Author Topic: XPool - How to continue & fix problems...  (Read 3852 times)

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if you publish the code, other pools will appear like mushrooms after the rain...

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Well, I have been working on XPool for a few days now. It has developed greatly and I have done much work to improve the pool.

Unfortunately, I keep running into problems, the pool server keeps crashing, and I do not have enough time to work on all the improvements I wanted to get done.

The pool software for my pool is not standard: it is written directly inside the source code for memorycoind. This has its advantages, but it causes alot of problems also.

I am unwilling to switch to a pushpool server at this time... simply because I have worked really hard on this pool and dont have time to restart.

I am not saying XRamPool is done or over (and YES, payouts will be executed one way or another, I even have the balance file ready with the correct balances. All will be payed properly), but I simply cant do it all. I am overwhelmed.

So I guess I have created this thread to get some help and insight on how to continue... I feel like people like the pool and if I could just fix these crashes, then things would be much better.

Should I just release the source code to the community to fix and make better? If that would be the case, would I still be able to recieve adequete funding to pay for the pool?

Would the community put the source code I publish into good use, or will it just be a useless project?