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It would be also nice to see under each specific account on the summary page that shows the balances to show also the balances that are held on orders (cover, open orders etc..) I found my self in the past forgetting that I had an open order and saw a reduced balance on the summary and freak out..

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It would be awesome if I could go somewhere in the client and see account totals. Here's a sample list of data that would be nice:

Total short of bitXXX
Total long of bitXXX (with a subcategory showing how much is on orders)
Total BTSX (with a subcategory showing how much is on orders)
Total BTSX collateralizing my margin orders
Net Account value: add up all longs (including those in open orders), all shorts, all collateral, and whatever else to show "here's how much my wallet is worth."

The last one could even be two values: one based on price feeds and one based on actual current market prices. This latter would represent "how much my wallet would be worth if I went through and manually traded everything to BTSX."
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