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Motivation Monday #1
« on: April 06, 2015, 10:36:11 pm »
Motivation Monday #1

The cryptocurrency revolution is at heart a breaking free from old structures that have imposed their agenda on us - taking us hostage. In the old structures, all our blood belongs to them. For each transaction of value, for each investment, someone else makes a constant profit on our blood. The search for freedom is eternal and within each of us. In revolutionary times, nothing resonates more than freedom. When someone reminds us that freedom is possible, the window opens and a flame ignites to spite what is. Without freedom, we all suffer and lose motivation to keep fighting.

We must hold on to freedom in all its forms - internal, social and physical. Internal freedom is the ability to free oneself from unconscious habits and impulses that instill fear, uncertainty and doubt into our hearts. Social freedom is the ability to ignore the cults and choirs of conformity and caution. Physical freedom is the mastery of practical skills and economic wealth that frees us from material constraints.

We all want to express ourselves, to have personal power, and to be able to contribute and have influence in the world. As pure beings, we are causal agents united in our understanding of our selves and the world around us. Living consciously and intelligently requires us to shed bad blood. With cryptocurrencies we now have a real possibility to express ourselves without being slaves to a preordained structure or agenda.

We now have the freedom to live our lives on our own terms.