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The plan is to deploy a pool of pools on every major continent. The objective is to identify our major p2pool nodes, to ease the process of mining configuration, and to have unified easy-to-remember domain names. This does not mean that the other nodes which are not covered by these names are less significant in any sense. These domain names in the union will be maintained and always correspond to valid pool addresses.



The domain name of each p2pool nodes follows the regular expression
where [continent] can be north-america, asia, europe, etc. For example, is a valid name.

How to use

Without loss of generality, assume that you are located at Mexico, and your MMC address is "ADDRESS". Configure your yam-mmc.cfg as
Code: [Select]
mine = stratum+tcp://
mine = stratum+tcp://
mine = stratum+tcp://
In another reality, you are located at China, and your MMC address is "ADDRESS". Then, configure your yam-mmc.cfg as
Code: [Select]
mine = stratum+tcp://
mine = stratum+tcp://
mine = stratum+tcp://
Notice that each continent may have a different number of pools. You may want to order them based on your personal preference, pool fee, stability, etc.

Requirements to join

  • Static IP address which is constant across time
  • P2Pool on port 8080 based on KB's code
  • Fee <= 1%
  • The maintainer is willing to keep it for a long run
  • The maintainer is able to track the recent developments by KB and update efficiently

How to join

  • Setup your P2Pool node following the guide
  • Leave your static IP address in this thread
  • Optionally, update your PTR record
  • There is no long-term contract. We kick out inactive nodes from time to time

Updating list

Domain Name Alternative Name IPV4 Fee Location
1%New York
North Virginia
Vote for seraphim to lead a team of supporters as MMC CSO
Send 0.00000001 to MVTEcsoL9GvfezMUgEDnhr7ioRAsByuTAv