Author Topic: I've been away since 2.0 launch, catch me up? Who makes the best posts?  (Read 1267 times)

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Hello everyone!
I have been busy with life and still don't have so much time to pour over the forums.

I'm looking for an update on how we're doing; new developments that we had month by month? Major news articles or interested third parties?
And perhaps some of your personal achievements that relate in a minor way to BitShares

Back in November I usually found that the likes of [member=22103]Ander[/member] [member=120]xeroc[/member] [member=36696]cylonmaker2053[/member] [member=30868]kenCode[/member] [member=31]fav[/member] [member=41349]Tuck Fheman[/member] and many others I've forgotten had some of the best posts of info.
EDIT: [member=5699]Ben Mason[/member] !! [member=32211]Empirical1.2[/member] [member=16353]Akado[/member]

Is there anyone else who's post history I should be paying special attention to?

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- OpenLedger now trades OPEN.DAO (DAO asset from
- OpenLedger also trades OPEN.DGD (from DigiX)
- uncountable updates in the web wallet (GUI)
- next wallet release will have a troll box (decentralized chat)
- Daniel has released a blockchain based reddit competitor (
- peermit (2FA) has been deployed on the testnet (as a beta)
- console tool "airsign" release for signing of transfers without cli-wallet

not sure if I forgot something
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Peer Plays is having a crowdfunding on Friday (announced last week). It's based on Graphene. (SSL not functioning)
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BlockTrades has added support for a bunch of new coin types (most recently Maker/MKR, DigixDgd/DGD and STEEM) and we're preparing to do an IPO in the next couple of months.

The data below is a bit dated at this point and some of the planned funding model has changed, but it gives a rough idea about our IPO:,21509.msg280070.html#msg280070
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Appreciate the mention [member=36434]Permie[/member] and thanks for the update, gents. I've been minimally checking this board lately bc of end-of-semester craziness on my end. I have one big project due in a few weeks, then plan on working some sort of BTS project over the summer. Of course, I still trade on the DEX daily...