Author Topic: Problems syncing Bitshares X Wallet  (Read 1221 times)

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Thanks to both responses. 

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Another question is Bitshares PTS held in it's own wallet?

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Might have figured it out myself.  So the new question is:  Are bit Assets to show up in the latest bitshare wallet?  bitshare x being obsolete?

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I have been trying get my Bitshares X Wallet running on my computer.  (want to move BitUSD to it from bter) Actually tried on two computers in two separate locations.  I searched this forum for ideas of resolving but only getting more confused. 

I get it running but the syncing does not get past 74 days. It still shows some network connections at that point but then just keeps running at that point.  I have uninstalled and started again but get to the same place.  I have gone to firewall settings and made sure that was not the problem.  I have had numeous wallets of other cryptocurrency and never had this problem.

Can anyone give me a clue as to what the issue is????