Author Topic: Too many 100% delegates are bad!  (Read 2207 times)

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Re: Too many 100% delegates are bad!
« Reply #15 on: July 19, 2015, 02:29:41 pm »
[...] All it would cost is a vote, and we could have been well on our way by now with a system pulling INTO BitShares nearly $100k USD volume a day with tons of transactions and new users. We are poised to literally ingest the rest of the cypto mining world into BitShares.. just not enough to get to the 101 and get it done. if you still would like to see that. Our other delegates are sitting at 106!

Sorry if this message is redundant, but have you got your message across to the Chinese community? It has been suggested that they own the majority voting power and the Chinese sure as hell have a large mining community.

Mining community in China despise BTS for not being POW distributed .
And BTSer in China hates mining .  :o

Also , only BTC and LTC mining is China are considered "mainstream" , multi-pool mining is not really popular . And unlike Bitcoin and LTC miners , multi-pool miners won't normally promote the coins they mine .

Not that much different from the Western BTS-community then. Plus multipools are hated by most coin communities with a passion. One notable example is the development of dpos as a reaction to the selfish multipool miners in pow-pts. I'm kinda curious how you got to the  $100k per day number. This is not the first or only POS-multipool attempt (iirc it was BlackCoin who started it) and the listed daily numbers would have been difficult targets for a multipool even in the ATH-era over a year ago.

In short, the bts-community is a tough audience to convince on mining, plus I'm kinda worried about negative backlash from those communities. Would a different twist be possible as a kind of multi-dpos-migration pool? Where miners get paid in dpos variants of their coin. In addition to offering/funding those communities an upgrade path towards dpos (maybe using the snapshot/sharedrop mechanic) instead of being seen as an attack.

Where did you get this notion of being seen as an attack?

I fail to see how what you are suggesting is going to have any value benefit to miners that would be attractive. If a pool is profitable, reliable, and consistent.. they are there, and so are their friends not long after. There are technical challenges to achieving that though that require fair amount of crypto programming.

Beyond this though our phase 3 would not rely on this any longer, and phase 4 would expand beyond what is available now in mining resources.

$100k per day is a conservative estimate at present market cap of 9% total market penetration of what can be produced from all algos of mining at present. We can achieve that in Phase 3 development.

lol 100k per day .... maybe possible make a satelital mine next phase  ;)
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