Author Topic: Thinking about pre-selling ArtistCoins ahead of MUSIC launch  (Read 1261 times)

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instead of asking directly. why dont u give ppl a link to ur portfolios.

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What could be of an option to you and your brother folk duo
is to find a Trusted BTSX Escrow agent have the Agent hold the
funds for the recording while the (software is being tweaked).

 If you or your brother purchased (Notes = units of Bitshare music blockchain)
 have either one of you considered how many artistcoins would he actually need
to pre-sale in order for him to raise the amount of funds the project requires?

Due diligence before any undertaking is a necessity


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Hey Music team,

My brother has a folk music duo (they're called Smith House; their first album/EP "The Raw and Rich" is available on iTunes) that he's been playing with for a couple years, and he's looking to raise funds to record a second album. He could start recording soon, and he's been asking me about how to do some kind of crypto-currency crowdfunding. Obviously, the best platform for this is BitShares Music; the only problem is that it doesn't exist yet.

So I wanted to throw out the possibility that we could raise funds by pre-selling artistcoins. We only need a few thousand dollars; to make the accounting easy we'd want to do the fundraiser exclusively in BitUSD.

I'd launch the funding campaign this week, but my only concern is that we'd be bumping into US securities regulations: we are soliciting donations with this promise to award artistcoins at some future date. Anybody have any ideas how we could go about this legally without waiting for the launch of Peertracks?
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