Author Topic: Incorrect TITAN instructions in wiki  (Read 2702 times)

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wallet_account_register <account_name> <pay_from_account> [public_data] [delegate_pay_rate] [account_type]   Updates the data published about a given account
Updates the data published about a given account

  account_name (account_name, required): the account that will be updated
  pay_from_account (account_name, required): the account from which fees will be paid
  public_data (json_variant, optional, defaults to null): public data about the account
  delegate_pay_rate (uint8_t, optional, defaults to -1): -1 for non-delegates; otherwise the percent of delegate pay to accept per produced block
  account_type (string, optional, defaults to "titan_account"): titan_account | public_account - public accounts do not receive memos and all payments are made to the active key

There currently is no way of changing that attribute .. I hope there will soon be ..
It seems like all Keyhotee founder ids (which have an empty setting here) are handled as public_accounts ..

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I ran the command, went to the faucet manually and registered the account, then enable_raw and blockchain_get_account .. and type: is public_account.

Would anyone know how to create a titan account?