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Reject fear, seek truth. We all want to be butterflies! Would anyone choose to live solely in the day or in the night? Would anyone choose to live soley in one season?  Although it can be terrifying, who doesn't love the ocean? Arguably one of the most significant agents for change on this planet. Dynamic, mysterious, relentless and beautiful.

Change is both the journey and the reward as long as one can accept the good with the bad.

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"When you're through changing, you're through." - Bruce Barton

We all have a natural desire for change, yet sometimes we get stuck in bad habits, fears or depression. This is a vicious cycle that is hard to break and leads to stagnation and decay.

To activate the desire for change try to:

#1 Make Change About the Gains, Not the Losses

Realize that we do not fear change, we fear what change will or will not bring. For this reason, we should focus on managing our expectations. If we think that change equals pain, then we're expecting pain. Sometimes we expect change to entail loss, and for this reason consciously or unconsciously we seek to prevent change. Sometimes we expect the change itself to be a painful process, and for this reason we avoid engaging in the process of change.

If instead we focus on what we might stand to gain from all this change, we will be more willing to jump into it with our whole heart and soul. Instead of focusing on the pitfalls we should focus on the possibilities, which brings us to our next point..

#2 Get Clarity, Think Big, and Be Bold

It is not always easy to know when we have clarity on what we are trying to accomplish in life. To evaluate yourself, try to describe what you have been trying to achieve in the last 12 months. Not so easy, right?

To get clarity we must think big and be bold in considering what our options are. Without that, it is too easy to do "busy work" without really accomplishing anything significant over the long term. So consider all possibilities, and..

#3 Make Real Choices

As you boldly move forward to a clearly defined vision, be just as clear about what you want (a "Yes!") and don't want (a "No!") on your journey.

To force yourself to make real choices, consider these statements,
  • I want this, not that.
  • Do more of this, no more of that.
  • Always choose this, not that.
  • Do this now, then that.
By following a simple list of formula such as this you force yourself to confront the possibilities and be clear about what you want to change.

Good luck!
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