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I'm afraid I don't code, can't attend the mumbles because of work and so rely on fuzzy and the gang to upload them. My only saving grace so far is trying to offer constructive criticism and joining in with you fine people about a year ago.

I created a poster using the skills of cass with his bitshares iceberg pic and put this up at our dive club. I know of 1 convert so far.

I want to offer a call out to fuzzy, kencode and cryptoprometheus amongst many many others who do a lot to move this along.

ID: keeley

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I nominate DataSecurityNode for some BROWNIE.PTS just for the meta of it all.,14109.0.html

Hey hey hey!

Look not all Delegates are great.. but SOME ARE!

Some are just soooo cool, it just doesn't seem right to just click 'vote' for them.

You wish you could sit there for a whole hour and just click VOTE for them because they simply rock!

There must be a better way!

There is! It's the latest and greatest User Issued Asset Called DelegateTip!

Now when you heart your favorite delegate, you can send them a TIP!

Haha.. Thanks @Riverhead .. I was sitting here reading this thinking to myself.. wow.. this is just like what I did with Delegate Tip :) .. even some of the comments later from @bytemaster about making it a social currency are right along with what I wrote about making Delegate Tip another metric to judge delegates who are vote worthy. So yeah.. maybe I should get some brownie points for the meta origins of this whole thing :)

Aside from this.. lets see:

1. I have attended and/or recorded every mumble meeting since Nov I believe.

2. Created/creating a new financial instrument with UIAs as a type of Futures market (bunkershares S.A.F.E)

3. Took over MineBitShares and continue to maintain and develop it further daily

4. Gave presentations along with tri-fold handouts to business people on an introduction to bitshares.

5. Posts posts and more posts here and slack.

6. I tell the best jokes in the text chat window in the mumble sessions that always gets someone laughing often on a topic that has most ready to cry.

7. I bought and wear my bitshares shirt to all kinds of things.. including while giving a tour of the bunker to every Economic Developer in my province.. photo proof provided on the bunkers facebook page:

8. I accept BitShares payment in my business

9. I now ask all my vendors if they will accept bitUSD payment from me, and start the 'everyone else is doing it.. why aren't you?' question in their minds.

10.Reported some bugs

11. Became a delegate with operational stats within the top 5%.

12. Support other delegates

13. I have made quite a few positive BitShares memes from Dr. Evil to hot cheerleaders raving about BitShares. :)

14. Ok... too tired now to think of anything else except maybe I also am giving bitshares the much coveted 'bunker-bump'. :)

There is more to come in the future.. but we are suppose to list our past so yeah.. looking forward to more DelegateTi..errr I mean Brownie.PTS. :D

Account: fallout-complex
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BTS ID: manutd

I'm a share holder from PTS/AGS, tried and trying and will try to introduce BTS to the people around me and my family.

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give me money, I will do...

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Brownie.pts / BTS market has not yet been initialized.


(I want to buy)

I don't think Brownie.pts is for sale. Of course the assets that get sharedropped you can.

Anyone may buy and sell Brownie Points.   
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Brownie.pts / BTS market has not yet been initialized.


(I want to buy)

I don't think Brownie.pts is for sale. Of course the assets that get sharedropped you can.

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Brownie.pts / BTS market has not yet been initialized.


(I want to buy)
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can I get some extra PTS for 《BitShares 101》 version-cn?
this is what I did:

 ;) ;) ;)

BTS ID:callmeluc

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Thanks Dan, we really appreciate it!

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I've never been big on self promotion, but I admit that it feels good to write down some of the contributions to BitShares that I have made over the past year:

1. The majority of the written content on the previous website (January - June 2015) was my work. I wrote 100% of the home page, the “distribution” page, the “delegates” page, the “vision/philosophy” page, and about 75% of the “how it works” page.
This was part of a 5 day crunch (along with toast, cass, and Adam) that kept me up all night on more than one occasion. I spent upwards of 50 hours that week.

