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General Discussion / Re: Mobile Wallet - Testers needed
« on: May 20, 2015, 01:35:00 pm »
Please publish the APK @ There are few cryptocoin apps there (and some of us don't use the play store ;)), this will bring some more users in.

Also - haven't read the 11 pages of this thread - does this wallet support TITAN?

If not, why?
If not, any plans to implement it?
 If yes, any ETA?

@Karnal, @xeroc is right on what he is saying.

TITAN support wont be available in the first release but we are committed to support it as soon as the infrastructure in the network is ready.
I really don't know the current status of the mail subsystem (that will let you notify a user which transaction to look in the blockchain) 

We can easily support outgoing TITAN transactions to "titan accounts" but the real value is to support incoming TITAN transactions.

General Discussion / Reconstruct memo info from a seed
« on: May 19, 2015, 05:24:39 pm »
If we want to reconstruct the entire transaction history of an account, we need to decode the memos that were sent from us and the memos received by us. (The second ones are not a problem since we have all the necessary information to decode).

But, the reconstruction of the shared secret (used to encrypt the memo out) forces the client to keep a reference to the key used (child index of HD key, full ECkey, other).

If we can just store 4 bytes in the memo we can relieve the client from storing that references (since the reference will be in the blockchain) and will let reconstruct the entire history just from a seed.

This 4 bytes can be obscured/encrypted using skip32 or other mechanism.

It there any possibility to do this in the core?
I don't want to increment blockchain size since it will have a big impact on the long term, but can we give a new meaning to some memo fields?


General Discussion / Re: Mobile Wallet - Testers needed
« on: May 19, 2015, 03:45:42 pm »
Here is an update to show where what we are doing.

Basically we have a stable backend api (v2), a stable wallet structure and a working exchange, so now all the efforts will be going into the UI.

General Discussion / Re: Mobile Wallet - Testers needed
« on: May 04, 2015, 04:13:53 am »
api server will be unreliable until notice

General Discussion / Re: Mobile Wallet - Testers needed
« on: April 28, 2015, 01:34:43 am »
Just to keep everyone posted.

We are re-factoring some messy parts of the transaction list processing since it got too clumsy and is preventing us from going faster.

--- long

We are merging information that is in the blockchain (operations inside txs) with information that is private to each client (deposits, withdraws, payments), this merging is being done in the client.

Since what you will be having in the wallet is the real bitAsset (bitUSD/bitCNY,etc) no and IOU (UIA) from us, each transaction that our client send is composed of 4 operations.

1 Withdraw - in bitAsset (from client)
1 Deposit    - in bitAsset (to destination)
1 Deposit    - in bitAsset (to our hot wallet - service fee)
1 Withdraw - in BTS (from our hot wallet - network fee)

We know that with the new UIA features we could have setup and IOU from us that is instant redeemable for the bitAsset (using the market) and just set a transaction fee. But we think is better to just use the real bitAsset. (And the new UIA features were not available at the time we started)

Also part of this re-factoring includes the memo creation/decryption.

Is short, we are re-factoring the code that reduces each of this operations combined with the private information and generate a nice and simple row that says things like.

 "10 Received from PEPE (message from pepe)" or
 "300 USD deposit"
 "15 USD Sent to JUAN (memo) (fee)"
 "1.2 BTC sent (memo)"
 "150 USD withdraw (btc address)"   

For me the value proposition of bitAssets are.

- Unseizable
- No counterparty risk
- Instant transfer
- Low cost
- 0 questions for account opening

And i would love to have.
- Fast cash redemption.

Decentralized/Distributed is not a value proposition in itself.

DevShares / Re: DevShares 0.9.0 Feedback
« on: April 22, 2015, 01:57:50 pm »

Code: [Select]
default (unlocked) >>> wallet_uia_retract_balance DVSCejnL9Uowi5zPdH76yqEt2afDxAzyekrF elmato
20027 memo_too_long: memo too long

    {"memo":"retract balance DVSCejnL9Uowi5zPdH76yqEt2afDxAzyekrF"}
        th_a  wallet.cpp:131 deposit_from_transaction .....

General Discussion / Re: Mobile Wallet - Testers needed
« on: April 14, 2015, 06:13:20 am »
Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of updates in the last weeks, Pablo and I have been busy with personal issues, I being a father again with some minors issues and Pablo moving from his house.

