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First of all, I know that a lot of you (me as well included) are here for the long run, so short term price is not a pressing concern in the sense that we're not waiting for a rise to dump our holding and make a quick profit. I'm hoarding and accumulating because I really believe in the long term success of the platform, economically and idealogically, even more since the announcement of Bitshares 2.0. At some point I wasn't totally convinced it could go mainstream, but now it's totally clear in my mind Bitshares will become real big at some point.

That being said, I'm still wondering why the price has dropped since the announcement? Other than "buy the rumor, sell the news" type of answer, is there a logical explanation to the current situation?

In 2014 at some point we had a marketcap of more than 60-70M$ with a real buggy client and not even half the features that will come up with 2.0.

Was it all only hype and speculation, or is it because Bitshares is seriously undervalued right now?

Part of it may be because the market hasn't realized yet the potential of Bitshares 2.0 and that all those close to the project are actually already fully invested?

I'd like to have the perspective of traders (and everybody else also) on the subject!