Author Topic: Which way can Bitshares benefit of Ripple gateway on CCEDK?  (Read 1565 times)

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If you could get ripple to trade directly against BitShares' MPAs I guess that would be good for them. They would have Ripple plus the big advantage of hedging with whatever they like and since Ripple seems to be more in the philosophy of business men and not alt coin pump and dumpers, maybe at certain point, Ripple/BTS-MPAs pairs could even be more liquid than BTS/BTS-MPAs pairs.

Basically they would enjoy our benefits like hedging with many of our MPAs while also providing us with liquidity so it's a win win. Plus, since our MPAs are actually backed by something and not just random IOUs like Gox's Bitcoins, they wouldn't take the risk of them getting stolen.

It needs better wording but I think you get the idea | Bitcoin<->Altcoin exchange | Instant | Safe | Low spreads

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The best thing is that it could draw attention to Bitshares and gain us more investors and potential future users. Also there would be high demand for IOU's of BitAssets like BitOil, And BitAssets that are fixed to stock market indices, by traders that use the ripple platform. However currently there is not incentive to short these (hence any supply) but that should change once 2.0 is out. In many ways Bitshares will be a competitor to Ripple esp. once we have a comparable web wallet / client. but also we can use their platform to advertise the value proposition of BitAssets and to get potential partners interested in us.

Right now BTC is the only crypto-currency on ripple ledger with significant volume, and actually I think there is only one other than Stellar which has one gateway. I wouldn't expect BTS IOU's issued on the ledger to generate much trading volume... So I'm not sure it's worth it ATM.

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We are adding Ripple gateway as well as the currency itself on CCEDK, and perhaps ready with it within next week.

I would appreciate if you could give me your comments as to which way Smartcoins like BitUSD or Bitshares could be used in connection with Ripple, I mean like some use cases we could enter into our FAQ on Ripple use on CCEDK.

What I am fishing for is some questions and answers including BitUSD or BitShares for that matter which you feel could help increase the interest in Bitshares and Smartcoins via the use of the Ripple gateway.

Please add the use cases when it will possible to work this inside your bitshares/CCEDK wallet as well :) ;)

Looking forward to having your comments on this thread for it to be added on our Ripple page FAQ.

We are for now adding XRP/BitUSD as trading pair as well.
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