I will focus this week to get a release ASAP for you to test.

1) You have to look not in the master branch but the dev ones.
    Also there is a lot of work in the backend that is not being published in github but in our private repo.

2) True

@xeroc: I know it is frustating, we will try to update more often.

@lzr1900: Thanks for your support, but we are not dead.

General Discussion / Re: Mobile Wallet - Testers needed
« on: March 24, 2015, 01:27:52 am »
@lzr1900, We are working 12 hours a day in this project and we are not working for the delegate payment, it just helping us paying the rent of our office.
I know that you are expecting results now, and we will release soon.
Just give us some more days.

General Discussion / Wrong amount in small orders
« on: March 18, 2015, 08:47:02 am »
When i submit a bid wanting to buy 8 BTS @ 0.000132555 USD i get this in the orderbook.
Code: [Select]
0.0010 USD                7.54403 BTS                     0.000132555000 USD
Why i don't get the full 8 BTS?

When buying 4 BTS
Code: [Select]
0.0005 USD                3.81679 BTS                     0.000131000000 USD
When buying 2 BTS
Code: [Select]
0.0002 USD                1.65289 BTS                     0.000121000000 USD
Is this a precision problem?

Thanks for you help @vikram.

Just wanted to let you know this.

The 0.5.2 workaround worked fine, but CNY funds were still missing. (about 90% of the balance)

Just 1 minute ago i was buying USD with BTS using this "problematic" account.
After i submitted the ask and typed "balance" to see the new USD ...  magically all the CNY appeared (apart from the recently purchased USD).

strange ... but all funds are ok. :)

General Discussion / Re: Mobile Wallet - Testers needed
« on: March 12, 2015, 04:59:56 pm »
Talking about paper wallets I can offer assistance with creation of (preloaded) paper wallets (SVG formated) ..

Also would like to simplify cold storage that way .. can you tell me if your mobile wallet will be able to decode BIP38 encoded private keys?

Hi Xeroc, thanks for your help will let @fran2k know about that.
Bip38 will be supported in the future but is not high prio right now.

If you want to help us in the implementation you can extend the cordova plugin we are using for the crypto part.

great work @pc!!
 +5% +5%

General Discussion / Re: Mobile Wallet - Testers needed
« on: March 11, 2015, 01:08:45 am »
Dear community,

Its been a long time without updates so i will try to summarize what we were doing and were we are going.

I was holding the update because we are pretty close to the release of 3rd version and i wanted this post to be that notice.

We still working on the 3rd version (the last alpha) code name "making bitAssets usable everywhere Bitcoin is accepted".
We are integrating the wallet backend with liquidity providers like CryptoHedge (through and also in talks with other bitcoin service providers.

@cass has joined our team and is helping us with the new design and branding,
Anyway, the 3rd release will still be using our old-and-ugly design with minor modifications while @cass works on the new one for v4.

So v3 will look something like this.

And v4 will look something like this.

Were we are going.

We want to build a company on top of the wallet service.
In fact we already have a name for it ... LIME.
Pablo (@dargonar), besides working on the frontend, is working on a pitch deck to show to potential investors.

The 100% delegate position is helping us bootstrap the company, but as you may know this can't even pay one developer salary. So we are looking to raise seed funding.
We believe that LIME besides being for profit will also bring value to the BitShares shareholders as a whole.

As bytemaster said "Every delegate should have a business plan", we are going in that direction.

Besides all this, we are working side-by-side with @matt608, @fran2k and @rgcrypto holding meetups in the Buenos Aires Bitcoin Center, teaching the local Bitcoin community about BitShares and bitAssets, doing paper wallets giveaways, creating a video about BitShares in spanish with the people from and (as soon as i have some time) helping to accept bitUSD as a payment method.

Thats all for now, stay tuned for v3 update.



I still have some funds unavailable.

I tried the 0.5.2 workaround (restore was ok),  but one of my accounts in the wallet has some missing CNY (~90%).
I also tried regenerating keys and rescaning the blockchain without success.

-- edit
1) restore old backup (2014-10-28) using v0.5.3 => OK.
2) create new backup with v0.5.3 of the recently restored wallet => OK
3) restore new backup with v0.6.2 => "Invalid Password!" error

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