Author Topic: Which data should a delegate publish together with his name ONCHAIN  (Read 691 times)

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Those of you that registered a name on the blockchain might have noticed that you can store a JSON object associated with your registered name on the blockchain, such as website, mail, ...

I'd recommend we start a discussion about which data active delegates should publish together with their name. This would involve a (not-so-regular) update-transaction. Nothing to special.

Those are the fields I personally would like to see for active delegates:

- website (campaign for the delegate)
- pgp/gpg fingerprint
- mail
- scripthash for price feed script
- delegate slate
- maintainer TITAN address

optionally those keys could could also be published:
- skype
- icq
- twitter
- bitmessage
- donation TITAN address
- forum handle

What's your view on this? Do we need this? Not required? Should we someday adjust our votes to reflect those entries to?

Disclaimer: My public json data currently only contains the slateID!

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