are most concerned with making a profit.

So, MMC is an anarcho-capitalistic distributed economy of profit-seekers with a net 5% loss taxed away for charity and community to survive?

Cooperate, combine, adapt, evolve, grow, and capitalistic and marketable!

Real-world industries have already solved this problem, but just haven't applied it in the infinitely-distributed sense.  This is what policies, procedures, corporate governance, and project management address through quality assurance / quality improvement / quality management systems. 

Policies are "objective / mission statement / overall strategic goals".  Procedures are "requirement / instructions / detailed tactical directives".  In a traditional, rigid, strict corporate management structure, these are controlled to be the same.  But, the farther from top-management (overall corporate mission), the more muddled and confused the directives and operations.

Enter matrix-based project team structures - small local teams of various disciplines assigned to specific tasks distributed and derived from an overall project goal.  But now the traditional corporate structure has infinitely more "moving parts" to check up on...

Enter the parallel quality improvement leadership team structure - a separate team of individuals responsible for inspecting output, evaluating quality, correcting defects, and improving operations to re-align local project team output with overall organizational mission goals.

In a fully distributed sense, this allows individual local operations to have complete opposite goals than the overall organization, but still net benefits for overall organizational goals at higher levels. 

That is, MMC is a group of profit-taking individuals working under strong Officer quality leadership with community self-regulation and accountability to integrate into an overall charity-giving organization.

Furthermore, this combination is widely applicable and scalable.  Some US states have already started a new class of legal entities known as "benefit corporations" - for-profit corporations with official licensed commitments for portions of their profits to serve charitable purposes. 

Any real-world organization could form a separate "nonprofit" subsidy as a nonstock, cooperative corporation open to all MMC holders.  A business trust could then be established between the parent company and subsidiary.  The parent company performs "for profit" fiat-world business.  The subsidiary performs "non-profit" real-world business through the MMC network charity fees, while also performing "for-profit" crypto-world business.

By appropriate classification and accounting throughout the system, the "charity" and "profit" aspects can be efficiently separated, focused, and grown.  Since the overall MMC network results in a net real-world charitable benefit, any existing corporation can create a non-profit subsidiary entity to perform business denominated in MMC if fellow MMC members vote that it serves their common interests of profit-taking and/or charity-giving.

I will need to read in detail before I can comment on the paper, but I was thinking of a similar application with existing coins.

A lot of the draconian elements of IP / copyright law (licenses, contracts, etc) come from the fear of not receiving credit in a debt-based system, which leads to fear of not seeing a return on investment of time and resources.  Current debt-based IP / copyrights are based on providing protection for ROI. 

Some certainty for ROI is needed as an incentive for initial research and development, before the market can appropriately value the quality and competitiveness of the future product.

In a wealth-based system, that can be replaced by trust in ROI instead of protection of ROI.  That requires a method to ensure credit is received for a piece of work, separate from any guarantee or protection of ROI.  This is as simple as a "universal signature" on a painting or document.

That is - a "libertarian" copyright would simply be a method for one organization to universally acknowledge, agree, and communicate that "X thought of Y first and intends for it to be used like Z". 

There can still be counterfeiters / violators / etc - there can be no protection in a lawless, borderless, unenforceable, distributed global economy.  But there can still be community enforcement, trust, and charity among virtual communities in a distributed economy, which can replace laws and contracts to increase ROI certainty for research and development in IP/copyrights.

This is typical already in software ("donations" in open-source vs. "license fee" in proprietary sw), but is more difficult in other applications because of time, traceability, communication of ownership, etc. 

Memorycoin, Namecoin, and Datacoin can help address this in a distributed economy:


Intellectual Property (IP) Creator assigns MMC wallet address to a piece of owned IP.

IP / Copyright Organization Officials "vote" for IP address.  IP Organization publishes result and submits vote address and record to datacoin blockchain for independent archiving.  Creator maintains and registers record and DTC transaction ID with a namecoin dns registrar.

Creator has a mutable record of approval in MMC blockchain.  Independent permanent record of approval is stored in DTC blockchain, and can be encrypted.  Record retrieval details can be located through independent blockchain dns server.   

Creator has a universally available (NMC) certificate of a record (DTC) of approval (MMC) based on the reputation of the IP / Copyright organization.

MemoryCoin / Re: MemoryCoin Wallet 0.8.581 Bug
« on: January 24, 2014, 05:45:58 am »
You lose privacy, which is equally bad.

Yes, and you're wrong.  Losing privacy results from gaining reputation, which can be of great value in a community of cryptotraders.  And there are already enough coins where you can go if you want complete privacy.

You can use a wallet once and walk away, or you can post it on your facebook page to build a reputation and give your votes more community influence.  Reputation and influence in a coin made for voting :)

And, you need deterministic wallets for community identity, not community reputation.  Reputation is based on the minimum information you need in order to trust someone a required amount.  For example, the community does not need the internal / private chains of a user's deterministic wallet tree.  If a user wants to link / trim / maintain their own account tree information, web wallets / other coins can have that functionality.

MemoryCoin / Re: [ANN] DwarfPool - MEGA WEEKEND-PROMOTION
« on: January 24, 2014, 04:12:29 am »
MaxGorilla Promo

Dig for Dwarves!

I have created two vanity addresses that people can set their miners to and "race" them in the dwarfpool leaderboards:

Any funds received will go towards buying more dwarves.

Max's Mine and Smaug.


MemoryCoin / Re: [ATTN: Dwarves] MaxPWR Awakens Smaug
« on: January 24, 2014, 04:07:56 am »
MaxGorilla Promo:

Save dwarves! Fight Smaug!

Help reach Max's Mine before Smaug does! 

Max's mine must reach the top of the dwarfpool leaderboards before Smaug does.

If Max reaches the dwarves before Smaug does, dwarfpool can add more dwarves!

How to Play:

Join and mine for either Smaug or Max's Mine, below:



Any mining received will steal Smaug's gold (balance) and give it back to the dwarves.
100% mined for Max and 50% mined for Smaug will be donated to dwarf pool.  If Max's Mine reaches the top of the leaderboards first, dwarves everywhere can swim again.  If Smaug wins, dwarves shall be eaten...

Smaug starts with an initial pile of gold. The promo will end when Smaug's balance reaches 0.
Smaug's stolen gold will be held at the address below until promo end:


(Any funds received are donated to, the different percents just extend the game a bit.)

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