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BBx Dev Hangouts (BitShares)
« on: September 26, 2014, 07:03:12 pm »
Enter Below...into a world of BitShares Dev Hangouts!
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Re: BBx 24OCT14 -- Bytemaster w/ Chinese Community --
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00:50  Intro: Crypto is experimental! Our systems will not always work as planned.

3:40 Bytemaster thanks everyone for trying to communicate instead of questioning their motives. He hopes to reward everyone for helping support the community.

“lets be rational, trying to understand it and always assume he has the right motives, which we have the reasons for.” --BM has largely proven himself. 
 “I agree with that, but let’s also healthy to have some skepticism”

6:24 Bytemaster:  “I don’t want people having blind faith in me.  It is impossible to know someone’s motives—we can only see their actions.”

9:14 Mars.Walker (TBK) volunteers to translate during the session.

09:40 Is BTSX and DNS now one in the same?

11:17 Chinese community:  will all other DACs in the future be inside BTSX?
BM:  BTS will consolidate focus on a single DAC.  All DACs will be third partywith their own dev teams and marketing strategy and we will be  competing against them.  DACs such as PLAY and MUSIC will have their own strategy.  In the future we would like things like this merger to be voted on instead of by decree of developers. 

14:15 Delulo has BM expand on his answer. 

16:20 Could we use AGS funds for translation between communities? 
We are already paying a large group of Chinese to translate.  I guess we need feedback from the Chinese community about how good of a job they are doing.  It would be good to have someone like Bo Shen in here for this. 

18:00   Chinese community is concerned about how well the Chinese marketing team is doing. 
Mars.Walker(TB) : Chinese volunteers are doing the work currently…not the team being paid.
BM:  We are working on a more finalized, official Press Release that can be translated into all languages used by our investors. Please continue to give feedback to validate that Bo Shen is doing so.

21:00  Fuzzy states that Chinese recently-promised donations for the upkeep of the Mumble Server will be used to pay for volunteers currently translating for free.

21:50 When is the ETA for the Press release on the proposals? 

24:00  Rune asks BM about AGS being bought out.  BM states that AGS and PTS are bought out and now BTS will be used in place.  Third Party DACs will be able to still honor AGS/PTS and BM recommends this instead of honoring BTS.

26:20 Chinese Community: Do you know what DACs will and will not be combined with BTS? 
MUSIC and PLAY will decide whether they want to join, but they could easily exist on their own and be no competition to BTS.  "I can only say we will not be buying them out like we did with PTS/AGS/DNS.  BM thinks these are going to be solid Primary DACs, but he will not be focusing on those the best.  BTS will be where his focus is."

28:20 Question about RoadMap for SuperDAC:

31:45 Delulo asks about the KeyGraph and its functions.
It allows you to organize information in a way that can be traversed and allow observers reading the blockchain to derive meaningful information on their own.  Ex: Credentials Management—is this person who he/she says?

35:40 Are JSON Objects able to handle multiple pairings or just 1 to 1?
   BM imagines each vertices will have multiple owners and multiple relationships. 

37:30  Question about making client improvements for more newbie-friendly wallet.
   BM plans on improving the interface.  Expounds upon this. 

40:21 Voting and Identity “Serious ID”/”Real ID”.  What information will be used to verify it? 
BM states that various verifiers will use different methods and some of those methods may become more or less established as the standard. Talks about Joomio with Selfies and User IDs to meet the standards required for banks…which are higher than those required by governments for voting. You will be able to selectively reveal your information. 

43:00 Talk about Transparency plan moving more of the core team to delegate positions.  Delegates will be paying individuals working for the DAC, total wages paid out are transparent but individual pay cuts will be private to whatever degree is possible..

48:45  Delegate pay by dilution or by transaction fees?  Dilution seems like it will be necessary for a time, but developers likely add far more value than they take…and dilution will have a maximum of approximately 8% per year per shareholder approval.  Delegates set pay-rate and if shareholders do not believe those being paid by the delegate are doing their job, that they can vote the delegate (and the pay) out of power, thus unfunding the operation. 

