Author Topic: New investment + "experts" - incentivize inviting knowledgable people to forum  (Read 582 times)

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The thread below got me thinking about killing two birds with one stone and getting some new investment at the same time as getting some cheap expert consulting for bitshares

I'm thinking a ~$5 bounty (enough?) from a crowdfunded pool could be paid to any forum members who can get their business-connected friend or financial expert to introduce themselves on the forum.
It would then be up to the community to answer their questions and convince them to buy stake.
Once they have stake they are incentivized to contribute to discussions and help get BTS a foot in the door of some influential places.
Proof of their knowledge or some such could be required to pay out the bounty

"Hello friend, I think BitShares is something that will interest you, make a post on introducing yourself and I'll split the bounty with you. If you are convinced of the potential you may wish to help increase the value of your stake by contributing on the forums or sending a few emails to your influential colleagues."


news in

Say that is seeking the best purpose to translate assets market to the block chain and will pay 15k

Maybe easy 15k and good marketing for BitShares ,, maybe not  ;) just wanna keep informed about this.

What type of 'expert' would most benefit bts?
Securities lawyers?
Market makers?
Wall st. traders?
"Old boys" with political connections?

Interesting read:
In this article it talks about how Uber has been lobbying all over the US to get local governments to back them, I'm thinking BTS could benefit from doing something similar with "experts" lobbying financial gurus
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I like it .. maybe there is a referral plugin for the forum too?
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Brownie Points might be a more appropriate reward...