Author Topic: Bug?: Account not found after deleting all but /Wallets  (Read 3821 times)

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start the cli client with rebuild index....

./bitshares_client  --rebuild index

or for devshares
./devshares_client --rebuild index

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Yes.. this was client rather than GUI. I've recovered it already.. made the backup immediately beforehand, so no worries.

The only problem that remains, is I seem stuck on the ~14% fork and can't see a way out.. I tried manually fixing checkpoints from the bitsharesblocks data but that didn't work. (bitsharesblocks does give the hash of a block in the block+1 summary.)
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maybe you can reimport from backup. Try this:

1) quit client
2) rename the "wallets" directory to i.e. wallets-backup
3) open the client
4) main menu -> import from backup
5) locate a auto-backup from within the "old" wallets dir (it's a hidden directory called ".backups") -- take the latest backup
6) enter your original password for import
7) done, check your accounts

Offline davidpbrown

I'll suggest this, since I experienced it but then I've not reproduced it..

Since this was DevShares I'm a bit more cavalier and in an attempt to find the main chain again, I deleted all in ~/.Devshares but the /Wallets.

Restarting then, the client could see the wallet.. but not the account, which I wonder should not happen. I had to revert to the backup of that same folder.

It seems then that the absence of other files in the ~/.DevShares folder somehow disrupts the /Wallet that does exist. I'd expected that if /Wallets exists, that the client would acknowledge that and only recreate only other files, rather than perhaps recreate part of the /Wallets default files.