53:54  Limiting factors to make it necessary for a SuperDAC to split into smaller DACs again will likely happen if the infrastructure (internet speeds, computer equipment…etc) cannot handle transaction volume.  When we cannot use parallel chains, hardware and algorithm improvements to handle these volumes, fees will need to increase.  When it reaches a point where a competitor can improve upon transaction speeds while charging less, we will see smaller chains (with less stress) begin taking these roles.  BM believes it will be advantageous for competitors to allot current ownership in the main chain to the new, smaller chain, less an amount of shares necessary to bootstrap the process of launching and providing the service.

59:31 Chinese ask for transparency and job descriptions of Bo Shen and Brian Page:  More specifically, what metrics are used to track their progress. BM speaks to Brian Page’s advice to simplify the brand.  Brian is setting up simplified means of enabling users to buy learn about and buy bitUSD from a single portal.  His and all marketing team pay is contingent on Market Cap.  If they do not Raise Marketcap, they do not get paid. 

1:03:00 What is marketing’s pay?..or payment structure  If they bring BTS to the size of Bitcoin, it will be approximately 10 million dollars pay.

1:06:45 How do you envision new developers integrate themselves into bitshares?

1:13:40 Transparency about Bo Shen’s efforts. 

1:16:00 The more optimized DPOS becomes, the less there is an overlap there is between the developers and those running delegates signing transactions.  Wouldn’t we need a more optimize way of paying developers?

1:21:30 Talk about Setting Delegates up to pay for volunteers.

1:23:25 Talk about Bo Shen and Chinese Community’s concerns regarding marketing.  Bytemaster helps clarify some issues. 

1:28:34 The individuals being trusted should justify their contribution for being paid.  The idea of one-person per delegate as opposed to one person running a delegate and hiring others to work under them, and transparency of progress made. 

1:37:55  Two Questions regarding marketing:
Could you confirm or deny Brian’s was paid over $100,000 dollars per year prior to spinning off to form his own company? 
When do you think he has had enough time to show he has “produced”? 

1:40:40 “In defense of Brian—we do not have anything ready yet for mass marketing”

1:44:35  Comparisons between BitShares marketing strategy (waiting until working product release before marketing push) as opposed to Ethereum’s style (having no product but educating public about intentions to build one).

1:47:45 Did you think about adding someone to the team who is a great speaker and also understands the technical aspects?

1:49:25 Talk about Agent86, Max Wright and Toast.  Concerns about Agent86, the community’s trouble interacting with him and BM’s explanations of why he sees Agent86 as valuable.  Expresses Agent86’s interest in trying to create his own crypto project and how Agent will likely try to compete if bitshares does not hire him.

1:51:49 If Agent86 creates his own crypto-project, do you think he will be honoring the social contract?

1:54:39 “We are not absorbing and retiring AGS/PTS.  They still exist as a historical record of the people who supported this community, who made the bitshares toolkit possible.  Anyone who is taking our code and using it, should pay some respect to to the people who did it, rather than cut them out and try to compete entirely (without them). “

1:55:30 Two questions:
Californian voting officials you will present something to.  Do you think about the legal concerns they might have regarding the AGS/PTS Sharedrop?
Should we take the chance to clarify the word “dilution” for the Chinese?

2:02:42 Could you go into detail concerning legal concerns with bitshares VOTE?

2:03:32 And Bitshares is still going to profit PTS?

2:04:00 Chinese express appreciation for BM’s time and stated they feel their questions have been answered.  BM expresses his appreciation. 

2:06:10 BM wants to emphasize:
We are operating on a no-contract, no-obligations basis…
On a gift economy mindset, where we are giving to AGS/PTS no-strings attached…based on our reputation. 
As soon as we say that you are required to do this or that…and this is mandatory, or a defaulted commitment—now things start to get muddy
When we do things as gifts.  When we do things with no restrictions or legal contracts, you keep the government out of it—and that is Huge.


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