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Offline redhouseoveryonder Crowdfund offer to Beyond Bitcoin listeners.

If you have been listening to Beyond Bitcoin in the last few months you have heard about Because the Beyond Bitcoin community has been there watching the project grow from the beginning you know that you have watched us evolve into what we are today and since we have started looking into all solutions to build on.

We offer 3 different tiers for Beyond Bitcoin listeners to enter our Peerity Crowdfund. Entering the crowdfund in any tier will get you the following perks:

Access to all alpha and beta builds and join discussions with the team during that time.
Special founders badge on your Peerity account so everyone can see you are one of the special people who made this project into a reality.
Discounted token price in regards to the official public crowd sale (official token sale price is between ($0.20 and $0.26).

Tier 1
50 spots Max
$1500 ($0.15 per token)
Single 50% Whaleshares upvote per week on a post of your choice for 4 weeks.

Tier 2
10 spots max

$7000 ($0.14 per token)
Single 100% Whaleshares upvotes per week on a post of your chice for 4 weeks.
Exclusive t-shirt

Tier 3
9 spots max
$13500 ($0.135 per token)
Three 100% Whaleshares upvotes per week on a post of your choice for 4 weeks.
1 Peer Server Operator license (worth $8500)
Exclusive t-shirt
First 5 people get a free entrance ticket to the blockchain expo in Barcelona in October.

Requirements: Have a working Bitshares account so we can send the tokens over to your Bitshares account name.

Discord channels: Join our Peerity Discord and check out our #bounties channel.
Whaleshares Discord
Also, here are instructions to join Whaletank Hangouts

All PEERCROWDFUND UIAs are tradeable on the BitShares DEX and redeemable for PEER tokens the native token of the Peerity blockchain.
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Offline virtualgrowth

Invested and look forward to more.  Also if a group may want to invest together I may offer to help manage such interest.  Keep up the great work peerity! :)

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