2. I thoroughly edited 17 separate articles/documents for the new website and submitted github pull requests (via robrigo)

3. I co-founded the NullStreet Journal with Cass, and I have edited and published 4 issues so far. I estimate over 20 hours of work per issue, which includes messaging/emailing hundreds of community members and delegates, collecting, editing (and corresponding), formatting and writing the introduction. (Almost every article I ever received  was in need of editing. Not surprisingly, Stan was one of few exceptions ;).)

4. I have done a number of writing jobs for various community members, and have publicly offered my editing services to the community on more than one occasion.

5. For the past 3 months I have been building, a collaborative news platform that will help to streamline delegate/shareholder communications. DataSecurityNode and I are just adding the finishing touches and will be announcing beta testing soon, at which time we will begin discussing partnerships with several community members. 

6. Last but not least, all the intangibles such as friendships made, experiences shared (so much fun on mumble!) and assistance given that perhaps I have no right to claim "brownies" for, because in the words of my favorite poet "The love that I give just becomes the love that I get" :))

BTS: cryptoprometheus
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Read between the lines people.   Bytemaster cannot issue shares or anything that looks like a security.   Why on earth would he want to track those who have supported him and our cause unless he wants a tool for identifying us in the future and returning the favor.   

Bytemaster has always looked out for those who have supported him.  You can have my brownie pts when you pry them from my cold dead hands.   I may sell them for $1 each.   

This tool could be great for those who have blind faith in bytemaster. 

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I was helping to editing the content on the BitShares website for a while, managed community bounties back in the day (meme thread lol), and at one point helping out with the BitShares wiki (compensated). I was also evangelizing at bitcointalk, pushing team viral, informing the altcoin forums and trollbox about what's up, and I have posted probably 50 or so disqus comments on BitShares, and have been correcting typos in various blog posts. And of course 2000+ posts averaging 3.6 each day since december 2013 of encouragement, critiques, and ideas. Anyway, last six months I am trying to take the BitShares commitment to another level, joined the beyondbitcoin team, doing motivational threads and will eventually get a delegate with my brother Spectral as we have been doing quite a few things recently ("real" things), but i'll post a delegate proposal when the time is right.. In sum, I want magic PTS. I've been here long enough to know these things can make my day a few dozen months down the line.  :P
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A few things spring to mind with this subject:

  • Is it intended for the BROWNIE.PTS scheme to be ongoing, or is it short term with a specific aim in mind (perhaps to do with the launch of BitShares 2.0)?
    If it's going to be a long running thing, should we work on ideas to optimize the implementation? As far as the forum is concerned I'm thinking of various ideas relating to curated content. The Let's Talk Bitcoin user curation system would be one example. Or is this this sort of thing beyond the scope of your aims?
    If it's short term I guess you don't need it to be so intricate, but how are you going to assess posts on the forum? Is it all down to what you see and read? (By the way, now that we can '@' people on the forum, are you getting pestered too much? Any advice on when it is and isn't appropriate so we can avoid wasting your time?)
  • Do you need forum members to add their BTS name to their forum profile?

Oh sugar, I have to attend to a baby... I'll come back to this later with some more ideas if I can...
I hope you appreciate my thoughts  ;D

This is a long-term thing.   My goal is to establish a record of everyone who has contributed something to the cause.  I hope it will become a social currency and that those who have them actually value them.   It may be symbolic, but I think that ultimately everyone likes a little recognition and it may add value to our ecosystem.   

This is NO JOKE.  Lets make this work and hopefully it will increase engagement and give people an excuse to use the software for something "real".

All of the developers will be earning brownie points in addition to everything else.   

For the latest updates checkout my blog:
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This is fun.
And what i did for bts in past years:
1、Take part in bts testnetwork and finds and reports bug on github.
2、 reports Graphene bug on github.
3、compile windows Light Wallet
The windows version send and receive bts is success, and the balance is right, but can't show the trx history.
Test on win7/64bit.
share on:
1.0 beta 3

and id:cgafeng

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I delete all my expletives before posting any response to newmine (to keep the atmosphere as congenial as possible).

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